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Church of Anon

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My fellow Anonymous, I’ve been playing around with this “Anonymous as a Religion” idea now for about a year. In that time I have seen the failures of Project Chanology and ruination of LULZ that moralfags bring. I’ve considered many angles of how to approach such a task without catching the same AIDS as Chanology. I propose that be crate a religion that will not only perpetuate the spirit of the true Anonymous, but also a religion that will spit in the face of moralfags, christfags and the like. This religion will not be based on right or wrong, but on LULZ. There will be no restrictions or real rules, only guidelines. Our bible will be born from the memes and of the rules of the internet, but like Rules 1 and 2, no one will be required to obey them. If we can organize Anonymous into a real religion, imagine the profit that could come from it. Imagine government money helping to keep our Holy sites running. Imagine the LULZ that would come from a sermon based on memes. Imagine the power that we can eventually gain. My /b/rothers, let make this happen.

To Do List

  • We will require a few things for this project.

    1. We must finish The Book of Anon, and not in a half ass way. Be need something thick, that we can actually pass as a bible.
    2. We need a list of the criteria needed to become a religion.
    3. We need ideas to throw around as to what this religion will believe in. (This will be the most important part. No one person can make our beliefs. These must be agreed upon but the majority of the hive mind that is Anonymous)
    4. We will also need to appoint representatives (ministers) to spread our gospel of Lulz and perform “church” activities.
    5. Pull in resources, the more help we can get the better. Gather people from Encyclopedia Dramatica to help with The Book of Anon. Get people who remember history from atleast 100 years ago tell of the formation of the chans, and not just 4chan. We start at 2chan and continue indefinitely. We will need people who are good at bending words to turn this Anon history into a faux bible. We will also need oldfags, the true Anons, to watch over the project and make sure no moralfaggotree gets into this religion.
    6. ???
    7. Profit


Will not work. To become an official religion, one must have X amount of signatures, and appoint people as heads of the religion. These have to be real people, this would never get seriously looked at by the government, even if you were able to get together X amount of anons to sign a charter, which you won't. Good effort though, hopefully something interesting will end up coming out of this, but never an official religion. In the mean time, work on the Book of Anon. Always things to be done there...

  1. We could still turn this into something pretty epic. Like take days off of school and work because of some kind of holiday (Offical Caturday?) then when people complain use the freedom of religion as a defense.
  2. If we do finish a book, it should be mass produced and dropped into random places (excluding Mosques because I dont like angry Muslims.) (such as Mosques, LOL)
  3. When we finally do have the numbers, get the signatures from just regular Joe's, then, appoint a few head anons as leaders.
  4. ???
  5. Profit

As an ordained minister, I'd be more than happy to get in on this.


<poll Should Anon Accidentally a Whole Religion? > Does Anon Think This Project is Worth Doing For Great Justice? * DO WANT! * This is relevant to my interests. * Sounds like the work of newfags/moralfags. * DO NOT WANT! Kill It With Fire! * Not sure if want. {{projects}}

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