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Arrested btard

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Dear /b/, I was arrested

Dear /b/, Around 45 days ago I was arrested.My charges included breaking and entering a motor vehical, larceny and something to do with a bank that I had nothing to do with. Now I DID have something to do with the thefting of things from cars and such. But the bank, of course not, I'm not THAT dumb.It started when I and two of my friends were on our way to smoke a blunt in a nearby town.On the way I made a left at a certain stop sign, instantly blue lights flashed in the mirror, I pulled over and a detective that I knew stepped out and started to talk to me, next thing I knew there were 5 cop cars, I knew I was going to jail. After about an hour of waiting on the curb, handcuffed and sweaty, we were taken to my apartment where they searched and found many stolen things. Soon we were taken to another county where I found out about a bank robbery charge. (My cousin was involved in it) I knew nothing about it. Long story short I was tossed in the same group s they for living in the house. The next day I began attending the small bible study class. And decided to stop doing dumb crap, quit smoking pot and turn my life over to God. I began reading the bible and I prayed about it and just let it go. My $60,000 bond was lowered to unsecured. But there was still another, later we were transferred to another jail for a month. It cleared my mind and helped me to learn about the religion I had once turned my back on. I also began to speak with the officer who arrested me and told him everything I did. Encouraging my friends to do the same and they did, well all but one. God helped me to get out. The charge that was holding me ($20,000 now) was in place by a different officer who wanted us to all stay in jail. My lawyers worked it out so that I could be released. Everything is crazy but out of all this I have a new respect for freedom. Something you can not have unless you lose your freedom. I still have court dates and stuff. More info on such later. I love you guys.

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