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AnonOps FAQ

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FAQ (in no particular order)

Q: Can you help us?

A: See or join, join a channel and contact an operator. Or contact Anonymous on Twitter, Facebook.

Q: Do you guys have a website?

A: Nothing that's official. But most people end up on , or the IRC chat at

Q: How do I know what's hot?

A: Lurk in the IRC channels or go to

Q: Is the news on Anonnews official?

A: Well, in some way, it is official, on the other hand, it is „official“ and on the third hand the more people support an operation, the more official it becomes.

Q: Why not attack that newspaper/TV/Radiostation?

A: Anonymous does not attack media. Neither should you.

Q: That is no media! It only spreads lies and propaganda! It is government owned!

A: Freedom of speech counts for assholes too.

Q: But, but. .

A: As Evelyn Beatrice Hall said, „I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.“

In the words of Noam Chomsky: „Either you believe in freedom of speech precisely for views you do not agree with, or you do not believe in freedom of speech at all.“

Freedom of speech. Got it?

Q: So, there are rules? WTF?!

A: Yes, do not attack media and do not promote violence. Easy, eh?

Q: What are DDoS and defacements good for anyway? It doesn't help the people.

A: DDoS is all about steering media's attention towards the problems of the people. If media takes notice and spread the news, this will help the people. The fine art of defacing a website is about sending a message to the people and the owner of that website. Besides that Anonymous provides the people with information and guides and software to circumvent censorship, also know as „The Care Package“

Q: What's in the Care Packages?

A: Software like Tor Onion Router, a Circumventing Censorship Manual, more software, other guides and usefull stuff.

Q: Can you give me a How-To about building botnets?

A: Such how-to does not exist. Make your own.

Q: I have seen this downloadlink in the channel, can I trust it?

A: Only you can tell yourself who or what to trust. Generally, the download links in the topic are most trustworthy, the ones spread by operators second, and ones from random anons the least. Make sure to test any link or download you are going to use.

Q: Some guy asked me in the IRC where I live and what my name is.

A: Do NOT provide personal information in IRC. Instead contact an operator and tell him what happened. Same goes for other suspicious behaviour.

Q: How can I join your club?

A: Anonymous is not a club.

Q: What is Anonymous?

A: Anonymous is a very general movement. It is not a group with fixed members or rigid objectives. It is a fluid movement which anybody can become part of, simply by participating. To become part of 'Anonymous' all you have to do is join in with some of Anonymous' activities.

Q: But how does that Anonymousthingy function anyways?

A: Best way to find out is, to join a channel, lurk around and get an impression of it. Anyone who thinks that the freedom of speech is a remunerative goal can fly under the flag of Anonymous.

Q: I am not a hacker, how can can I help you?

A: By doing the following:

  • collecting/spreading information
  • organizing things
  • making contacts
  • providing insights
  • sharing experiences
  • pushing the IMMA FIRING MA LAZOR button
  • writing guides
  • translating
  • etc.

Q: Is there a Hive???????????????????


  1. N00b, look at the topic by typing /topic
  2. Probably not, but you don't need a hive, you can fire manually, as you wish.

Q: Where can I download LOIC???????????????

A: N00b, see topic in channel by typing /topic . Or go directly to

Q: What's the target??????????????????????

A: N00b, look at the topic by typing /topic

Q: Is the target down????????????

A: Go to or and ask there.

Q: Some guy keeps saying, there were danish girls in #channel.

A: This is obviously a lie, there are no girls on the internet.

Q: What is a netsplit?

A: A netsplit is Internet-Darwin doing evolution.

Q: Why can't I join the Anonymous' IRC when on Tor?

A: Because of some vandalism not looking at anyone, Tor is not allowed on Anon's IRC chans anymore. You may use I2P instead, for help ask a bot named „muninn“. Muninn is the bot that the I2P-guys use to join Anonymous' IRC.

Q: I am from the Media, how can I contact you?

A: See or send an email to

Q: I am a Media-Women, how can I contact you?

A: Please see or send an email and pics to

Q: Ok, I am from the media and need to talk to Anonymous' spokesperson/leader/strategist then.

A: Anonymous has no leader, nor a spokesperson or strategist. Anyone who claims is no more qualified to speak about Anonymous than a random guy off the street.

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