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THIS LIST IS UNFINISHED AND UNORGANIZED UNORGANIZED STFU ABOUT IT I'M JUST GETTING SHIT ON HERE FOR THE TIME BEING - Ingenuity at its finest. A link shortener that adds a user to a DDoS when they click the link. Link creator designates target site for DDoS and goal site for clicker. - some neat tricks, mostly for windows. Tools for unix and windows - Full IP lookup - Partial dox - Partial Dox - Permanent file deletion for Windows - Browser/Web proxy - another browser/web proxy - Piratebox - Trick sites into thinking you're google - Mask your searching from Google - Temporary aliased e-mail forwarding with self-destruct timer - email forwarding with a self destruct timer - Disposable e-mail - Disposable e-mail - Get around compulsory registration - Google "hax," good for dox and finding the perfect spot for a nice SQLi - Google "hax" - HUEG file hosting - hueg file sharing (via email) - XBOXHUEG file hosting - Photobucket revealer. Type in a screen name and see their bucket. NOT a fusker. - HTS's list of tools. Some outdated. - SQL injection by example - "How to Crack a Wi-Fi Network" - "Learn How to Code This Weekend" - Haven't checked this site out yet - System Account access in Windows - Fun tools when used (in?)correctly - Neat little trick to reveal what's behind asterisks in password fields - Neat little trick to fuck with people jumping on your connection - Tutorials of tricks, shit you see in movies and whatnot. Not sure if works. - outdated tricks - cDc affiliated site, some projects, outdated tricks

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