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4chan City

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4chan City is a series of flash videos made by 4chan's /f/ board, which depicts actual events in 4chan history, if the world was 4chan. Below are spoilers, and this anon highly recommends just watching the flashes.

It's based on the Nightmare City flash videos, which was made by 2channel.

4chan City

This first flash consists of a fight between W.T. Snacks and Moot, and recreates the idea that many 4channers got when Moot mentioned that he was on vacation in Mexico, and paid for it with 4chan donations. We find Moot trying to leave the sprawling city of 4chan, populated with memes, escaping to mootxico with the money and the mascot, Yotsuba. W.T. Snacks attempts to stop him, and it ultimately ends in a vicious battle between Moot and Snacks. Snacks is defeated in the end, but Yotsuba turns on him, and stays. He jumps for mootxico, but burns for some reason...

4chan City Craptastrophe

After a period of time, moot returns to 4chan city, only to see it overrun by suit nigras, controlled by Suiseiseki. Memes try to battle the craptastrophe, W.T. becomes possessed by Suiseiseki, and there are just too many damned nigras. Moot and Yotsuba try to save the city, by creating Gaston, but he was no match for Snacks. Moot then attacks him, but soon Snacks himself is killed by Suiseiseki. Luckily, Moot gets W.T.'s aids, and becomes powerful enough to destroy Suiseiseki. After a heated battle, she is slain, and Raptor Jesus comes to tell Moot about the upcoming catastrophe.

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