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A Tsundere Christmas Carol

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A Tsundere Christmas Carol is a heartwarming story posted every Christmas Day to 4chan's /a/ since 2011. The author is unknown.

Original Story

Fanart and Derivative Works

Need to collect any fanart that was made about this...

Visual Novel

The first Ren'Py visual novel rendition of this story has been worked on since 2011. That one was not completely finished, probably due to lack of interest over the years.

However, after the huge publicity following the 2014 /a/ sticky, one anon updated that VN with a better mod, and released a finalized 1.0 version. The author is anonymous, but seems to have named themselves VNAnon. Thanks a lot, man.

This version has been archived by the Bibliotheca Anonoma as a Github repository, and can be downloaded from Github Releases:

Repost History

(find original threads where it has been posted... just search the title on I think)

/a/58936586 : 2011-12-25

The original thread where it all began.

/a/118778767 : 2014-12-24 (Sticky)

The 2014 reincarnation of this thread was stickied by the /a/ moderators, bringing the once little known story to the attention of all on 4chan.

  • 4chan Thread - Unfortunately lost along with the rest of A copy didn't manage to make its way to desustorage

/a/135163437 : 2015-12-24 (Sticky)

Once again, someone posted the story and mods stickied it again.

/a/151349554 : 2015-12-24 (Sticky)

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