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Anguished Jew

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Anguished Jew

Alright /b/, Listen up and listen good; Anguished Jew is no longer funny. Let's face the facts: for the past week or so, every, and I mean EVERY thread has contained at least ten ASCII Hebrews of various forms. Instead of letting massive fails die and disappear off the face of the land known as, they are continually bumped, thus extending the time it spends on the front page. The whole /b/ experience is ruined. It's worse than the nyro~n bots. It's worse than endless /b/ drama threads. It's even worse than furrys. Look behind the grieving face /b/. Look down deep into its soul and recognize the monster that dwells within. Together, /b/, we must rise and quell this heresy before it consumes everything that makes /b/ worth visiting. Who's with me? Oh, and inb4 200 anguished Jews.

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