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Crazy Bitch

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I'm a Crazy Bitch

Hello /b/. I'm a shy and reserved girl IRL. I have my reasons why I'm like this. I'm a Manic Obessive. For the past few years, I stalked and coveted a guy that I fell in love with. I stole his cellphone and copied every single number he had, in order to call him if he didn't answer his phone. He didn't know me or knew anything about me and all the things I did behind his back. I watched his every move to see what he likes and everything. Slowly I began talking to him normally and we became best friends. We like exacly the same things, and I do everything he likes. We dated and everything was perfect. We became a couple. We have 2 years together and have him in the palm of my hand. He loves me to death; he would even die for me. I like that. I like it when he says those things, because he is mine. I covet his mere existance. I want it whole. It's mine and nobody elses. I hacked into his email account and found out he is having an affair with a girl from Virginia. I found an email from Expedia, claming he bought a ticket to Virginia. My head hurts; I vomited 4 times and I have a high fever. I'm shaking so bad right now and I don't know what to do. I want him to be all mine, he is mine. He will never leave me. I want to make sure of that when he comes out. He'll NEVER leave me.

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