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4chan Milestones

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  • 4chan opens on October 1.
  • October 17, shut down due to lack of money for hosting.
  • November 20, shut down due to lack of money for hosting.


  • January, shut down due to lack of money for hosting.
  • June 20, shut down due to lack of money for hosting.


  • July 1, was a scare for the site's users, as the majority of boards were closed and a message from "moot's secretary" stating that site owner "moot" had abandoned the project and that the site would close in a few days by lack of funds was posted on the news page. It turned out this announcement had been made without moot's knowledge, and within a day all boards returned to normal.
  • July 28, near midnight, /b/ reached its two millionth post.
  • October 16, /b/ reached its three millionth post. The 3,000,000th post has a file with a UNIX timestamp after the 3,000,001st, which has caused some users to believe it was faked.
  • November 20, /b/ reached its 3.5 millionth post. It contained the word fail, along with a logic puzzle blueprint.
  • December, moot implemented "janitors", who can delete posts but cannot ban users, to reduce the workload of the moderators. Janitors are active on several, but not all boards. A full roll-out is expected to be complete around May, 2006.
  • December 23, /b/ reached its four millionth post. It contained an image of girl volleyball players in a circle that was edited with photoshop.


  • January 22, /b/ reached its 4.5 millionth post.
  • February, 4chan's "orz" server encountered a hard drive failure, while cgi's hosting was allowed to expire. Among the boards hosted by these servers were /gif/, /h/, /s/, and the secret /5/ board. On February 9, orz was restored; however, /5/ was not.
  • February 17, the three servers purchased during the "Donate or Die 2005" campaign were successfully brought online, putting an end to slow page loads, broken images, and general latency issues.
  • February 18, /b/ reached its 5 millionth post, it was a picture of a meme called TowerCat. The 5000001st post was an excerpt from a manga page, which showed MC Hammer saying his catchphrase "Stop! Hammer Time!". Those who did not like TowerCat claimed that this was the true 5milGET.
  • March 23, In the wee hours as 6MGET drew dangerously close MySQL Connection Failures caused /b/ to hang at 5997855 get, a picture of a kid in a small hotrod flanked by two men. the driver has a thought bubble saying "Carborator?" with accompanied text: "Hey kid I'm a carborator." The 6MGET posted shortly after was Bill Frist pointing at a card. This, as with 5M GET, was disputed as a FAIL GET and post 5999999, an asian man making a creepy face whose teeth seem too large for his mouth was claimed as the true 6M GET. The accompanied text of this picture was also "Hey kid I'm a carborator."

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