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Consists of freely editable books and guides with lots of useful information. All books here MUST be nonfiction. Works of fiction go in Stories.

(Suggestion: Let's give these books a format)


  • Terminology Words on the internet go out of fashion faster than US Presidents, so this little dictionary will keep this guide readable long after we've forgotten about Warren G. Harding.



  • The Uncultured Anonymous - A spin on the Well-Cultured Anonymous, detailing stuff that is, well, unacceptable in a cultured society. Saved in it's entirety from Wikichan.
  • Anarchist Cookbook - The 2004 edition of the hit book about fighting the power and building some crazy stuff.


  • The Newfags Guide to Anonymous - Thinking about becoming a part of the legions of Anonymous? An intermediate user wanting to go deeper into the rabbit hole? Or an advanced anon wanting to share your knowledge? Read this guide, help reorganize it, and contribute if at all possible.
  • Anonymous Security Handbook - A Payback-Era guide built to teach anons how to stay safe in a dangerous internet. It's very disorganized, and needs to be merged with the Newfag's Guide or other parts of this wiki.
  • Uber Secret Handbook - An awesome guide to staying anonymous on the internetz and a few assault tips.
  • Uber Secret Handbook 2.0 - An updated edition of the above guide.


  • Programming - A complete guide to programming languages, pulled from the Insurgency Wiki. Needs a lot of work.


  • Japanese - Japanese is one of the most important languages on the internet, and backed by a powerful otaku culture with an emphasis on anonymity. This is a guide to learning Japanese with Anonymous.

Game Guides

  • Clannad Guide - A spoiler-free, 300-hour guide to the beyond-awesome visual novel, CLANNAD.


These books need to be converted to Markdown format, so that the information inside can be easily searched or implemented into our books.

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