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Barrel roll

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Animooted barrel roll from the original ''Star Fox'' game. The barrel roll is an aerial combat maneuver in which a fighter plane spins clockwise or counterclockwise while still flying forward. By 2006, the line do a barrel roll, a line that Peppy frequently shouts in the game Star Fox 64, is ubiquitous on /b/. In the game, your fighter is invincible while barrel rolling.

Do a barrel roll, like stick it in her pooper, is often used as a stock reply when someone asks for advice (usually with the tagline What do I do, /b/? - a reference to the IF THIS IS TRUE THEN HERE IS WHAT YOU DO incident) on /b/.

Barrel roll from ''Star Fox 64,'' complete with Peppy's incredibly annoying line.Often used during phone-in raids on Most famously used by Xenon[1].

Ironically, the "barrel roll" depicted in the game is actually an aileron roll.

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