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4chan Modern Timeline

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Unfortunately, we haven't been very adept at keeping up the timeline. But starting from December 2014, we'll try to keep up.

December 2014


Major events or incidents involving 4chan anons.

  • 2014 4chan Autumn Babby Cup
  • 2014 4chan Winter Cup

Structural Changes

Changes (permanent or temporary) to the structure of 4chan's website.

  • 2014-12-04 /a/ - Usaka Day. A terrible sketch of Asuka from Evangelion is made /a/'s header image, along with a ear grating bicycle horn rendition of Cruel Angel's Thesis. All other boards get a BKUB Chen header image and the bike horn.
  • 2014-12-07 /pol/ and /s4s/ - Moot starts the day by testing out CAPTCHA-less posting on /pol/. As a result, eager anons begin to flood the board, and /pol/ users evacuate to colonize /s4s/. By the end of the day, moot renames /pol/ to The 8 steps of Cuckolding, and autoplays this linked youtube video in the background. Screenshots
    • 2014-12-08 - (ongoing as of 12/09) /pol/ - /pol/ is still being flooded. It looks like the mods may be dead set on killing it. Though Moot has often had a change of heart, such as with /r9k/.
    • As of 2014-12-11, the 8 Steps of Cuckolding are gone, but the board still remains a smoldering wreck. One ironic result of all this is that Gamergate threads are now technically allowed.
    • 2014-12-12: /pol/ becomes a robot. Some techno song that just repeats the phrase "I am a robot" is playing in the background.
    • Note: Anons are fairly happy about a much-hated containment board being destroyed. But bear in mind that without a trash can, garbage will simply pile up everywhere. Please respect your trash cans.

Epic Threads

  • 2014-12-24 - /a/ - A Tsundere Christmas Carol is reposted to 4chan's /a/, as per tradition since 2011. However, the mods are feeling some serious Christmas Spirit and make it a board sticky.

January 2015


  • 2015-10-01 - Birthday hats once again.
    • /aco/ - Adult Cartoons was created. As of now it's still unlisted and there hasn't been a news announcement about it yet.
    • /b/ raids tumblr by posting gore and dragon dildos with tags like #feminism, #black lives matter, #one direction, #dr. who, #steven universe, and #homestuck, among others. There is a lot of confusion, with people claiming it's 4chan/reddit or 4chan/8chan, but that may be intentional disinformation.

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