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Bible Black Incest

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Bible Black and a 12 year old

/b/ this is bad. I have a 12 year old sister, and she has fucked me over for life. About three months ago she started getting into anime when i lent her my copy of Spirited Away to watch with her friend. Ever since she has been bugging me to watch some of my anime, Ive lent her some stuff, but a lot of what I have really isn't for kids so I cant lend it to her, but I can hardly tell her its porn. Well this past friday I was sitting in bed with nothing but a shirt on, watching Bible Black, and fapping away when all of a sudden I hear my door start to open. Panicking I quickly threw my sheets over my lower body, just in time for my sister to poke her head in and ask me what I was doing, She saw the TV and realized I was watching anime and walked in, lucky for me it wasnt a sex scene or she would have known what I was watching. She climbed on to my bed, "can I watch" she asked. of course I said no, but she persisted even after I told her it wasn't for kids. I made her promise not to tell my Mom and explained to her that it was anime where people had sex, and that I really didn't think it was appropriate for her to watch. Even still she wouldn't leave, now threatening to tell my mom that I had hentai if I didn't let her watch. (Im 18 but my parents said they'll kick me out if I bring porn into the house) I VERY reluctantly agreed to let her stay. BIG MISTAKE. The first thing she does is slide underneath my blanket next to me, not realizing I wasn't wearing pants or that my cock was hard underneath the bunched up sheets. I pushed play on the movie again and it quickly turned into a sex scene, which my little sister started asking awkward questions throughout. It was horrible, not only could I not enjoy the movie, but if I got up to leave or anything she would see my raging hardon, I was stuck. After the episode ended my sister turned to me and asked me "have you ever had sex Sean?" I told it her it was none of her business and she giggled and told me she doubted it because I was fat and never had any girlfriends. I said "fine, Ive never had sex. happy?" she just kind of smiled and said "do you want to?". My heart stopped. "what... with you?" I could barely believe it. "yeah" she said it as if it were no big deal "that movie made me want to try it". I was at a horrible crossroads, I could see three outcomes, say no and probably remain a virgin the rest of my life, say yes and have her laugh at me then tell my mom, or say yes and perhaps have sex for what might my only time ever. Now Im no pedo, but my sister is pretty hot for a twelve year old, her hips are just starting to develop and she had small perky breasts that were very nicely shaped, plus I was (and still am) convinced that this would be my only chance to make it with a female. "Okay..." I said it reluctantly. She smiled and pulled back the covers to reveal my cock, still hard as hell and practically throbbing with blood, she looked at it awkwardly and then reached out one hand to touch it, then put her other hand on my shaft and started to stroke. I then abruptly stopped writing this story and left you all with blue balls. SUCH A PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!

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