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About 4chan

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About /b/

There is no way to describe /b/. Or 4chan. Any attempt by an outsider to describe us will completely miss the point. And I get where you're coming from because I was once there myself. I've been here for years, but when I'm asked to describe /b/ I'm at a loss for words. To truly understand what it is like here, you must stay for at least a month. It's not about the memes, it's about the apathy, the hatred, and the intentional stupidity. The Internet (despite what people say) is not taken seriously by a /b/tard. In real life, I smile and wave to people, I say thank you. But on 4chan, I discard my morality. I encourage people to commit suicide. I call respected members of the black community niggers and say that the Jews did the World Trade center. So, my friend, you would to best simply to say we are being assholes for the hell of it. Because the Internet is not serious business. Also, I know I'm going to get flamed up the asshole for this, but fuck off.

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