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Looking for the Japanese honorific, -chan? See this page instead.

A *chan is an anonymous imageboard. All English-language imageboards are direct descendants of 4chan, and 4chan itself uses code from a strikingly similar imageboard, Futaba_Channel. That in turn is an outgrowth of Nanashi_World, an amorphous group similar to Anonymous, with it's hub site on a text BBS called 2ch.

Each of these simple sites gain their place in Internet History by creating powerful and influential subcultures whose memes and ideas affect the rest of the internet in some way, sort of like Greece and Western Civilization.


2channel, also known as Ni-channel or 2ch, is one of the main BBSes of Nanashi_World, where Anonymous was truly born. It spawned the Futaba_Channel, which led to 4chan. Despite it being meant for Japanese people, it was opened in Arkansas and it's servers are located in California. It is considered the largest board in the world with over 600 boards, each with thousands of threads. Since it is a text board, it has spawned numerous ASCII art which can be seen on 4chan from time to time.

Many of 2channel's characteristics can be seen in its "offsprings". Such as the anonymous posting, saging and aging, tripcodes, >>1-style post references, and being filled with every kind of hate speech known to mankind.

Supposedly, 2channel is purely anonymous: not only is there no requirement to post with a name (which is what most people think of), there is no web server log, and IP addresses are only recorded for the first post in a thread.

Things they've done

  • Densha Otoko, or Train Man, is the name of a very popular book which tells the true story of a 2channeler, who is very much like us, who falls in love with a girl who he saved from a drunk on a train. The media somehow got a hold onto the story and a book, TV drama, and movie were made. The 2channelers gave the guy advice on everything and even changed his life for the better. Here's the translated thread.

  • In 2001, a bunch of 2channel hackers flooded Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" with votes for Masashi Tashiro, a former television personality with a few charges on his criminal record -- notably, videotaping up someone's skirt, peeping in a bath-house. The immense number of requests eventually crashed Time's servers, but they did manage to get Tashiro into the #1 position briefly. It perhaps inspired 4chan users to do the same for moot 7 years later...

==External links== *English menu translation](

Ayashii World

Futaba Channel

Futaba Channel (or confusingly, 2chan) is one of Japan's most popular . Users with IP addresses that can't be traced back to Japan cannot post.


Futaba was designed to be the 4th main site of Nanashi_World in case the current one, 2ch, broke down. As that began happening more often, Futaba became more and more popular, soon rivaling its predecessor.


Futaba is the home to epic raids that you can't participate in.

External links


4chan was the first English-language imageboard, and is seen as the hubsite of the *chans. While it's code was taken from Futaba_Channel, it's culture and original community came from Something_Awful's ADTRW forums. It eventually eclipsed it's mother site, building and popularlizing internet memes that influence modern internet culture like the Greeks to Western Civilization.

It is well known for it's incessant raids and for giving birth to Anonymous.

For more, see 4chan.


420chan is an imageboard based primarily on recreation drug use, however it also has boards related to academia, humor, and pornography. It was the center of the Hal Turner raids and has had one of the greatest /i/nsurgency boards anon has ever seen, however Kirtaner has recently said /i/ will never return to 420chan.


Originally there was a site called, but Kirtaner made as a joke, and in response to the guy whining about it, he made it a real imageboard. It was better, and soon surpassed

Then for a LONG ASS TIME 420chan went down because someone posted that virgin killers album that has an underage chick on it (from Wikipedia?) and their host kicked them offline for CP. Luckily 420chan was back in time for /b/day.

According to Kirtaner

Well one day I was sitting around and I noticed that my new hosting package allowed for a single free domain name registration. I was talking to some friends and one of them came up with "420chan", a stupid combination of my penis and drugs. I decide to use this suggestion, and register it as a joke domain many many moons ago. Since then a lot of people bitched at me to do something with the domain, so I did. And you're looking at it.

Current State

There are two types of people who go on 420chan: druggies and antisocial intellectuals. To sum up all the boards into 3 categories, there are 13 boards dedicated for every fucking drug that exists, some for intellectual bullshit like science and math, and the porn sections, which no one ever goes on.


711chan is an imageboard focusing on hacker related topics.


see Project Chanology

Yeah, they were the home of the DDoS attacks. They've repented and been forgiven for challenging their intergalactic overlord. Get over it.


  • i - Invasions and raids
  • b - Random, home of sean
  • /h4ck/ - Full of retards


I think hes actually an admin on the wiki or something. Either way, hes a Jew Lion.


*[ 711chan] *[ 711's ED article]


7chan is a *chan that was became popular after the cataclysmic events of /b/day. It was home of the first /i/nvasion board, and committed much win until /i/ was finally dropped, because their host shat brix from illegal activities.


On September 25th, 2005, symbion and the mysterious zeneslev, created The site used to be funded by zeneslev's brother Renzo, however 7chan is currently owned by Steve. It did not gain a substantial userbase until the events of /b/-day, where it was advertised on /b/ through the underlying chaos. 7chan now has a significant user base, and is slowly gaining more.

7chan is one of the first and the largest boards to use Trevorchan software, which Trevor rewrote and changed to KusabaX.

Ironically, despite flourishing as a result of the oppression that preceded /b/-day, moderation and enforcement of rules is actually comparable to that of 4chan, if not stricter. Moderators will ban you over the slightest things, especially upon receiving a topic/post report, as people who create topics/posts that violate the rules (such as those who post more then five syllables) will be met with incredibly swift banhammer strikes, and have their topics/posts deleted. This is also why 7chan is better than 4chan, due to the fact retards are eradicated from the site. Although, it has always been full of elitist wanna/b/ "oldfags" which is a lie.


/i/ was there. And now it's gone. Shit sux.

Go to 711chan for a raidfag version of 7chan :P


888chan was a site with the most active /i/. However, failure to host it on something that doesn't get owned by DDoS every 20 minutes has meant posting has been fucked for a good 3 months now and people are losing interest in the site. lol


  • /td/ - *chan manifestation of the Thunderdome.
  • /t/ - Raid tools, pretty useful for the newfags out there.
  • /i/ - Their invasion board.
  • /xenu/ - Moralist shit.
  • /efg/ - Epic Fail Guys, irl trolling and Hacktivism.


Doxchan is a site owned by Janus_Zeal which focuses on doxing targets. It is not nearly as useful as Anonidox, and is almost completely unused, but is the best doxing site we have until Anonidox comes back.


Raidchan is a *chan featuring an awesome radio show, and a shitty irc network where epic raids once took place. It was once part of the Partyvan Network, a coalition of sites, chans, and IRC servers working for the greater good of Anonymous. Unfortunately, a major feud caused them to split, and many DDoSes were had.



[http://PAQ.CC PAQ.CC] (pacifice ad quadrivium campeador canto) is the fulfillment of Project Salvation. It can be found at, but unless you have been given an invitation code, you cannot access the boards. - waitwaitwait, invitation code? Why does this sound like a bad idea (says the faggot without one).

== Cancers that Project Salvation cured == *Admins not giving a flying fuck. *Newfags. *Gaiafags. *Posters who DONT post anonymously. *Forced memes (seriously, row row fight the powah is not funny, its really gay.) *Anontalk Spam (fuck them) *DESU DESU DESU DE-FUCKING-SU THATS POSTED IN EVERY GODAMN THREAD. *Other cancer causing sources

== The Final solution == In order to quell the legions of faggots, the new *chan will have a login system. After the first week/month the boards open "registration" will be closed and the only way to create a new login will be by invitation codes other users can provide.

This "login" system will allow for more permanent bans and warnings(3 strikes your fucking out), because if you are banned it will be very hard to create a new "login". If a user is banned, then the person who invited them will be warned and will not be able to create invitation codes.

Creating an account will only require a invitation code, no email (unless provided for password recovery). A random numerical login id(username) will be generated, and the password will be by user choice. Posting on the imageboard will not reveal a users ID, though tripcodes may be used.

== Rules ==

*1. No faggotry. *2. No Cancer spreading. *3. Nothing illegal(no CP faggot)

== Organization == *Administrator *Moderator *Janitor *User (can easily report thread) ==boards==

*/b/ Random */i/ invasion */fur/ <- You're not fucking serious, are you? ''Yes, they did it to keep the furfags out of /b/''

== Why the fuck is this different from all other *chans ==

*Small amount of cancer, daily chemotherapy. *Anonymous(LOL) login system *Invitation only *User moderation(maybe) *with lower amounts or posts, saging a thread will actualy have an effect

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