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4chan Anecdotes

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4chan Memes and Related Terms: & There is a new way to use the ampersand by using it with combinations of letters and shopping it on top of pictures to get words like "S&" on top of a desert or "L&" on top of a field. ??????? Goes in the form of: 1. Do something, 2. ???????, 3. PROFIT!! This joke originated with the comedy South Park in an episode in which the Underwear Gnomes are stealing everyone's underwear. When the main characters ask why the Gnomes are stealing everyone's underwear they show a chart of: 1. Take all Underwear, 2. ?, 3. PROFIT! The quote was originally a large single red question mark, but somewhere in the process of becoming a meme, had multiple ?'s added to it. 20 Minutes (Never Forget) One day, child pornography was posted on 4chan's /b/ and stayed there for 20 minutes before moderators got around to removing it. Meanwhile, the thread rose like a rocket to over a hundred posts. Now, "20 minutes" is commonly seen as a one-liner in other threads that may be somehow related with child pornography, child models, or an indication of how long the thread will last. See "GMask". 2chan Futaba Channel (2chan, Wiki Entry), the famous Japanese image board from which 4chan is derived. Some of 4chan's memes are borrowed from 2chan. Affiliated with (and often confused with) the massive text-mode BBS 2channel; 2ch and Futaba share many of the same memes. 4CHAN DIES A derivitive of "AERIS DIES" (see below), referencing the multiple "deaths" of 4chan (4 to date, plus at least 1 near-death experience), and usually posted to imply that another death is impending. 420chan The latest 4chan imitator, this one with a heavy emphasis on illegal drugs. There's also a joke "/cp - Child Porn" board, which upon clicking reveals itself to be nothing but the the text "YOU ARE A FILTHY PEDOPHILE" written in white font over a black background, and some background music ("test.mp3" in the source code). /5/ - Pictures of 5 This was a secret board for the mod (ex-mod?) "5", that was hosted under the "orz" server at "" and didn't appear anywhere in the frame menu. In that board, only pictures of that mod or pictures that were somehow connected to the number "5", as in, a picture of five ducks or with a total of 5 objects, could be posted. This was not a surefire way not to get banned though, as seen when 5 banned someone who posted a picture of some shitty band with 5 members and text similar to "5. Ha." The board now seems to be gone. See Milestones-2006-February. (number)GET Often posted as the first reply of a post (2GET) or to mark milestone posts, especially in /b/ (10,000GET, 100,000GET, etc). Originated on 2chan and rapidly adopted by 4chan. When a new posting milestone is near, /b/'s already high rate of posting increases tremendously, as the /b/tards scramble to score a GET. // is that way. A more polite way of saying "gb2//". Surprisingly has become the more common way of telling people to take their posts to a different board. A CAT IS FINE TOO From a Tsukihime doujin in which the main character rapes a cat. Pops up in many Tsukihime or cat-related threads, and like many memes it gets altered to fit other threads as well ("AN AERIS IS DEAD TOO", etc). Sometimes typed vertically, especially on /b/. Abicion Tripcode fag who earned himself the enmity of most of /a/ in the winter/spring of 2005 by complaining incessantly about the anime Mai HiME, going so far as to create multiple ytmnd pages comparing his favorite HiME, Akane, to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Green Ranger. Eventually he was temporarily banned from /a/ and returned later under a different name, with his modus operandi shifted from complaining about Mai HiME to complaining about Gundam SEED Destiny and animes made by the Sunrise animation studio in general. Since Gundam SEED Destiny is generally acknowledged to suck, this doesn't really make him to stand out from the crowd. Also known for posting borderline nonsensical photo sequences of his Gundam and HiME action figures posed in bizzare fighting scenes. AERIS DIES The infamous spoiler of Final Fantasy VII, now known to everyone other than a trio of monks in Tibet. Has resulted in a meme of "(person or group) DIES" image macros. Age (Japanese, pronounced "ah-gay", short for "ageru", meaning "to raise") The opposite of "sage". On both Futaba and 4chan, any ordinary reply is an "age", bumping it to the top of the page (at least until a large number of replies have been made). Placing "age" in the in the email field is unnecessary, but is sometimes done to signify a particularly enthusiastic "age". A HUGE GAPING VAGINA THE SIZE OF A HALLWAY Mordor. See "Wordfilters." AIDSGET See "Enjoy your AIDS". Aishiteruze Baby Anime series about an 18-year-old (or so) young man who has to take care of his abandoned young female cousin, Yuzuyu. There are two memes from this show. The first shows Yuzuyu eating corn and saying "I like corm" (a fansub typo). The other is Yuzuyu holding up her fists with her cheeks puffed out. All of Cosine's vaginas look horribly infected Usually posted by Anonymous when saging a picture thread of the Japanese artist Cosine in /d/ or /h/. Cosine is known for playing fast and loose with the feminine anatomy. A master is out Originally the caption to a picture of a dog shyly peeking out around a corner, implying in awkward grammar that the dog's master was out somewhere and thus the dog was waiting for them to return. The picture in question spawned several photoshops and the phrase was applied to several other pictures, eventually evolving on its own into phrases like "an insect is delicious" and "a photoshop is atrocious." AMIRITE? Word that may look to the uninitiated like an obscure mineral, it is in fact short for "Am I right?" Usually added to the end of a post containing either a bad joke/play on words or a post with obvious sarcasm. Use it if you don't want your comment taken seriously. Also written as "mirite?" Anonyfag Disparaging term used mostly by tripcode fags. See "Anonymous". Seldom seen in the modern era of Forced Anonymous. Anonymous Anonymous posting is one of the staple features of the code behind 4chan. It allows anyone (who hasn't been banned) to post without having to register for an account or do much of anything else for that matter. Anonymous posting in theory allows a post to be judged solely on its own merit rather than the reputation of the poster. Some (particularly tripcode users) alledge that Anonymous simply prefers to hide behind anonymity when posting. Regardless, 4chan wouldn't be 4chan without Anonymous. Now the only way to post in /b/. See "lurk more" and "Forced Anonymous". Anonymous does not forgive "Anonymous does not forgive" was started by a tripfag in response to a flame from a random Anonymous poster back before forced anon. The flame has been lost to time, but the response, "WATCH OUT FOR ANONYMOUS, HE DOES NOT FORGIVE!" lived on. After being macroed several times over, it was shortened to "Anonymous does not forgive". It's become less popular these days, but is still a part of any good /b/tard's vernacular. AOL Police Believed to be related to the "I have reported you to AOL for stealing pictures, as it is a crime" meme (see below). Often used in phrases to sarcastically mock users who are taking the internet too seriously. Oh shit, it's the AOL Police! Are they still on Namek? A semi-recent addition to 4chan's meme repertoire, "Are they still on Namek?" has become something of a catchphrase for disgruntled Bleach fans who feel the Soul Society arc has gone on for way too long and is becoming a second Namek Saga (a story arc from Dragon Ball Z which also had a large number of episodes). Several 4chan users have expanded this meme to encompass any and all anime that could be perceived as "dragging on". In this context, the phrase is interchangeable with "Are they still in Soul Society?" Unlike most 4chan memes (which are established in /b/ and then "migrate" to other boards), "Are they still on Namek" was born from and is rarely if ever seen outside of /a/, the anime board. It is also worth noting that the moderators have begun banning users from /a/ for using this meme, presumably because its overuse has dragged it down from a tongue-in-cheek joke to an outright attack against anyone who enjoys the anime in question. After the last episode of the Soul Society arc aired on the 5th of January 2006, many people posted threads stating that the Namek meme had outstayed its welcome, however, many other Users saw fit to draw comparisons between the latest (filler) arc and the Garlic Jr Arc of Dragonball Z. However, this didn't last and the meme slowly disappeared from /a/. ARCADE BUMSTEAD A character from the anime Tsukihime named Arcueid Brunestud. In a "Goofus and Gallant" parody (wrong and right) in /w/, the wallpaper page, one of Goofus's wallpapers was a picture of her with the words: "YO DIS B ARCADE BUMSTEAD FROM TSUKIHIMAY I'D HIT IT." Also seen as Atari Dumbledore from Porkslope Turkeyhandle. Avril Lavigne The Queen of Punk - Once a common face on /b/ and /s/, pictures of her are rarely posted nowadays. Like Rei, people seem to either love her or hate her. She smells like a combination of sweat and burning plastic according to several who have actually met her in person, this would be due to the fact that she is a dirty methhead who can't put together a full sentence. Atari Dumbledore A further bastardization of "Arcueid Brunestud" (See Arcade Bumstead). The original topic was first stickied and then locked; the moderator who did this claimed that the thread was "Pure /b/", and it had been locked to prevent other /b/-tards from tainting it. Variants of it are commonly used by /b/tards as wildcard images. Azumanga Daioh A comedy-drama anime (based on the comic strip/manga by Azuma Kiyohiko) about the lives of a group of Japanese high-school girls and their quirky adventures together, similar in tone to the old Peanuts specials or Calvin and Hobbes. Wildly popular on the Japanese BBSes, and the closest thing 4chan has to an official favorite (it was a huge hit on ADTRW as well). The girls from AD are reposted frequently on /b/, /c/ and /e/; Osaka is probably the most popular character, owing to her spacey manner and nearly constant smile (both of which many 4channers find irresistable; she's even considered a goddess by some /b/tards), followed by Yomi (whose matter-of-factness, glasses and more adult figure ("JELLY ROLLS!") are usually cited) and Chiyo-chan (who's just plain cute). Wiki; See "Yotsuba". /b/ Random, insane, and easily the most active board on 4chan. If you add up all the posts to all the other boards on 4chan, the total still falls far short of /b/'s post count. Due to the massive volume, posts are automatically deleted after just one hour (as opposed to a few days for other boards) in order to keep /b/ at a remotely sane size. Despite this, there are usually far more posts on /b/ than anywhere else at any given time. There are "no rules" on /b/. Populated by /b/tards. Note that despite the lack of rules, it is possible to be banned from /b/. There are "no rules" for the moderators too, so they can ban you just because they feel like it. This is used by moot to explain why child porn can be banned from /b/ even though there aren't any rules. Bans on /b/ tend to be very brief, though. Unless you post kiddie porn, then it's probably a permaban. b& Banned. Also seen as "B-Ampersand". See "&" above. b7 Intentional typo for "b&" (seeing as the & and 7 characters are the same key), not in common usage. Babelfish An online translator known for producing horribly mangled text. /b/tard Resident of /b/, troublemaker, idiot. Bandwidth Always in short supply, and 4chan sadly runs only on donations, to the dismay of those who take it for granted. Barrel Roll An aerial combat maneuver in which a fighter plane spins clockwise or counterclockwise while still flying forward. Has a slight following on /b/, based on Peppy's line "Do a barrel roll!" in the videogame Star Fox 64. In the game, your fighter is invincible while barrel rolling. "Do a barrel roll" is often used as a stock reply when someone asks stupid questions (e.g. asking for advice when the answer should be obvious) on /b/. Battletoads From an amusing exchange over a game screenshot in the early days of /b/, this phrase is an decreasingly common reply to those who demand the "source" of a game (or even anime). Now wordfiltered on /v/ to "GIMMICKS ARE DUMB, I SHOULD BE BANNED." Much to the annoyance of many /v/ posters. Bento Box Refers to a request for a Japanese lunchbox by a guy who had such insane and strict demands on its features that it crossed the border into pathetic. Was once a very common copipe on /b/, so much so that ErectileMaster filtered "porn" to "bento box" for fun one day (most likely in 2004, does anyone know for sure?). BIX NOOD Black person. From a racist cartoon found on featuring a black man speaking gibberish, ("Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga") two words of which are "BIX NOOD". Now used as a placeholder for any racist comment about blacks. BLACK PEOPLE ARE VAMPIRES A flash based avatar/icon creation program made the rounds in 4chan, and one of the submissions from it was a black vampire with this text. In true /b/tard fashion it became a new meme. Blackbob Niggerpants A gangster version of Spongebob Squarepants, made famous in a Flash movie where he's walking down a street with a mean attitude and "She Devil" from TECH N9NE blaring in the background. After being flooded Reidick-style for a long time and generating many complaints from /f/tards, the file was uploaded permanently to /f/src/ by the mods. Regardless, edits, counteredits and other spinoffs still get posted to /f/ a lot, mostly to get a rise out of the /f/tards who cannot help but reply to such threads with their hatred and a lot of "zOMG SAGE". Blank Check Out of nowhere, a FORCED_ANON posted a picture of a male anime character without a face or any coloring, with the message, "I've given you a blank check." Dozens of edits were made of this picture, using memes such as Koffing, Cock Mongler, V and Tom being used to fill in the face area. Still periodically posted on /b/ with the same message. Boromir Popular subject in altered pictures, the most popular meme being variations on "One does not simply walk into Mordor," with popular variations such as "one does not simply drive into Mordor" and "in Soviet Mordor, Boromir simply walks into you", occasionally accompanied by a speech bubble containing "wryyyy!" Pictures often have to do with big gaping vaginas the size of hallways due to the wordfilter on "Mordor". Boxcutter /a/'s weapon of choice. See Kaede. Brian Wilson Otherwise known as God. Debatable meme status; even more than Milhouse, Brian Wilson has become an anti-meme. Pictures were used innumerable times during the 2Mil Get flood of July 27, 2005, to early July 28. Also debatably not as sexy as Mandy Moore. Bridget Name of a character from the Guilty Gear series who looks a lot like a girl, minus the fact he has a penis. Has reached oustanding levels of fame, being associated with the phrase "Bridget will make you gay." (Occassionally, other female-looking males are substituted for this phrase, such as crossdressing Gundam character Loran Cehack.) In addition, it has encouraged a slew of idiots to post nothing but their obsession over him/her. CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL Indeed it is. Camwhore People who post pictures of themselves on the internet using a webcam or some similar digital photographic device. Loathed and worshiped in equal measure on /b/, they leave flame wars and controversy in their wake. Good examples of /b/'s camwhores include Strifeheart, Era (or Blackberry), Cracky-chan, zeppy (/z/ camwhore) Quarantine, and Fatty-tan. New ones seem to be arriving on /b/ with increasing frequency, particularly males, following in the tradition of Dash Billions. Several moot stickied threads encouraging users to post pictures of themselves in /b/ may be partialy responsible for the increased appearance of cam whores. Most camwhores don't last long, primarily because the attention they get decreases as their novelty to the /b/tards wears off. Once they are no longer receiving the attention they seek, they will tend to dissapear back into the ranks of Anonymous. Some camwhores also migrate to the /cams/ board at, where they can hang out with other like minded (read, somewhat less intelligent) individuals. Cats Cats are generally loved on 4chan, despite the some people posting stuff like TortureCat and ZippoCat. Saturday is often Caturday, with cat-themed floods of pics. It is worth pointing out that cats, along with any other domesticated animals, are generally not welcome on /n/. See "A CAT IS FINE TOO". Catgirl Catgirls are largely mainstream in anime. Quite simply, A human female with cat ears and tail. Chii turns on, Chii off References to the main character of Chobits, an android who has an on-off switch located in her vagina. Commonly posted in /h/ in Chobits threads. © Jax "Everything is copyright Jax." Phrase coined in response to a furry artist bringing his art to /b/; turned into the official reply to anything posted in /b/ one day in March of 2005. Continued on until later in the day, when either people got bored of it or W.T. Snacks did something. For a short time, "Jax" was wordfiltered into moot. Jax's personal website was hacked and deleted by a /b/ member, causing a stir on his Livejournal. Jax prefers to be refered to as a man, but allegedly is actually a woman. However, since there are no women on the Internet, that is unlikely. Cockmongler A popular meme of a disturbing red haired man with an enormous fellatio implying grin on his face. The text "I'll suck your cock!" was shopped onto the picture, and from there he became known as the Cock Mongler. The picture is originally from a tourism website for The World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. It featured the man "modeling" his dinosaur T-shirt. Is one of the older memes originating from around June 2004, was often paired with Happy Negro (see below), and was something of an icon or mascot in the day. Cock goes where? Is usually photoshopped onto pictures of people with their mouths open. Copypasta "copipe"; Usually a long story or memorable post told by someone in /b/ that gets reposted over and over again, by fans or to annoy people. A recent example is the infamous "Vicks Vaporub" one, where a man would describe his experience rubbing vicks vaporub on his 12-year-old niece's bare chest (full text here). Also refers to documents which hold the text itself. Cover-Tom A forced meme showing Tom from the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons with a cynical look on his face. Oft accompanied by an allegedly witty phrase, or "I see what you did there." Origins have been traced to zeppy (a tripfag troll and WTFux refugee).. Also inspired the phrase "IF I SEE THAT FUCKING CAT ONE MORE TIME..." (after Tom had been floodposted to /b/ for what seemed like days), and the practice of posting a picture of corrupt US Congressman Tom DeLay with a similar look on his face (delayclose.jpg) in response/competition. Cracky-Chan Popular meme featuring a disturbing little girl with black cat ears and badly applied makeup. So popular, the team set a filter to change cracky to other random words ending in -cky automatically (see word filters); now, when someone uses her name in a post, it gets changed to Jacky, Packy, Condracky or something similar. It is believed that Cracky-chan killed herself. However, this is just a rumour started by Cracky herself to get /b/ to lay off her. On Thursday, May 12th at around 9:30 central time US, someone using the name Trotsky Was a Jew began posting new pictures of a girl he believed to be Cracky-chan on /b/. The photos came from a livejournal, the url of which was revealed a little later in the same thread. Within a few hours, three threads with over 50 posts each had sprung up containing new photos and some personal information such as her general location and her first name. Some examination of the photos revealed that the girl was most likely the original cracky-chan, although we can never be certain. Later that same day, around early afternoon, the mods (or a mod) began deleting any and all threads containing the new pictures. People who re-posted the pictures were summarily banned, although the bans seem to have been temporary for at least some. Anonymous speculated that the reason for the bans was that some of the pictures were semi-nudes, and the mods were weary of child pornography being posted. Anonymous-mod later revealed however that cracky-chan had asked them to remove any pictures of her from the site, and not allow new ones to be posted. Why the mods chose to honor her request, how they were able to validate the person making the request and the girl in the photos were the same person, and what relationship cracky has with the mods is uncertain at this time. The unofficial ban on posting pictures of her remains in effect as of this writing, however enforcement has grown sporadic and may be reserved for repeat offenders. Part of the reason for the longevity of the cracky meme is that she took many well composed artistic photos, often featuring herself, and uploaded them to various online communities such as livejournal. These were inevitably found / shared by her fans, allegedly sometimes through dubious means such as password hacking, leading to a steady drip of new cracky content. Sometimes these photos contained clues as to where she lived, most notably the infamous "my house". Finding this content and more about cracky therefore became a sort of competitive game amongst particularly obsessed cracky fans, and some trolling was conducted via the posting of fake clues. In July 2005, a compiled collection of Cracky pictures and fan art appeared at CRACKYPEDIA, run by a 4chan /b/ tripfag known as Warchief Rend Niggerhand. Now approaching ten thousand hits, the site owner receives weepy emails a few times a week from fans convinced the site is run by Cracky. On February 13, 2006, a person widely believed to be Cracky posted to the /cracky board on 420chan, asking for all her "stalkers" to please leave her alone. /cracky had reached what might be considered disturbingly stalkerish levels in its short life, with threads on such topics as trying to find her house in google earth, track her down through online doll communities / deviantart etc, and identify what school her schoolgirl skirt came from in one set. She updated her old "scarecrowmaiden" deadjournal to provide proof. Her identity as the real Cracky was supported by the deadjournal update, independent confirmation by Kirtaner (site creator) of such things as originating IP and a new photo of her holding up a sign, asking for /cracky to be closed. The final photo does not show much of her face. However it is alleged to correspond to recent leaked photos of her. Whether this will truly end the cracky phenomenon remains to be seen; it may continue in some form since a few people claim to suspect this is another hoax. delayclose.jpg Spin off of Cover-Tom. Features a closeup of Tom DeLay with a silly grin. Highly popular meme. Deliberately broken links Stops the linked site from knowing they've been linked to by 4chan. Many websites check the referring page ("HTTP_REFERER") and may block it; this workaround forces the viewer to copy and paste it. The most common method of breaking links is to remove the leading 'h' from the URL and replacing it with 'x' (xttp://, for example). Amusingly, this is a futile gesture on 4chan, as the software doesn't create hyperlinks for any URL. Delicious Cake From a popular hentai image featuring a girl frantically devouring a piece of cake (photoshopped onto a penis), with the text replaced with "THIS IS DELICIOUS CAKE, I MUST EAT IT" (see Hawaiian Punch). Delicious Ron In the fury of users frantically attempting to grab the "2MILLION GET" for themselves (and coincidentally flooding the board with utter crap, even by /b/ standards), the two millionth post was a no-name camwhore who was attempting to "make a name for himself" by not only signing his post (a ridiculous practice, even when FORCED_ANON was enabled), but by posting a useless picture of himself holding up a notepad with the words "2,000,000 GET!" on it . The post was signed "Delcious sic? Ironing". The post was immediately deleted, and three users began spreading the rumor that the "get" was actually an image of a middle-aged man, who signed his post asking about " adult fun" at his " country club". Photoshopping this image onto an actual screenshot of the get, and further doctoring the screenshot to read "Delicious Ron", managed to confuse newcomers and people who missed the actual post. The users who were spamming this disinformation held strongly to the belief that WTSnacks was "hiding the truth" from the posters and in retaliation Snacks modified the SQL database to automatically append all posts made by these individuals with a message displaying their IP addresses. Immediately the userbase realized that it was a mere three people spreading this "Delicious Ron" meme and completely disregarded it. Dennis Ferguson An Australian pedophile rumored to have molested some three thousand children and outspoken child pornography enthusiast. A frequent poster to /b/. Desu A word commonly added to the end of sentences in Japan, means "it is/be/are/am" and so on; it's considered more formal than usual and is mainly used when talking to people you don't know or to a superior. Inspired by Suiseiseki from the anime Rozen Maiden, who says it at the end of every sentence. Often spam replied when an unwitting newcomer asks for the definition. DINOBOT HAS SPOKEN, MY RIGID GRILL STRUCTURE This began on Usenet in 1997 with a Transformers fan who used the name Dinobot. His .sig file was "Dinobot has spoken. My rigid grill structure is coming in on your unprotected cargo door- Tom Servo Riding with Death" Memory being what it is, the first line got associated with the first part of the MST3K quote and ended up becoming quite the meme in Transformers circles, ending up being used in several fan fics. At BotCon98 a group of fans even got the voice actor for Dinobot to say the line in a suggestive manner. Often when the origin of something is unclear it is assumed to be a sexual innuendo, and for a while this quote was no exception. /dis/ This and /sug/ were removed. DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS From, made pointless with the inception of forced anonymity; frequently after someone with a name but no tripcode posted something, the next post in that thread would consist of someone else posting "DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS" under the same name. Rarely, if ever, seen now that no one on /b/ can enter a name. Dividing by Zero A meme based off of the fact that dividing by zero is impossible (and causes an error on pretty much every computer there is). Dividing by zero is said to have dire consequences, such as opening black holes. Seen as "I DIVIDED BY ZERO OH SHI-". (See OH SHI-). Also, in FlyFF (Fly for Fun), if you use the ingame calculator (Trade/Shop window) and divide by zero, the game will crash. Fun activity! Try dividing by zero on Windows XP's calculator! DONATE OR DIE 2005 A highly ambitious campaign started by moot on August 28, 2005 to collect $20,000 worth of donations in a single week, in order to buy new servers and forstall 4chan's dreaded 5th death for at least a year. One week later, 4chan had only reached 50% of the goal. In a bulletin three weeks later, on September 15, moot announced that he had used the $11,000 collected at that time to purchase three new servers, but that he lacked funds to colocate them, and set September 30th as the final day of donations. This announcement led many to believe that 30th was 'zero hour' and led to a flurry of new "4CHAN DIES" posts; the expected judgement day, however, did not materialize. In a news post on the 25th of October, moot revealed that although the target of $20,000 had not been reached, the donation drive was a limited success and things were looking up for 4chan. The end result of Donate or Die 2005 was that the servers were purchased and brought online in February 2006. Shortly there after in a blog post, Moot revealed that another donation drive would be forthcoming. DO NOT WANT Indication that the poster does not like the subject of the thread. Often found around camwhores, guro, scat, and other unpleasant and unfunny things. Acquired from a Hong Kong subtitling of the Chinese dub of Star Wars Episode III, in which Darth Vader's much-maligned "NO!" scream is translated to Chinese and then back to English as "Do not want". Donut Penis A image of a manga scan where a man takes a donut and hangs it off his erect penis, in the presence of a loli-looking female; the text was shopped to say "heh, welcome to 4chan /b/ / check this shizzle / ta-da! donut penis". Was posted shortly after the 900,000 mark, in the flurry of activity that usually accompanies such milestones, and the image files were subsequently switched around so that 900,000 pointed to Donut Penis instead of Raptor Jesus. (See Raptor Jesus) Drama Deactivated wordfilter for almost anything relating to furries, because according to moot and WT Snacks, "furries cause drama". Despite being inactive, furries are still commonly referred to as "drama", and furry fans and artists are sometimes called "dramafags". This stems from a lengthy and ongoing debate in the furry fandom about whether the sexual aspects should be toned down; it was observed that furry was getting to be known more for its fans' odd fetishes and debauchery than for the artists' works. No solution was ever agreed upon, though a few wanted to desexualise furry completely (owing at least partially to the belief that anthropomorphic art was nothing more than children's entertaiment, a sentiment mainly held in the USA). After some of the more odd sexual and behavioral aspects of the fandom were mocked in the early 2000s by Something Awful and Portal of Evil (and were eventually featured in Vanity Fair magazine and on the TV show CSI), many furries insisted the fandom was being misrepresented, and a few saw fit to lash out at anyone criticizing the fandom for any reason (using terms like "fursecution"), making them unwelcome on many forums. Dyke Spies? Phonetic result of swapping the syllables in SPIKE DIES. Frequently used on /u to accompany threads featuring characters from the animes Dirty Pair and NOIR. See: SPIKE DIES. ED DIES Spoiler for the Fullmetal Alchemist anime, which was spam-posted onto /a shortly after the episode originally aired, spoiling the popular series for many and leading to a flood of "_ DIES" image macro posting and an uproar from those who had been spoiled. Shortly afterwards a total ban on image macros was instituted for all boards outside of /b under penalty of a temporary ban, which remains in effect, though loosely enforced. It is unlikely the timing of the ban was coincidental. See: AERIS DIES. Emo A word used to describe those who are overly depressive, dress in black, listen to Linkin Park, etc, a term not just limited to 4chan. Now often used as a word to insult anyone the user doesn't like. Wordfiltered to "Bosnian" on /b/ (see wordfilters below). Note: Linkin Park is not actually emo, it's nu-metal, but both can be pretty whiny when they want to. Emotes For the low low price of five dollars, a user can activate a word filter that will make a small .gif appear on /b/. It works by placing your choice of text inside two colons (:cockbean: :eng101:) and then having that text filtered to the gif of the user's choosing. Popular examples include Professor Smilely, Ice Burn, and Pwned. Inspired by/borrowed from the SomethingAwful forums. The most well known of these was :zdx4875: which activated Professor Smiley. It was made public on /b/ in the Winter of 2005, and for about 24 hours before the mods de-activated it, /b/ was filled with the Professor. Enjoy your AIDS Another way of saying "You're a stupid faggot", due to the fact that AIDS has been historically considered a "gay" disease. Also used when the poster is talking about something sexually unwise, like sleeping with a strange girl (you might catch something from him/her/it) or engaging in rape or pedophilia (you'd go to "pound me in the ass" prison and catch something there). The original macro (in which the text is seen overwriting a screenshot of Heero Yuy) was the creation of "Rabbi Bob Hitler", a /b/tard whose disgust at its popularity would later lead him to stop posting altogether. E-penis Derisive term for online reputation, derived from the idea of guys equating their penis size to their manliness. The term is mainly used in reference to Tripfags. A poster who actively tries to establish a reputation is said to be making his e-penis bigger. Era-chan Era / Erin / Blackberry as she now likes to be called is a 19 (she claims 18) year old student at Rutgers who has posted pictures of herself on /b/. Era has her share of critics who alledge she is nothing more than a cam-whore. In reality, these /b/tards are probably just upset she won't show them her tits. Similarly, Era has a fair number of /b/tard fans, these /b/tards are probably just being nice to her in the hopes that she'll show them her tits. Some doubt the authenticity of her pictures because, as well all know, there are no girls on the interbut. Era has also posted pictures of her sister, who many believe is considerably more attractive. Although she has stopped posting pictures of herself, Era continues to post on /b/ regularly. She claims not to take /b/ seriously. Every repost is repost repost. A derivative of "Every day is Repost Day." excuse me wtf r u doin An image macro featuring a glowing pink Tyrannosaurus Rex in space and the above text. Fag Generic insult for anyone the poster doesn't like, especially if they're whining or trying to draw attention to themselves; similar in meaning to "asshole." Has little or nothing to do with the target's sexuality. Often used as a suffix to mock groups the poster thinks are troublemakers (tripfags, furfags, etc.) See "lurk more". Fail Used as a noun in the place of "failure". FAILGET The standard response to a failed #GET attempt (such as posting 1000000GET on post number 999999 of /b/, or 2GET as the 3rd post of a thread). Fap Noise made during male masturbation. Fap fap fap fap Originated in a translation of the manga "Heartbreak Angels"; it was then popularised in the webcomic Sexy Losers by clay (contrary to popular belief, it did not originate there), and has since spread to the entire Internet. Fchan A Futaba-style furry hentai board, created in response to 4chan's ban on furry "art". On June 23 between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning Fchan reportedly started posting derogatory things about 4chan, most notably Raptor Jesus (See Raptor Jesus). The /b/tards retaliated. It resulted in one of the most awesome board floods 4chan has ever seen. In reality it was a group of /b/tards themselves who had posted the furry pictures, claiming they were from Fchan in order to insight a war, and the rest of /b/ fell for it. No discussion or plan to flood /b/ was ever discussed on Fchan. fgsfds You could either say "figgis-fiddis" or "F-G-S-F-D-S", but however you say it, it is the one word that makes no sense whatsoever at all. It all started when someone on 4chan replied to a post with "fgsfds". Oryan (a 4chan user) soon shopped the phrase into a pic of German talk-show presenter Harald Schmidt and now everyone on /b/ posts it. When somebody confuses you by saying something that makes no sense, simply say "fgsfds". Now commonly photoshopped onto pictures of anyone pointing their index finger in the air. Fixed A reply that includes a quote of the original post that's been "corrected" in a way that partially or completely changes its meaning, followed by "Fixed." on the next line. For example, a post saying "Evangelion is the best anime ever!" might be replaced with:

"Evangelion is the most overrated anime ever!" Fixed. Force Push An animated gif that begins with a scene from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, where Obi-Wan Kenobi is fighting battledroids, then turns and performs a force push towards the screen. The picture then cuts to another scene where a person or object suddenly falls or is sent flying. A newer meme usually found on /gif/. Forced Anonymous From roughly 7-21-05 to 7-29-05, the state of affairs on /b/. It would seem that the mods finally got sick of dealing with tripcodes and stolen identities and decided to disable names and tripcodes on /b/. The term "forced anonymous" is somewhat misleading because although no one gets to use a unique handle or tripcode, the nick Anonymous doesn't show up either. The change lasted about a week. What prompted the mods to return names and tripcodes to /b/ is unknown. Recently put back into effect as of 1-29-06, removed again on 2-25-06, and reinstated just a few hours later. Forced Meme The opposite of a meme. Where as a meme is generally considered an esoteric in-joke that arises out of its own popularity or appeal, a forced meme is an attempt by someone (or a group of people) to get /b/ to adopt a meme by sheer repetition. By repeatedly posting or "forcing" the would-be meme, a single person or small group tries to give the impression that it has a large following, even though it actually hasn't gained the approval of other /b/tards. Some of the most notorious forced memes are Brian Wilson, Milhouse, and Delicious Ron. Most of the time, the /b/tards are pretty adept at sniffing out forced memes, but ocasionally one or two succeed. The most successful attempt at forcing a meme is Cover-Tom, which has been adopted as a true meme. Fuck Socks A picture from an H-game had a guy sticking his dick in a girl's thigh-high stocking while fingering her. Saying "I want to fuck her socks" is related to "I'd hit it". Not seen too often. Fucktard Short for "fucking retard". Furry Pictures of anthropomorphic animals, usually of a sexual nature. Despised by most 4chan posters and strictly forbidden on all boards except for /b/. Even on /b/ furry pictures are generally not well received; "Furry Friday" has become a fixture in spite of this, but still provokes arguments among /b/tards. Furry artists and fans are derisively known as "furfags", which has more to do with furries having an odd fetish (or simply begging for attention) and insisting on shoving it in peoples' faces than actually being gay. For no logical reason, a few characters have gotten exceptions for being "hot", cute or just plain nostalgic (Gadget from Rescue Rangers and Dr. Comet's pictures of Krystal are two examples). See "Drama" for more on this. Furry Drama "Yes, I am a fox. So? I dont see any problem. I embraced my animal soul long ago and I am happy together with my boyfriend (who is a cute b/w wolf!). We have a fucking lot of friends in and outside of the fandom and I am pretty slim and good looking. But thanks anyway asshole. Go and watch your stupid anime shit while I have SEX with my boyfriend." Futaba/Yotsuba Futaba chan = 2chan. Yotsuba chan = 4chan. Futaba and Yotsuba mean "two leaves" and "four leaves", respectively. Futallaby 2chan image board software derivative used on 4chan. Maintained by terra. gb2// Short for "go back to" with "" being the section of 4chan. ie: /b/ for Random. Not limited to 4chan/internet usage, e.g. "gb2/ytmnd/", "gb2/suicide/". George Zimmer A parody of the Men's Wearhouse commercials featuring George Zimmer, these posts are fully capitalized. They begin with, "HI, I'M GEORGE ZIMMER, FOUNDER AND CEO OF THE MEN'S WEARHOUSE.", end with, "I GUARANTEE IT.", and in the middle contain a short story detailing Zimmer's various sexual escapades, laden with colorful sexual terminology such as "MY MASSIVE YOGURT HOSE". The meme has been occasionally adapted to other characters such as Jared Fogle from the infamous Subway ads. In late February of 2006 a female version using the Bleach character Rangiku (known primarily for her very large breasts) was tried, but failed to catch on. Gendo Gendo is a character from the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, which recieves both praise and criticism on /b/. As the head of NERV he is normally found with a uncaring expression on his face, amplified with his reflective glasses and steepled hands over his mouth. During the first forced-anon period someone posted Gendo arms and glasses (as well as eyebrows) on a manga scan. Shortly following a set of arms and glasses precut for shopping was posted. After that a rush of 300+ Gendo shops appeared on /b/. Recently on /b/, Gendo has had the nickname 'Evil Ambassador' placed unto him, as this spawned from an Anonymous poster asking for the arm and glasses from the Gendo meme, but not knowing what the meme was called and so he named it Evil Ambassador which /b/ found amusing and started to know Gendo as Evil Ambassador. Ghosts /b/tards hold some interest in paranormal phenomena. So-called "ghost pictures", which claim to point out spirits in photographs, are not taken too seriously, though. GMask Image masking tool used for often illicit purposes. GMasked text or mp3 files often contain CP. GNAA Gay Nigger Association of America. An infamous Internet troll group that has targetted 4chan on occassion. They seem to be connected with on many levels. Good Naruto, you look kinda cool Picture of Naruto from the anime of the same name, with his eyes facing opposite directions shows up on /b/ with the aforementioned line fansubbed, absorbed into the fold. Recently changed by /b/tards to reflect the licensing status of the series. It's believed that Good Naruto was originally a spelling mistake - probably it was meant to read God, Naruto. This however has stuck as good, Naruto etc. HABEEB IT Also, "itty bitty baby, itty bitty boat" and "twinkie house". Crappy attempt at a forced meme by photoshopping nonsense words into the speech bubbles on the page of a father/son incest comic; the attempt apparently succeeded, since anyone posting a comment that contains the words "Believe it" will likely get a few "Habeeb it!" replies, and a few people are using "Habeeb it" instead of "believe it" as well. Several attempts to cross-pollinate this with other memes have been made, though none of them have really caught on. Happy Negro AKA Santino Lee. Famous for a Bangbus appearance, he has appeared in various photoshopped pictures from Something Awful and other sources. One picture of him groping an Olsen Twin grabbed the attention of the /b/tards on 3/26/04 and a mass flood of photoshops of his head on every picture that passed through /b/ continued until 3/28/04 where moot himself intervened to stop the flood count at over 350+, a number remarkable at that early stage in /b/'s life. Harbl A codeword used when /z/ was attempting to overthrow /b/. Is often used as a synonym of 'penis'. See also Soviet Russia, /z/. Hawaiian Punch On the Something Awful forums, there was a thread called "Make Porn Worksafe", and it consisted of people photoshopping, you guessed it, porn so as to make it "safe for work." Penetrations were covered, the nude were clothed, and penises were replaced with numerous things, the most popular being cans of Hawaiian Punch. Hey, At Least I Didn't Kill Dumbledore Short lived meme originating from a picture of a bloody Nevada-tan saying said phrase with the intent of spoiling the sixth Harry Potter book (also along the same lines as "Aeris Dies"), related images having to do with book character Snape killing Dumbledore. Other variations included pictures of Hitler and other well known killers. Another popular image was a picture of a page of the book where the secret is revealed in dialouge, with the spoiler underlined in red. See "Snape Kills Dumbledore" Headsigh Copipe ascii portraying a man resting his head in his hands, seemingly agonized; based on an older "Aww jeez, not this shit again!" image macro featuring a real-life man making the same gesture. Copiped endlessly from 5 to 8 January 2006, when it finally began to taper off. Usually posted with the Ackbar ascii, or posted to express frusturation and disbelief. hope u got 10bux From the Something Awful forums, refers to the cost of reregistering a banned account. Used to mean "you're about to get banned", usually ironically. See "lurk more". Hopkin Green Frog A 16 year old boy with Autism passed out flyers notifiying people that he lost his stuffed frog. This flyer ended up on the internet, and was duly shopped into parodies involving nearly anything you can think of, like "The Sims", Michael Jackson, Peanuts, and such. How do I shot web Phrase started by Natural Selection players; in NS, one of the alien races can actually shoot spider webs as a weapon. One day, some goons were playing NS when a lot of newbies and clueless people were on the server, and "how do i shot web" was one of the questions that kept coming up. Someone took a screenshot, posted it to FYAD, and it went from there. Most commonly seen on /b/ as an image macro, featuring Spider-Man holding out his arms in an "I dunno..." gesture; this later inspired a series of shopped images, including one with a Japanese newscaster holding out his arms in the same gesture (along with Spider-Man and a number of anime characters), and a meme where a picture of a falling person is shopped to say "Hey Spider-Man, how do I shot web?" (with Spider-Man replying "dunno, lol"). See also "¯(º_o)/¯" (below). How can you bitch about something you can't see? moot's words when he made /b/'s images and text invisible for the day. We found a way. I came! See "Fap" and "I'd hit it". In Japanese "キタ", usually accompanied by a Shift_JIS character. I'd hit it. Describes something as "fuckable". Occassionally substituted with "I'd tap it". Incorrectly used in a famous McDonald's advertising campaign in the US. I have reported you to AOL for stealing pictures, as it is a crime. Old meme, long story, still slightly funny. Think of it as if a 3 year old screamed that he was going to sue you for copying his unintelligible scribbles. I like where this thread is going. Usually a sarcastic comment directed at threads that are about to degenerate into flamewars, or which already have. A related image macro shows a cargo ship sailing toward a massive storm. Occasionally used in a positive sense, particularly when hot porn is posted or camwhores have shared their TITS rather than GTFOing. I LOL'd Minor meme based on the common Internet acronym LOL (laugh out loud). Related to an image macro of He-Man villain Skeletor, with his head thrown back in laughter. Spread to the O RLY owl and Agent Smith among others. Hit a new low with a shop of coffins from Iraq with " I LOL'D" copiped on it. I WAS BORN INTO A WORLD YOU MAY NOT UNDERSTAND A quote from the craptacular movie Ultraviolet which has become popular on /b/ recently. IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HERE IS WHAT YOU DO One day in the spring of 2005, someone came to /b/ looking for help with their bloody nose. One of the first replies had "IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HERE IS WHAT YOU DO", in all caps, as the subject; the reply was sincere advice, a rarity on /b/. The rest of /b/ though this was hilarious, and a flood of shopped pictures and reposts featuring the phrase ensued. It was used a stock response through out the summer and into the fall, and still shows up from time to time. ILLEGAL IN CANADA Originated October 2005, when a Canadian sex-offender was convicted of owning Lolikon hentai, charged with Child Pornography. Traditionally, there had been a barrier between drawn media depicting children and real photographic or video child pornography. Virtual images were considered to not be child pornography and thus not illegal material. ILLEGAL IN CANADA became a catch-phrase to describe loli art, poking fun at the Canadian ruling, which many legal experts described as an extreme case with extenuating circumstances. This may be true, especially since the man convicted had been charged multiple times with various forms of sexual misconduct with minors. I'm in ur base killin ur d00ds Originated on In the Games forum, someone posted a thread about a Warcraft 3 game (this was shortly after the release of WC3, when it was still a very hot topic) in which he had totally owned some poor sod. There was a screenshot of the goon saying "where are you?" and the guy replying "im in ur base, killin ur doodz". The gist of the thread is that the guy who said it ended up losing or something, so it was poetic justice, or whatnot. Image Macro A picture with "witty" text added via Photoshop or other image editors. They often use text from existing memes, and in some cases cause the creation of new ones. Image macros became so prevalent that they are now banned from all boards except /b/. Interbutt, Intraweb, Internets, etc Sarcastic terms for the Internet. Created in reference to various n00bish mistakes. Internet. Serious Business. A highly popular meme. Evolved from "The Internet is serious business." and has since transformed into any word or phrase followed by "Serious business.", or even just "Serious Business" with no preceding phrase. Comes from the belief that what happens on Internet forums (message boards, lists, Usenet, etc.) is usually inconsequential and not worth dwelling on; used as a sarcastic observation on an overheated thread, or as a hint to the original poster that they should drop the subject and move on. I really do hope you're trolling and not actually that fucking retarded. Minor (anti)meme on /dis/ started by the same fuck who flooded /b/ with Kurt Cobain images. Usually replied to with "I really do hope you're retarded and not fucking a troll." Used in /dis/ posts when the postee thinks the thread-starter is an unintentional troll. I see what you did there. Common response to posts that are meant to be clever or funny, but are too obviously derived from something else (usually whatever forced meme is making the rounds at the time) and thus not as amusing. Various derivatives occasionally pop up. Often used in reply to photoshops which are particularly obvious. A positive usage is recorded in "BY YOUR POWERS COMBINED I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE". IT'S A MAN Probably derived from Austin Powers and/or Return of the Jedi. See "It's A Trap"! IT'S A TRAP! Meme based on the line by Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi; started on Fark around 2002, and spread to the rest of the Web from there over a period of years before ending up on /b/. Often used in response to pictures of men who appear to be women. Degenerated into "IT'S A TARP", which is basically the same thing. Janitors In December 2005, moot decided to add "janitors" to /a/ and /v/ to help stem the flow of crappy posts without having to bring in more mods. Janitors can delete posts for violating the rules, but unlike mods they can't ban people. Due to the obvious impossibility of nominating Anonymous, only Tripcode users could be nominated to be janitors. Obviously, not found on /b/. JAPAN IS SUPERIOR Common catch-phrase in discussions of anime in which a Japanese character is for no logical reason stronger, faster, or smarter than other, non-Japanese characters, or in which Japan or a fictional nation clearly derived from it is inexplicably the dominant power in the world. Basically, every anime ever made. Jelly Rolls Common response to a thread featuring Yomi from the Azumanga Daioh. Yomi, slightly pudgy, is highly self conscious about her weight and is teased by her friend Tomo for being fat despite her having a normal enough body shape; the full version of the meme is "JELLY ROLLS (line break) JELLY ROLLS (line break) NOBODY LOVES YOU". Since Yomi is a fan favorite, especially in /e/, this is occasionally adapted by her fans from "NOBODY LOVES YOU" to "EVERYBODY LOVES YOU". See also: Azumanga Daioh. Jesus /b/ appears to have an obsession of taking images of Jesus and Photoshopping speech bubbles onto them. It is only funny when Jesus ends his sentence with "lol". An example of one such image is a picture of Jesus knocking on a door and the guy behind the door going "who is it?" and Jesus going "It's Jesus, lol". There is also an image of Jesus decked out in bling. See also "Raptor Jesus". Kaede A character from the harem anime Shuffle! which is based on a hentai game. Suddendly exploded in popularity on /a/, /e/, and /h/ when she was revealed to be psychotic. Pics shopped to include her holding a boxcutter became commonplace for a few days. ksqueeks A female 4channer who originally gained notoriety posting pictures of herself in /s/ with "donate 2 4chan" written across her chest in an aid to "DONATE OR DIE WEEK 2005". As with other females doing the same, her thread got stickied and she since became a much loved/hated figure among the citizens of /s/ as she continues to provide them with new pictures. On the 15th, the sticky was deleted and a ban on all camwhores in /s/, included ksqueeks, was issued. Although later rescinded, this led to the establishment of ksqueeks's website, making her the only 4chan camwhore with a real website. Lives with her cats Marvin, Beecher, David and Gary in her flat full of anime/video game stuff. Kill it with fire! An expression of outrage, especially appropriate where furrypr0n or hideously ugly people are involved. KOREA EAT CAT Old meme originally involving the eating of felines by our Korean friends. Later, overused and worn out, it transformed into any three word phrase with "eat" in it. BANDWIDTH EAT 4CHAN. It is worth noting that Koreans actually do eat dog regularly, cat is not as popular. Also the name of a band on Let's Order Linguini A small meme originating from an Australian episode of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" where one of the first questions was to define the commonly used internet acronym "LOL". Let's Order Linguini was the most ridiculous and therefore memorable of the false options. loli "Is this loli?" a meme that presumably originated from people posting pictures of hot chicks who might be a bit on the lower end of legal. This was of course, seized and made fun of mercilessly. Not wordfiltered, but last active filter was duck (formerly Thomas Jefferson) on /b/. Duck is still used by old-timers for nostaligia's sake, or to just establish you've been around for a while. LOLI HAET PIZZA Based on a typo of "LOL I hate pizza". Was immediately shopped into an image macro and has persisted as a meme. Variations now abound, including LOEV (love) replacing HAET when necessary. Also spawned "LOLI LOEV PEDO", which seems to be more prevelant. lol internet The 100,000th post of /b/. Completely off topic and in some useless thread, it foiled the plans of bt to gain the 100,000th post. He attempted with an image of "100,000" but received post number 99,999. After calling himself a failure at the internet, he said he was going to commit suicide. "LOL Internet" (capitalization optional) however, has become a popular meme. Longcat A picture of a white cat being held up so as to stand on its back feet, showing off its unusually long body. Longcat became a fairly popular meme on /b/, and predictably has been Photoshopped to hell and back by /b/tards. At first, it was known as Patriot Cat or "Pat Cat" and simply photoshopped in front of the World Trade Center Towers, protecting them from attacking airplanes. It was somehow forgotten and then dug up again with the now common name. A graphic of Longcat was used as 4chan's donation meter, as part of the latest and most ambitious "DONATE TO 4CHAN" campaign; see "DONATE OR DIE 2005". Most modern Longcat images now feature the cartoon donation Longcat rather than the original. Longcat's real name is Nobiiru, which is Japanese for "Stretch". lurk more The userbase of 4chan has grown tremendously since its original incarnation in October of 2003. Once being comprised solely of goons and friends-of-goons, it branched out almost immediately to take on a life of its own. However, after it was resurrected from death in August of 2004, the drastically increased userbase showed signs of decay. Users preferred to use names and tripcodes rather than post anonymously, causing unneeded drama over identity theft when the value of the stolen identities was debatable to begin with; the perceived median age of the average poster dropped from college-age to high-school freshman; spelling and grammar became intolerably atrocious; users started to openly defy the rules and begin posting invitations to invade other forums or harass users over instant messenger; basically, users ceased to lurk and began to wrongly assert that they "mattered" or that they had unique identities which were more important than the traditional insitution of posting as Anonymous. People began to regard the name of the poster to be of more value than the content of his posts, and the idea of always posting with a name was wrongly practiced-- the exact problem that spurred the creation of 2ch and Futaba in the first place. True to /b/ form, the phrase has transformed into a somewhat overused meme in and of itself. Any user who is not 100% familiar with the most obscure 4chan in-jokes and asks for an explanation is often told to lurk more, regardless of how reasonable an expectation that might be. Worse still are those who advise people to lurk more and then proceed to offer inaccurate explanations for memes, meaning they themselves ought to take their own advice (see "NO U"). This is becoming more and more common as /b/ grows in popularity. In a sort of perverse retaliation, longtime /b/ posters are beginning to deliberately spread misinformation to further muddy the waters. Matthew Graves An insane revolutionary cloned many times beyond reason. He was born out of a possible trolling of a post from /f/ featuring a picture of Tifa with huge stars over her tits. What started as an idiotic request for the uncensoring of the flash grew into an overnight revolution, with many Anonymouses converting to the Matthew Graves cult. During late hours he and his clones would rant about the evils of censorship, the virtues of Tifa, or the status of his rocket ship that he is building with his brother (Frances Graves). This caused widespread anarchy across /b/, forcing the censor technicians to ban him and his followers. Medieval Macros Olde English image macros of existing memes created using the Historical Tale Construction Kit. New medieval macros show up from time to time as new memes and in-jokes appear, though nothing has yet matched the original flood when /b/ first discovered them. Meme Anything on 4chan that is used and reused beyond it's life expectancy. Formal meaning for meme is "A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another." There are continued disputes that the idea of memes on 4chan is no more, but the continuing proliferation of old memes and creation of new ones makes this claim dubious at best. Some memes are deliberately created (these are often called forced memes, especially if they fail to catch on) and some are borrowed from other sources (usually 2chan and 2ch), but many come about entirely by accident. Major "GETs" on /b/ are a common source of memes, and the vast majority of 4chan's new memes originate from /b/. Despite 4chan's memes being a defining element of the board's culture (such as it is), the mods seem to find them annoying. More info is availiable at Wikipedia. The term itself was coined by the evolutionist Richard Dawkins, and its correct pronunication rhymes with "gene" ("meem"). Midnight Snacks {PLACEHOLDER, for now. it's too damn late.] Milhouse A failed attempt at creating a new meme involving Milhouse of the Simpsons. Included a photoshop of the 'I laugh at your dick' Sakura as Milhouse. Milhouse is not a meme. True, Milhouse is not a meme. But "Milhouse is not a meme" IS a meme. If you fully understand this you have reached /b/ enlightenment. MOAR A request for more of whatever has been posted. The typo seems to be mandatory. Occasionally the opposite "LESS" is seen, equivalent to "DO NOT WANT". Mods They are GOD. Bow down and worship! moot is the head mod, WTSnacks was his bitch until recently, when Snacks was de-modded for reasons which remain unclear. There is also 5, who uses a "rocker" title in blue after his name but claims not to be a mod, and probably others. MOK-KOS An extremely ugly picture of the character KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, almost inevitably posted in any Xenosaga thread large enough to be noticed. Some have never seen it. Monar A catlike Shift_JIS art creature invented on 2ch. Name is derived from his standard comment, "Omae monaa!" (You too!). Has many other Shift_JIS friends such as "Shii" and "Giko Cat". Monar and his catchphrase are used on 2ch in much the same way that "NO U" is used on 4chan. Moonspeak Japanese, originally. Has since been used to mean any language that isn't English, especially if it uses lots of special characters (like umlauts) or, as with Japanese, a different character set entirely (which is even worse if you don't have the fonts installed). The most common examples on /b/ are Scandinavian languages like Swedish and Finnish, owing to the relatively large number of /b/tards in those countries; other European languages have also been called moonspeak, usually German and Russian. Korean has also shown up on /b/ from time to time, usually in pictures. moot The owner of 4chan. He claims that he is a 16 year old hermaphrodite. He is open with his many fetishes such as loli, furry, yaoi, and scat. mootxico Frequent jokes, especially when donation drives (see "DONATE OR DIE 2005") are active, have been made about moot taking all the money for himself and fleeing to Mexico. As a result, Mexico is now known as mootxico. Multi Track Drifting A phrase taken from the Initial D spinoff manga Densha De D, which involves racing subway cars rather than regular cars. As would be expected, the main character uses a train model that is considered almost antique. Near the end of the first volume, in order to take his subway car through a turn at high speed without flipping over, he increases the speed of his train, causing the front end of the train to lift up and set itself down on the set of tracks next to it as it slid through the curve in a manner similar to drifting. The antagonist immediately shouts, with bulging eyes, "MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING!" Several pages of the manga were posted on /b/, and in true /b/tard fashion, they went to school with it. Just like so many other phrases, it has taken a life of its own. MUST PUT PENIS IN FATE-CHAN Frequently accompanies posting of the character Fate Testarossa, one of the stars of the magical girl anime Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and its sequel, Nanoha A's. Ironically, the fact that Fate is less than ambiguously lesbian for Nanoha herself both endears her to her fanboys and simultaneously makes the goal of putting one's penis in her impossible. The fact that she isn't real is also an obstacle. MY HAT IS TOO BIG An unpopular meme featuring the image of a NYC fireman with a seemingly oversized hat, accompanied by the caption "MY HAT IS TOO BIG," first posted in late December 2005. At first this attempt at a forced meme was ridiculed, but soon additional images of people with big hats were being posted. Variations of the caption included "MY HAT IS TOO SMALL" and "MY HAT IS TOO SHORT," the latter accompanying a picture of Napoleon Bonaparte. The ephemeral craze was over in less than a day's time, but the original image is still occasionally posted. MySQL Connection Failure An annoying event involving some of 4chan's software that occassionally prevents replying to posts. In an earlier incarnation of 4chan, MySQL connection failures also prevented the viewing of threads. At one point, it was so prevalent that one of 4chan's title banners references the phenomenon. The MySQL Connection Error banner is still in the rotation, though the problem is neither as common nor as long-lasting as it used to be. On 9/3/05, the problem came back with a vengeance but has since subsided. Current failures usually involve missing HTML tags, though this has diminished significantly since the server upgrade was completed. Struck again right before 6 MIL Get, annoying everyone. Negers A crudely drawn cartoon of a black man with a pained expression ejaculating in a white woman's face; in the usual fashion, the man is often photoshopped into opportune locations. Never caught on as much as some other memes. Original negers made by _bnu. Nigga A reference to the infamous underground "Tokyo Breakfast" comedy sketch. Google for it, but don't watch it at work or in front of kids. Nigga please Meme involving photoshopping just about anyone saying said meme. Notable pictures include the Pope and cute anime girls. The origin of this meme is unclear. Nigger Jesus Ban A meme in refrence to a flame war on "Biblocality", a christian forum board. One 4chan user was banned and given the reason: "Called Jesus A Nigger" NO U! Usually accompanied by a picture of someone pointing, NO U is slang for No, you. The comment simply implies that a particular poster ought to apply his suggestion to himself. That is, if Anonymous says "That chick needs to shave her box" and Anonymous replies "NO U!" he is exhorting the first Anonymous to shave his box. Most frequently accompained by a picture of a yelling asian man with his pointing hand shopped into various places. Origin unknown; similar in spirit (but not related to) "Omae mo naa!" (see Monar). ¯(º_O)/¯ A shrug. May come from the Spiderman shop "How do I shot web?". Influenced by Japanese Shift_JIS emoticons if not actually from Japan. O RLY? Another phrase, short for "Oh, really?". Usually it implies a sarcastic sense of disbelief that belies the cynicism typical of 4chan users. The comment has since taken on a life of its own after being shopped onto a snowy owl that is now inextricably linked to "O RLY?". Sometimes replied to with "YA RLY." ("YA RLY" has a serious-looking brown and gray horned owl associated with it.) Now in common use across many BBSes and message boards, having spread from 4chan to Fark and YTMND (and possibly others), and from there to the rest of the Web. NOTE: This meme is also horribly over-used, some say that it's the outcome of it spreading to World of Warcraft. The textual phrase "oh really?" was first popularized on the SomethingAwful forums. The phrase was initially one of many used during the FYAD sub forum's fad of compressing words by removing unnecessary letters. While "O RLY?" is simply shorthand for "Oh, Really?", the most common image macro came from 4chan in the spring of 2005; in those days, "repost" was filtered to "owl", and people were reposting pictures of owls over and over with the phrase "everyday is owl" attached. Someone combined the two, and the image macro and its attached phrase then spread rapidly throughout the Internet. OH GOD SHANA IS HOT Refers to the heroine of the anime Shakugan no Shana. Shana's badass personality and habit of yelling "Shut up, shut up, shut up!", along with a propensity of the animators to draw her in swimsuits, endeared her to fanboys on /a, although the fact that she clearly fits into the loli category precludes the meme from spreading into /e/ or /h/. OH SHI- From the movie trailer cliche of cutting away just before someone finishes saying "Oh shit!", usually to a scene of something blowing up. Always used sarcastically. Often seen with the phrases "I BROKE 4CHAN" with an accompanying screenshot of MySQL failure, "I LEFT 4CHAN ON AT HOME" in an image macro of a young boy with a scared expression, or "I DIVIDED BY ZERO" in an image featuring a 3D rendering of a black hole. OMG ZERG RUSH What happens to you when you let your guard down playing a Korean at Starcraft. Has a moderate following. Sometimes followed by "KEKEKEKEKEKEKE!" Onpu is a whore Seen on /a/ and /c/ in threads featuring the character Onpu Segawa, from the anime Ojamajo Doremi. Despite the show's utterly innocent magical-girl nature, the insinuation is that Onpu is a whore because she is a child model and pop singer despite still being in elementary school, as well as her flirtatious nature around the boys in the series. Rarely used in not4chan's /l/ despite frequent posting of her there, perhaps because some /l/ denizens consider being a ten year old girl being a whore a virtue. orgasmGET 1 millionth post to /b/. Earned its name based on the content of the picture posted with it. It has been archived for historical purposes and can be seen at: (NSFW). The text in the picture was a popular copipe in /b/ for a long time, especially when used with pictures that didn't match the text. Party Hard This meme consists of a 2-frame animated .gif with the words PARTY HARD edited into it. The .gif is edited to flash these frames very quickly, as if they are trying to induce a seizure in the viewer. This meme originated from the video to Andrew W. K.'s song 'Party Hard', where Mr. W. K. is headbanging to the music in front of the words PARTY HARD, while strobe lights flash making his movements look jerky. The earliest known .gif to use this meme consisted of a 2-frame scene from the anime Azumanga Daioh, where Chiyo Mihama, dressed in a penguin costume, is doing her stretches. This meme was most likely inspired by an anime music video of the same title. Even though it is a multi-creator video, the one "responsible" for this particular part is Jesmaster of Something Awful forums. While this meme does occasionally appear on /b/, it's main home has been the /gif/ board, as one of the most controversial memes on that board. When asked about it, users either reply with "needs more party hard" or "nothing needs more party hard". This extreme variation of opinions was further exacerbated by night-long Flame Wars between tripcoders Senpai's Pleasurous Nutrients and DammitQ. To show their contempt, other users would edit party hard .gifs to show a picture of a Penis or Harlequin Fetus as shock material. Supporters of the meme would edit almost any .gif file they could find into a party hard .gif. As of February, though, the meme has all but disappeared. Pedo Bear Another ASCII art creature. This one, predictably, looks like a bear and is often sighted with lolis. Spawned the Pedo Bear Seal of Approval shopped from old Nintendo games. Originally "Kuma" from 2ch, who is not a pedophile at all, is a nature lover, and hates Ronald McDonald. A few users started an in-joke whereby one would post Osakaphone saying something, and the other would post Kuma with a response. As the posts began getting more and more sexually oriented, paired with the innocence and widely-held immaturity of Osaka, led some to dub Kuma as being "pedo" for her. Now Pedobear is placed after pictures of underage girls. Picture Related This phrase speaks for itself. Other variants include "picture somewhat related", "picture very related", and the opposite, "picture unrelated". "Picture unrelated" posts are frowned on by the mods, because they're usually done as filler images for requests outside of /r/. Photoshop The most popular image editing program, to the point that "photoshopping" or "shopping" has become another word for image editing in general. Image macros and other crap in /b/ are usually created with Photoshop, though Microsoft Paint (specifically the JPEG-capable Windows 2000/XP version) is often used as well; a common joke on /b/ is that a picture took "X hours in Paint" to "make". Pip Pip A British term. The iichan oekaki board spawned something of a mascot character: a dog with a top hat, monocle, and a cane, who was saying "Pip pip". Often found with a funny mustache, and badly edited onto different images. Pool Dyke An unpopular forced meme of what might be a woman playing pool. Confirmed to be a (lesbian) woman named Paula Metz on myspace. Poonmaster "Heh, sorry, man, but w/e. I don't go looking, and I don't pick up trash from the gutter. I don't even try to get with girls, man, they're just attracted to me. I don't mean to sound cliche, but it's kind of a curse. I really snare more poon than I know what to do with. I've even hooked up with a couple girls from this site, though I'm sure you'll just repeat that "No girls on the Internets" crap again, which is okay with me, cuz that just sends them all right on over to me, heh." Created on 4chan around 2005 after a picture of 10 Jap girls holding pictures was posted in /b/. The pictures they were holding were shopped to contain pictures of diseased vaginas. After a few comments by Anonymous a person dubbed "Poonmaster" posted that the vaginas in the pictures are "healthy" and the rest of 4chan hasn't seen a real vagina to know this. Classic quotes like the one above made him into a meme for a few days before no one thought about him again. You can find the original thread saved at intern3ts. The entire thread lasted approx 2h45m with an unknown amount of unique posters. There were also a large amount of pictures made in honour of Poonmaster posted afterwards in a handful of threads. Example:$rand/KIDSWITHGUNS/Poonmaster/poonmaster1.jpg pupu Legendary saint of /c/. pupu never posts with a tripcode, and every thread posted is filled without exception with exceptionally beautiful, high-resolution art of cute anime girls, often culled from 2chan. It is unknown whether pupu is male or female, or even if pupu is one person or a group of people, as pupu never posts a word in any thread, and responds to requests for sources only with the url needed to fulfill the request. Worshipped with nearly god-like status on /c/ and /e/. Pyramid Head Name of the appropriately named monsterfucker from Silent Hill 2, has a wide fanbase on /b/. The volumes of reposts featuring him is probably correlated with the impending release of the SH movie. Also shopped as "Pussy Head". /r/ Request board. Aside from /b/, /r/ is the least restrictive board on 4chan. As a result, /r/ is largely a cesspool, and it is well known any request not directly related to porn will be ignored completely and even porn requests are unlikely to get a satisfactory response. As a result, it has become a common practice to instead make requests in other boards. The mods have recently begun to crack down on requests outside of /r/ and to enforce some semblance of rules in /r/, so there's a very slight chance that /r/ will become a worthwhile board. Also used as slang for the word "request" or "requesting"; e.g. "/r/ xyz" = "requesting xyz" Radio Free 4chan PLACEHOLDER, too damn late, etc. Rage Occassionally used as a "false" sage, usually in a failed attempt at humor. Basically, any word rhyming with "sage" can be used...which of course completely disregards the fact that "sage" is actually pronounced "sah-gay". Wordfiltered on /b/ to "rape". Also the term used to describe the actions of the Myg0t CounterStrike clan when they attack websites. Raptor Jesus Photoshopping of a velociraptor dinosaur's head on Jesus. This picture was posted by an anonymous user in /b/ to become the 900,000th post. As usual, whenever a "big number" milestone post such as this is reached, there are two factions of people: one side takes the stance of "Jesus Christ, I can't believe this retarded picture got to be 900,000"; the other usually says "Shut up, this picture is awesome". The resulting flamewars have therefore led the moderators to delete the momentous posts as soon as they are discovered. In the flurry of activity as everyone rushes at once to claim the big-number post, few people actually witness the post before it is deleted by the mods. In a clever move, the image file of Raptor Jesus was replaced by a photoshop of a manga scan that showed a man with a donut on his penis, thus creating the illusion of Donut Penis being the real 900,000th post to /b/. As of this writing there are a number of users who claim to worship the faith of Raptor Jesus, as well as a Raptor Jesus Bible. Rei-chan Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The girls of Evangelion have numerous fans and critics. Pictures of Rei were banned for a month after 4channers frustrated with all the pictures of her being flooded started to counterflood with pictures of Rei's hair on various people and objects with the now famous "BLUE HAIR = REI", "ZOMG REI" or "IT'S REI FAP FAP FAP". Eventually the flooding stopped, but the quotes and their mutations pop up from time to time. Sometime in 2004, Reidick (a scan of a penis with blue "hair" and the caption "TEH REI" drawn in MS Paint) was created and endlessly spamposted to /b/ by Rei-Chan, with the message 'She is cute, that is why she is called Rei Chan.' This message has become a meme in itself. Reidick was also floodposted to /f/ in a Flash movie with the chant "Internet FUCK!" in the background, which predictably got saged mercilessly as fast as it was reposted. Reidick has also appeared in more legitimate Flash movies, notably "Sage Man" by Okk, and the /b/ version makes a surprise appearance in Disaster Labs' "8-Bitch Fyve: Evil on the Attack". Relevant to my interests Used on /u/ to describe any thread featuring characters from the anime Maria-sama Ga Miteru or "Marimite". Since the Marimite girls are often posted in non-sexual or non-romantic pictures, which is technically off-topic, the pictures can be explained away by the poster or respondants as "this is relevant to my interests"; this is because the show itself is so full of lesbian undertones that just posting pictures of the girls automatically makes the thread lesbian, even if the girls are not even looking at each other. Occasionally used to describe threads from other animes with yuri undertones such as Mai HiME and Kannazuki no Miko. Rest in peace, old friend... The only text that accompanies a picture of a celebrity with an image macro stating their birth and death years. A majority of these are fake and result in people fighting over the status of the celebrity. Also seen frequently as "Goodnight, sweet prince." /r/etard Increasingly common term for people who post requests outside of /r/. Ricer Derogatory term for the owner of an excessively modified stock car for street racing purposes, usually a car of Asian manufacture. Rinrin Unofficial mascot of /w/, whose mediocre photoshopping powers are to be feared internationally. Originally from the Sister Princess series of games and anime. Rita Hanson Rita was once a semi-popular camwhore who posted her images on /b/, mainly of her feet in the early stages. She has her own Deviant Art page, LiveJournal, and her own profile. Rita occasionally browses /b/, but it seems she has put her camwhoring to rest. Rita is 16 years old, a keen Christian, likes rave music, and wears a lot of plastic bracelets which she refers to as kandie. Robotech The standard answer in /a/ to n00b requests to identify an anime; more often than not when asking about a picture of Sanada-san from UFO Princess Valkyrie. ROKKU MUST BE STOPPED An attempt at starting a catchphrase by an anonymous poster. The phrase is posted in threads of almost all recognizable instances of art by Poyoyon Rock, an artist most well-known for his work in Popotan and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte. Nobody seems to know exactly why he has to be stopped, though. Rotating Title Banners 300 pixel by 100 pixel images displayed at the top of each 4chan page. A large number of these banners have been made, often referencing popular memes. A script is used to periodically rotate from one randomly-chosen banner to the next. Rule #34 From an image occasionally posted in /b/, stating basically there is porn for everything on the internet, eg. as stated in the image, Calvin and Hobbes. Extremely popular at first, but is experiencing a backlash due to people requesting porn for every single cartoon character they can think of (and a few non-cartoons as well). Rule #41 From an image posted in /b/ in which Suiseiseki, a main character in the anime Rozen Maiden which adds the meaningless word "Desu" to the end of virtually every sentence, states that the thread "Needs more Desu, no exceptions" followed by "Suiseiseki, spamming your 4chan since 2006". This image is often followed by the spamming of "Desu" over and over again. Also referred to as "Boatlight-Chan" due to her having a combination of one red and one green eye, similar to the color of the "port" and "starboard" lights on boats. Sage (Japanese, pronounced "sah-gay", short for "sageru", meaning "to lower") On both Futaba and 4chan, placing "sage" in the email field when posting prevents a reply from moving a post to the top of a page. As posts stop being bumped when a certain number of replies is reached, "sage" can sometimes prevent crappy posts from ever returning to the top of the page. But it usually doesn't. This has spawned a visual pun involving the herb sage (whose name is spelled the same way, but pronounced /seij/); people will sometimes post pictures of the herb itself or a canister of ground/rubbed sage with a saged post for emphasis. Sakura An image of Sakura of CardCaptors fame with a mocking expression, 'shopped to say "Your dick is tiny!" or "I laugh at your dick!". Often image-replied to pictures of men with small penises in /b/. Sakura also frequents /b/, with her friends Tomoyo, Mint, Yuki, and Pedobear.. Same person A very common response to multiple posts by Anonymous users that express similar opinions, claiming that it's actually a single person trying to make his opinion seem more popular than it really is. Sauce A /b/ wordfilter for "source". As such it is usually a request for the source of a picture. Often seen in image macros usually featuring hot chili sauce, ketchup, or other savory fluid condiments. Associated with the set phrases "ZOMG SAUCE" or "SAUCE PLZ" Schlick The noise made during female masturbation, the feminine equivalent of "fap". "Schlick Schlick" Sega The original "false sage" word, from the name of the Japanese console maker turned 3rd-party developer. "Sega" was once a wordfilter for "sage" on /b/, and probably the origin of the false sage concept. Serenity /b/'s new favorite blue-haired girl, the protagonist of a Christian-themed Amerimanga. The anti-sex plot of the manga combined with Serenity's bad-girl attitude and stunning good looks made her an easy target for lewd Photoshops and original porn, which /b/ did not fail to deliver on. The scientific term for Serenity porn is "serenity porns". Signed Expression of agreement with the post being replied to. Basically a way of saying "me too" without looking like an AOL-using Internet newbie. Simple lever Forced meme that swept /b/ , consisting of a picture with the accompanying text "Look! I created a simple lever!" Snakes on a Plane From the pending Samuel L. Jackson movie of the same name, of which little else is known. Spawned the catchphrase "WE GOT SNAKES ON A MOTHERFUCKING PLANE," from a faux movie poster created using MS Paint. Popular variations include, but are by no means limited to, "Snape on a Plane," "Snacks on a Plane," and "Snake's on a Plane.", referring to the hero of Metal Gear Solid, Solid Snake. Snape Kills Dumbledore! Harry Potter spoilers flooded /b/ before the release of the sixth book. One topic about it got stickied, with an sound clip from the audio version of the book where Harry tells Hagrid the news, which played every time you refreshed /b/. So i herd u like mudkips Originally a DeviantArt comment inviting someone to join a Pokémon usergroup, introduced to /b/ with a flurry of Mudkip images. Used freely as "so i herd u like *" Something Awful 4chan was founded by a patron of Something Awful, a website featuring a large, pay-to-register forum. A few 4chan memes (e.g. Hawaiian Punch) originate from SA, but most are either from 2chan or are original. Source is 4chan. Every day is Repost Day. Response to source requests of an image that is reposted frequently, often to the point that no one knows where it came from prior to arriving at 4chan. See "Theme Days". Speedycat Speedycat originated from the #4chan chatroom from "Speedchat" or "Speedychat", a term used to describe excess spamming in the chatroom, or people generally typing too fast at the same time, and the badly sung song "Speedycat" from the beatmaniaIIDX series which happens to be entirely in Engrish. From this, an idea to draw a new cat meme for 4chan was put forward. One member decided to take this idea further and created a short looping flash animation involving a bright yellow cat flying across the night sky with the song "Speedycat" playing in the background. Upon clicking the moon the cat would hit "Warp Speed" in which the cat would be seen flying through bright flashing lights to a sped up version of "Speedycat". Spicy Hot Loligasms! Unknown first appearance on 4chan. Made popular by an animated gif of 4 loli cheerleaders with pompoms with this text. One source states that this is from Habanero-tan's comic where she rubs her nether regions with some habanero powder and collapses. Very frequent comment on pictures of the two main females from the magical girl series "Pretty Cure". On a side note: "Loligasms" is sometimes interchanged with "Bukigasms". Buki Buki himself is known for posting high quality images of mostly loli content on 4chan... and never using a tripcode. Some of his posts include exclamations such as "hot!" so it's possible that his comments and his love of lolis were the inspiration for this meme. SPIKE DIES Cowboy Bebop spoiler, nearly as infamous in the world of anime as "AERIS DIES" is in the world of video games. A popular meme posted in response to most Cowboy Bebop threads and also an image macro that also appeared at ytmnd. Later resulted in the creation of a spinoff meme, DYKE SPIES, through phonetic juxtaposition. See: AERIS DIES. Spinoffs 4chan has inspired a number of spinoffs from its members and viewers. It should be noted that 4chan was inspired by Futaba Channel aka 2chan, the massive Japanese imageboard and affiliate of the even bigger 2ch BBS. Stealth Bumping Posting a reply to a thread in order to bump it to the top of the board, then immediately deleting the reply. This allows a thread to be bumped more times than would normally be possible, as the deleted reply is no longer counted toward its "age" limit. Sticky Something mods and admins can do to a post that makes the post stay at the top of a given board and prevents it from expiring. A stickied post can be identified by the small blue tack next to the normal header. On most boards, posts get stickied because they are particularly interesting or relevant, or just as the mods' ephemeral whims see fit. TCC-Chan A drawing of a pothead girl with dark green hair, a giant bong on her back, a utilitybelt of drugs, and a happy look on her face. TCC-chan means "The Crackhead Clubhouse" and was posted on the Something Awful message forum in 2004. The original image was slightly altered and was posted repeatedly on 4chan's /b/ in late 2005 advertising a just starting out 4chan like imageboard 420chan. Whenever TCC-chan was posted on 4chan's /b/ it would go with "Dearest /b/ please visit" and harsh criticism would follow and sometimes posting attacks/floods of pictures, gifs, diaper fetish pictures, stupid sayings, and offensive remarks. But most of the time the floods consisted of child pornography on 420chan which made 420chan's /cp board come to be. In the months that followed the pothead girl was dubbed TCC-chan and became 420chan's adopted mascot and had many fans and fan art drawn by people from 4chan and 420chan. Now whenever TCC-chan is posted in anyway on 4chan's /b/ it either goes with Dearest /b/ please visit, CP FLOOD ON 420CHAN, talk about getting some flapjacks AKA pancakes (TCC-chan's favorite food), or TCC-chan fan art. Take It Slave Meme that originated in late 2004 as a photoshop of one of the 2chan characters with the text "TAKE IT SLAVE" written in the Halo font. The character's face was then photoshopped onto any image present on /b/, from previous memes or attempted memes (Rei-dick and Millhouse are two examples) to a photo of a young adult grimacing while taking a photo of himself in the mirror. This re-emerged a few times more a couple of weeks later, a resurgence caused by obnoxious /b/tards, before going underground. Test Sometimes a post randomly occurs on many futaba style boards where the message body contains only the word "test". This is usually caused by a new user trying to understand how the board software works. The same is sometimes used by experienced users to convey general dissatisfaction to a thread, often with a disparaging image macro. THAT FUCKING CAT See 'Cover-Tom' That's a man baby! Image macro responding to threads featuring cross-dressing males, in reference to two scenes from the first Austin Powers movie in which Austin attempts to remove the mask from a male henchman masquerading as a woman, succeeding in the first one but failing spectacularly in the second when it becomes evident his victim actually is a woman. Since the ban on image macros was instituted, it has been supplanted by the more established and recognized "It's a trap!" meme. Still somewhat popular on 6chan. The King Meme involving Burger King's mascot. Usually posted with "Where is your God now?" or "YOU GONNA GET RAPED", since the King looks like he's insane and may well try to have it HIS way. Theme Days While not universally followed throughout the 4chan population, certain themes were flooded during the different days of the week by some factions: Miko-Maid Monday, Rinrin Wednesday, Furry Friday, Cat Saturday (Caturday, sometimes Scaturday, or Faturday with pictures of fat people and BBW models) and Bunday, with pictures of bunnies, (or Guro Sunday, for the perverts) are observed by their small, but dedicated followings. An ongoing joke is that despite these themes, every day is Repost Day. There are no girls on the intarbutt! Popular assumption that no females go online, or that anyone claiming to be female is actually a man. This picture is shopped, I can tell from the pixels and from having seen a few shops in my day. Ironic yet often true reply to photoshopped pictures, or pictures that have an unbelievable nature about them. Subject of a number of image macros featuring corporate-looking stock photos. Has been seen in combination with Admiral Ackbar as "This is a trap, I can tell...". This thread delivers Indicates that a thread is of high quality. A popular image macro is of a Dominos Pizza delivery guy. Often used sarcastically, in which case there is a related image macro of a UPS delivery truck crashing into a house. THRUST VECTORING OWNS THE SKY / THIS THING CAN TURN ON A DIME, MACROSSZERO STYLE Comment from an anonymous poster in /p/ about the Lockheed F-22 Raptor fighter plane. The comment refers to the plane being able to change the direction of its exhaust for more maneuverability. TIME PARADOX As in /b/'s 3 millionth post, although this meme has been around for years prior (it's a staple of the time-travel movie genre). Originated in Metal Gear Solid 3; if the player kills a character that becomes important in the first two games or waits too long at the Game Over screen, the game ends and Colonel Campbell of MGS1 and MGS2 fame yells "Snake! What have you done?! You've created a time paradox!" Sometimes used in reference to pictures containing two or more images of the same character. tl;dr Too long, didn't read. Usually in response to a lengthy post or to news on the front page no one cares about. TORRENT PLZ! A request for a BitTorrent seed of the material in question. Often sarcastic. Often prefaced with "ZOMG!" Toyama "One day,Toshiaki in Toyama uploaded with this message, 'I am in Toyama but we can use broadband. The picture is not broken.' (Perhaps,he said from his complex.) ... But the picture was broken like this." Thus on 2chan, broken / partially-uploaded images are often called Toyama. "Naro" (narrow) and "KonNARO" (pun on konoyaro) is often also seen on 2chan, but not 4chan. Tom The cat from the Tom & Jerry cartoon. See "Cover-tom" Towercat A picture of a cat seemingly towering over the person who took the picture, due to the camera angle. Towercat was 5 millionth post in /b/, and was immediately suggested to be either a rival or an ally of the more famous Longcat. Tripcode Fag or Tripfag Derogatory term for anyone who uses a tripcode. Just as some tripcode users bash anonymous posting, so too do some anomymouses bash tripcode users. Anonymous's gripe stems from the perception that many (but not all) tripcode users try to use their posts to gain personal accolades, where anonymous prefers having the commentary directed at the post itself instead of the poster. Why anyone would actively seek out approval and flattery from a group so warped and twisted as the /b/tards is almost as unfathomable as why people bother arguing about tripcodes vs. anonymous in the first place. Flame wars over the merits (or lack thereof) of posting with a tripcode were growing increasingly common on /b/ prior to the institution of Forced Anonymous. The debate is now mostly irrelevant. Entering #faggot (moot's tripcode) as your tripcode activates a hidden auto-ban function in /b/. Try it today! U FAIL Self-explanatory meme. Sometimes rendered as U FAIL IT or YOU FAIL IT. From Engrish in the Neo-Geo game "Blazing Star", where the whole phrase was "You fail it! Your skill is not enough, see you next time, bye-bye!" V The character V from the movie "V For Vendetta" became a fast growing meme shortly after the movie was released in the U.S. Usually involves "REMEMBER REMEMBER THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER," other lines from the movie, pictures of V in the movie, and/or a picture of V's mask, sometimes on other memes. On March 24th, 2006, the V meme peaked when a user parodied a speech by V containing almost nothing but words starting with the letter V. "BAM! TO BEHOLD, A PUBLIC BULLETIN BOARD, BUILT OF BOTH BRILLIANCE AND BARBARITY BY BASTARDS WITH BONERS. THIS BASTION, NO MERE BULWARK OF BOREDOM, IS A BRUTAL BARRAGE OF BLISTERING BULLSHIT, BARELY BENEVOLENT... BUT BEHIND THE BIGOTRY AND BOOBS, BEYOND THE BITTER BROADCASTS OF BRAGGING BUFFOONS: HERE BE THE BODY POLITIC. A BROTHERHOOD OF BLASPHEMY, BLESSED WITH MORE BALLS THAN BRAINS, BATTLING THE BLAND, THE BOGUS, THE BENIGN. BEDLAM? BRING IT ON. BUT I BABBLE... BETTER TO BE BRIEF. YOU MAY CALL ME /B/." The thread was stickied, and reached over a thousand posts. VTEC JUST KICKED IN YO! First started on /p/ (photo board) in response to a picture of a Honda, VTEC refers to Honda's variable valve timing system, which is used to increase horsepower at higher RPMs. Since many /p/ regulars didn't think highly of VTEC, this expression was used to negatively describe any souped up Asian car. Waha Originally the character Suzuran from F&C's H-game "Suigetsu", she was adopted by a number of 2chan boards, namely the Nijigen (2D) and Nijiura boards in deformed ("chibi") style. This deformed Suzuran was dubbed "Waha", and eventually two additional (original) characters were created: her older sister Musu, and her pet human Choia. In the early days of 4chan, a number of posters decided to adopt Waha as a tribute to Futaba by making a number of Photoshops featuring the character. This quickly got out of hand. Additionally, some time in the spring of 2005, a flash file was posted featuring Waha in a maid's outfit brandishing a duster and flying through the air to the tune of Papaya's "Supergirl" highly highly sped up. It was accompanied by a background change to /b/ which depicted two small anime females wandering back and forth across the screen. As disturbing as it was catchy. Later a modified version was posted to /f/ featuring Waha's head set on fire, a mortified expression and sweatdrop replacing her original cheerful expression, and the song changed to Matthew Good Band's "Pony Boy", featuring the refrain "My head's on fire!", also sped up. Information Wapanese Derogatory term for an American or European (usually white) who is obsessed with Japan to the point of wishing to be Japanese. Wapanese typically make statements about the superiority of Japanese culture to their own, that Japanese women are more attractive than anyone else, etc. The term is often used on 4chan when a moderator deletes fanart made by Americans or of American characters. Wordfiltered to "weeaboo" on /b/, this taken from a Perry Bible Fellowship strip of the same name; "weeaboo" has since taken on a life of its own, and is used by /b/tards who don't watch or like anime to taunt /b/tards who make more than passing mention of it, even if they're not obsessive otaku. We Can't Stop Here. This Is Bat Country. Considered by many to be the funniest post on /b/, ever. The single image macro features two cats in a car, one driving, and the other dressed as Hunter S. Thompson. The phrase comes from Thompson's novel and the movie translation "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! From Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, in a scene that includes several other lines that are only amusing because of the awful voice acting. Commonly posted whenever a picture of Dracula appears, especially his SotN character design. The predictable variants (substituting nearly any word for "man", and sometimes also for "secrets") often appear as well. /b/ used to be able to recite the whole dialogue once the first line (Die, monster. You don't belong in this world.) was posted. Here's the whole thing: Richter - Die, monster. You don't belong in this world! Dracula - It was not by my hand that I am once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wished to pay me tribute. Richter - Tribute? You steal men's souls, and make them your slaves! Dracula - Perhaps the same could be said of all religions. Richter - Your words are as empty as your soul. Mankind ill needs a savior such as you! Dracula - What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk; have at you! And the actual in-game voice acting, at YTMND: What is Love? Popular flash parody of the popular SNL parody (with Jim Carrey) of A Night at the Roxbury. Involves Will Ferrel, Cris Kattan, and Jim Carrey head-banging in their car to the song 'What is Love' by Haddaway. WHERE IS SARAH CONNOR From "The Terminator". Usage on /b/ seems to be completely random. /b/tards have created the myth that some obscure word or phrase is wordfiltered into the phrase, but it was just made up to confuse newbies. Usually injected in the middle of a lowercase word, e.g. "I am not a furWHERE IS SARAH CONNOR". WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW? Implies that the something, usually to say an accompanying image or the one being replied to is so horrible that its very existance implies either the non-existence of God or that God has abandoned you. See "The King". Where's the funny? A common response to jokes, webcomics, etc that aren't remotely humorous. Probably derived from the ancient "Where's the beef?" meme, which came from a famous string of Wendy's commercials from the early 1980s. WHITE WOMAN MAKE ME SICK A phrase once posted anonymously in response to a photos of a white woman in /s/. It, or variants of it (BLACK WOMAN, etc) is now often used to mock those who complain when an "ugly" non-Asian picture is posted in /s/. WIKIPEDIA SAID IT WAS TRUE SO DONT ARGUE Attempt at seeding a new meme. Self-explanatory. Commonly used along with "LURK MOAR". Not of much currency now that Wikipedia refers all discussion of 4chan memes to this page. Word Filters The "team" put them in place a while back, just for the hell of it. When submitting a post to /b/, any specific word or phrase (typically meme-related ones that are heavily overused) may be changed to something else. Examples: "rei" is changed to "DONATE TO 4CHAN", "emo" is changed to "bosnian", "mordor" into "A GAPING VAGINA THE SIZE OF A HALLWAY", and anything related to "furry" into "drama". Recently, some wordfilters have also been added to /v/. Word filters have also themselves developed into memes both on /b/ and elsewhere, some posters have taken to referring to furry as drama, loli as duck, etc. world2chan, world2ch Picture posting boards (similar to 2chan and 4chan) in multiple languages. The site is currently down. WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY The battle cry of Dio Brando, the vampire nemesis of Joseph Joestar, star of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, made popular by a flash featuring a stick figure (assumed to be Dio Brando) dropping a steamroller on his victim. While the character and the noise originate in the Japanese manga, the stance of the stick figure, the use of vehicles as weapons, and the sound file itself were taken specifically from a Capcom fighting game based on the manga. Very popular cliche, especially on /f/. Pronounced "REEEEEEEE", NOT "Rye", as is the common misconception. Inspired a series of parody/tribute movies called "WRYYYYYYOWNED", where Dio uses his special moves to put the hurt on various overly-reposted Flash movies and characters. Sidenote: Dio actually does throw a steamroller on Jojo at the end of Part 3 of the manga. This imageboard is run and populated by pedophiles and cock eating faggots. Soviet Russia and his fat brother, Dash Billions, are big fans. It suffers from chronic leadership problems and bandwidth issues that often lead to sporadic site outages. It was rumored to be merging with Idlechan during a short period when it was being hosted there but the idea was never on the table. W. T. Snacks This former mod's face and distinctive haircut have been shopped onto several memes (...Around Snacks...Never Relax!). Recently removed as mod for unknown reasons. Rumors vary from a simple slap-fight with Doug to Snacks saving posted CP. Recently got some love in a stickied thread on /b/ which featured some fanart and the text "BRING BACK SNACKS". XBOX IS HUEG This meme was formed on /b/ and has remained as a strong meme on 4chan for quite some time. The misspelling of "huge" is intentional. Microsoft's Xbox video game console is larger than its immediate competitors, the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube, and this size difference was often exaggerated by 4chan users with image macros involving gigantic Xboxes. One of most common Xbox images depicts an Xbox crashing into the Earth like a meteor, leaving a large impact crater (sometimes accompanied by text claiming that this was the event that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs). Another common Xbox image is a size comparison chart of the planets in the solar system, with an Xbox which is even larger than the sun. Word-of-mouth descriptions warned that the Xbox was capable of "crushing small children." Predictably, an image was created that depicted a large Xbox was on top and indeed crushing a little girl. Another incarnation of this meme is an image of a Weightlifter straining, trying to lift an Xbox. The meme is often photoshopped into comparison charts for objects of incredible size, such as a height chart for Japanese mecha or size chart showing colossal fictional spacecraft. The main form of this variant occurs as a small portion of the Xbox appearing on the chart, implying that the game system is far too large to be seen in its entirety. Any other large object might also be described as "hueg liek Xbox" or just "Xbox hueg" (misspelling optional). Yaranaika From "Kuso Miso Technique", a yaoi (gay porn) manga which starts with a guy named Masaki getting hit on by a strange man in a jumpsuit while walking through a park; "yaranaika" translates as "Shall we do it?" and is Jumpsuit Guy's de facto catchphrase, and "Uho! Ii otoko!" ('Whoa, nice guy!' or more loosely "Hey, good lookin'!") is the first thing he says to Masaki. One of its notable features is the highly exaggerated look of the protagonists' faces, especially while having sex, which made it a huge hit on 2chan; Masaki's and Jumpsuit Guy's faces (both normal and in various states of sexual arousal) were shopped onto just about everything imaginable. This, of course, spread to /b/ and became popular there as well. See wordfilters below. Y HELO THAR! Popular meme appearing in autumn of 2004, first seen photoshopped onto a picture of a person talking on a telephone with an exaggerated silly facial expression. Sometimes seen as Y HELO THAR! BUTTSECKS? More popular format is Y HALO THAR - normally this is photoshopped onto a random image or a photo of Master Chief. Some popular examples feature an owl or Kryten from the UK TV series Red Dwarf. Y HALO 2 U An image macro of the halo 2 logo, with obvious changes to make the meme. Yomi is erotic Another frequent response to threads about Yomi from Azumanga Daioh, especially in /e/, /h/ and /u/. Occasionally adapted for other characters from the show, such as: Chiyo is cute, Sakaki is sexy, Kaorin is lesbo, etc. See also: Azumanga Daioh. Yotsuba The name of not only 4chan, but a myriad of people, fictional and otherwise. The favorite around 4chan is, of course, Yotsuba from Azuma Kiyohiko's "Yotsubato!". More information You have destroyed most of a small galaxy. Please pick your words with greater care. Several paragraphs from the Infocom "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" text-adventure that detail the player's use of unknown commmands sparking an interstellar war, the full text of which follows. (Feel free to submit your favorite meme in place of "NO U".) It is of course well known that careless talk costs lives, but the full scale of the problem is not always appreciated. For instance, at the exact moment you said "NO U" a freak wormhole opened in the fabric of the space-time continuum and carried your words far far back in time across almost infinite reaches of space to a distant galaxy where strange and warlike beings were poised on the brink of frightful interstellar battle. The two opposing leaders were meeting for the last time. A dreadful silence fell across the conference table as the commander of the Vl'Hurgs, resplendent in his black jewelled battle shorts, gazed levelly at the G'Gugvunt leader squatting opposite him in a cloud of green, sweet-smelling steam. As a million sleek and horribly beweaponed star cruisers poised to unleash electric death at his single word of command, the Vl'Hurg challenged his vile enemy to take back what it had said about his mother. The creature stirred in its sickly broiling vapour, and at that very moment the words "NO U" drifted across the conference table. Unfortunately, in the Vl'Hurg tongue this was the most dreadful insult imaginable, and there was nothing for it but to wage terrible war for centuries. Eventually the error was detected, but over two hundred and fifty thousand worlds, their peoples and cultures perished in the holocaust. You have destroyed most of a small galaxy. Please pick your words with greater care. YOU GONNA GET RAPED Very self-explanatory. Almost always capitalized. Often accompanied by pics of freaky-looking older men or "The King". Your resistance only makes my penis harder! From the hentai anime Words Worth. Self-explanatory. YTMND You're The Man Now, Dog!. Usually animated gifs on a tiled background with music, usually to point out something stupid. Zero Hour Before 4chan died once again on June 20th, 2004, moot threatened to take down /b/ first, announcing this with a thread in /b/ (no stickies back then) which simply said something along the lines of "You have two hours. Enjoy" and the subject reading "ZERO HOUR". People then started to go nuts and post like crazy which was enjoyed by all, even more so as /b/ didn't get taken down at all (it just died a few weeks later with the rest of 4chan). To this day, "Zero Hour" strikes fear and joy in a strange mixture of excitement in the heart of all /b/tards. Zippocat Series of Pictures potraying a real cat inquisitively exploring a shelf, and then being burned by zippo fluid. ZOMG! A sarcastic way of saying "OMG," only not. /z/ In September-October, moot came upon the idea of creating a themed board whose mod was to be chosen from the userbase, similar to the concept of the IK in FYAD. At the end of a certain amount of time, the title of usermod would be rotated to another user. However, moot made the debatably unfortunate decision of appointing Soviet Russia to the title. Soviet Russia being a denizen of /b/, he immediately set into motion a series of events, including the institution of his brother Dash Billions as a "nigger", the creation of the nonsense word "harbl", the backgrounds which became progressively creepier, and random CSS changes. At some point /z/ degenerated into a cesspool of gay porn, and borrowed memes from iichan and SA, as well as instituting a few of its own (examples include Conan O'Brien, and the Pip Pip dog from iichan). A pseudo-rivalry came about between the /b/tards and the self-named /z/idiots, and new users, completely unversed in the proper ettiquette of 4chan (the beginning of the end of lurking -- see topic above), jumped into the fray, declaring Soviet Russia to be their personal Lord and Savior. After a period of time, Soviet Russia 'resigned' as /z/ usermod, and after a few usermod rotations, the board was deemed by the Team to be a failure. WTSnacks had already implemented the option to ban users to /z/-only, similar to the concept of the brand-new Fyad Jr. board on SA, and so the imageboard /z/ was removed, and the page was changed to display the image of the beecock with text saying "OH NO THE BOARD IS GONE"-- yet another reference to FYAD.

/b/ "Hacks" Every so often, /b/'s CSS is hacked by the mods, adding background music, weird graphics, or worse. Some examples of this include the "Snape kills Dumbledore" incident and "Xenon Day". Surviving /b/ hacks is relatively simple provided you are using Firefox. First, from the View menu, select Page Style, then No Style. This usually takes care of any background and text changes. To eliminate the music, install the Ad Block extension and go back to the View menu, and select Page Source. From there, Ctrl+F and enter .mp3 or .swf to find the link to the audio. Finally, copy the file path into Ad Block's filter list and reload /b/. November 2, 2005 A camwhore named Xenon, who most likely appeared after a select fanbase started (re)posting his "art" to /f/, was challenged by moot. /b/'s theme was coloured mainly pink and contained the Power Puff Girls theme music. With the title of /b/ re-named to "All Hail Xenon", Moot proclaimed that this date would "be henceforth known as: The Day Of The Xenon." November 3, 2005 Rednex cover of Cotton Eye Joe, released in 1995, was set to play on /b/ the day after 'The Day of Xenon'. "Cotton-Eye Joe" is country slang for moonshine, alluding to the potential damage it can cause to one's eyes. /b/'s background was set to flash yellow and white, while its title was re-named "ON A STEEL HORSE I RIDE.", a Bon Jovi reference. March 15, 2006 Tiny Tim theme containing music from the show as well as a background of falling flowers, possibly a reference to the assassination of Julius Caesar, which occurred on the same day. March 18, 2006 A rave theme containing the music "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS" with a black and white flashing background.

"GET" Encyclopedia: (list previous GETS here, 10000 etc.) 100 000 "lol internet" Possibly the most relevant GET of them all. 900 000 "Raptor Jesus", though then switched by moderators to a picture of a man with a donut on his penis. 1 MILLION "Female Orgasm" text with sketch of an anime woman in sexual bliss. 2 MILLION "Delcious sic? Ironing"/Fake "Delicious Ron" post. 3 MILLION "TIME PARADOX/What a lame GET/Surely you jest!!!" Accompanied pic was Waha and Pedobear with an explanation of how they're seen in Japan and in America. 3.5 MILLION Logic puzzle blueprint with the word "FAIL" written in. 4 MILLION Picture of girl's volleyball team in very revealing briefs. There's a faint logo that says "Force Volley" Text: "If I see that duck 4m more times..." Stickied as the last post in /b/ for a short time. 4.5 MILLION A text post containing only the word "eee". Widely considered a failed GET, since there wasn't even a picture attached. 5 MILLION A picture of a cat taken at an angle that made the cat seem larger than it was. The post read, "Needs more towercat." -02/18/06(Sat)15:09 5.5 MILLION A picture of a duck about to get cut in two with scissors, captioned "LOVE IS OVER". The post read, "Your mother is a whore /b/". 5555555 A .gif of Osaka from Azumanga Daioh. No text. 5999999 A picture of a japanese man with a strange face. Followed by the text saying "Hey kid, I'm a carborator" 6 MILLION A picture of Bill Frist holding up a card. The post read, "In after 6MGET." -03/23/06(Thu)14:02:29

Wordfilter Directory Wordfilters in /b/ FUCK THE POH LEECE cracky special, see above emo bosnian escape developers FBI 4CHAN PARTY VAN ftw, for the win sucks gikopoi ohno gnaa paypal (previously "GEORGE BUSH DOESN'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE") harbl (previously "harbor" and "I suck Soviet Russia's cock") is a meme is fucking stupid is not a meme is really fucking stupid moar i am a moaron moot doug mordor A HUGE GAPING VAGINA THE SIZE OF A HALLWAY noes exploitable penis PENIS (displayed in wacky font and background colours) Rei DONATE TO 4CHAN (previously "transcendentalism") source sauce teh fuck wap wee wapanese weeaboo yaranaika  ??????????  :eng: :otterpop: :eng101: :cockbean: :zdx4875: MUTTON TIME :votedrelin: The code to make the "5" gif appear in a post, if you are a mod. The graphic is a nod to 4chan's secret /5/ board which died. Wordfilters in /v/ battletoads GIMMICKS ARE DUMB, I SHOULD BE BANNED. wapanese I am a retard, please tell me to leave 4chan. Inactive Wordfilters in /k/ airsoft cowboys and indians Inactive Wordfilters in /b/ a my bus sub fur, furries, furry, anything else fur-related, including "further" to "dramather" drama internets, innernets, internetz, innernetz interbutt jax moot legendary shitty loli duck and Thomas Jefferson meme cliche Repost WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYpost and owl rage rape sage bus win , I came zomg zing, zoomj, and Zardoz says

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