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Animal Abuse

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Animal Abuse

omg i think i am going to be sick. i cant belive i just did this. i was home alone, feeling depresed, and i had this urge, i dont know why, and i dont know why i am telling evry one this but i feel like i have to or it will vbe in my head all day. i walked into the kitchen to make a sandwich, and my dog was lieing there, probly because he likes the feeling of the cool tiles. and idk why i did this but i did, i just picked up a fork and threw it at him, and i mean i threw it HARD, he made a LOUD whimpering sound, i never heard a dog scream before that. and then i just went crazy with the fork and now i think he might be dead. i dnt no if i should tell any one or not vbecause i font want to go to jail or any thing.

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