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4chan Party Van

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4chan Party Van

The 4chan Party Van is first seen in a MSPaint comic. Anonymous answers his door after the person knocking claims it's the "4chan Party Van", but unfortunately it turns out to be the FBI, who proceed to exclaim "LOL J/K" and beat up Anonymous.

4chan Party Van is now used as a euphemism for "FBI", often posted during child pornography floods; became extremely popular after the Jake J. Brahm incident, where /b/ became aware actual FBI agents might be monitoring their chaos. This newfound knowledge both excites and terrifies many /b/tards.

<gallery> File:4chan_party_van.jpg|One of many images of the 4chan party van File:Deluxe-4chan-party-van.jpg|Deluxe edition File:4chanpartyvan.jpg|Very serious business requires serious ID </gallery>

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