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7chan is a *chan that was became popular after the cataclysmic events of /b/day. It was home of the first /i/nvasion board, and committed much win until /i/ was finally dropped, because their host shat brix from illegal activities.


On September 25th, 2005, symbion and the mysterious zeneslev, created The site used to be funded by zeneslev's brother Renzo, however 7chan is currently owned by Steve. It did not gain a substantial userbase until the events of /b/-day, where it was advertised on /b/ through the underlying chaos. 7chan now has a significant user base, and is slowly gaining more.

In early June, 7chan's /i/ planned multiple raids on three "psychic" websites. Two of the three were DDoS'd, but the last living website contacted 7chans server host who threatened to close all of 7chan unless they removed /i/ on 6/18/07. 7chan complied and without a place to plan the raid, it failed.

7chan is one of the first and the largest boards to use Trevorchan software, which Trevor rewrote and changed to KusabaX.

Ironically, despite flourishing as a result of the oppression that preceded /b/-day, moderation and enforcement of rules is actually comparable to that of 4chan, if not stricter. Moderators will ban you over the slightest things, especially upon receiving a topic/post report, as people who create topics/posts that violate the rules (such as those who post more then five syllables) will be met with incredibly swift banhammer strikes, and have their topics/posts deleted. This is also why 7chan is better than 4chan, due to the fact retards are eradicated from the site. Although, it has always been full of elitist wanna/b/ "oldfags" which is a lie.


/i/ was there. And now it's gone. Shit sux.

Go to 711chan for a raidfag version of 7chan :P

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