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I don't understand why you sheep believe in god. If he existed, and he was so loving/perfect/etc., would there be so much misery in the world? No, of course not. It's obvious that god does not exist, so that begs the question: why would anyone want to trick billions of people over the course of 2000 years? This, too, is blindingly obvious. The church is one of the richest organizations in the world, and it has rooted itself in every world affair. The church is run by the descendants of Jesus' brother, who killed Jesus, then established the church to use it for monetary gain. And it's worked, splendidly. You idiots give them money every sunday. It doesn't matter if you're protestant, it all goes straight back to the church, which preemptively created its own puppet protestant rebellions when it saw its power begin to decline. No matter what sect of christianity you are part of, you are being manipulated. Throw off the shackles of deceit and cease to believe the lies. Free your mind; god never existed, you have been tricked.

i dont undertand how all these gays get off. they are going against gods will. who in there right mind would chose to live such a way? it is discusting and i cant stand it any more. any time i see a fag kissing another man i just want to throw up right then and there. they should be thrown into death camps, because there going to hell when they die any ways so it dosent matter. it would just be speeding up gods righteous will. there are just so many of them now. i mean even just a few years a gay guy would'nt be able to find another fag unless he went to one of their clubs, and only desperate fags with aids go to clubs, so you wouldn't have to see them walking down the street holding hands or squeezing each others disgusting std-infested dicks or anything. but now they're everywhere and they want us to think that its fine to have sex with other men. but the bible says that gay men should be KILLED, because they go against the natural order, and god's holy will. who are they to stand against god? they're just a bunch of disgusting faggots who like drinking each other's semen and gagging on dicks. their especially worthless because they don't contribute to the advancement of mankind by having children. instead they adopt children, but since they are gay they do horrible things to these children, and statistically at least 85% of all children adopted by gay couples commit suicide before their sixteenth birthday. the ones that don't grow up just like their depraved parents. frankly i think we need to make homosexuality illegal, and all homosexuals should be required to take hormones that make them clean in the eyes of our loving god, who can't save their eternal soul if they keep having sex with other men.

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