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Other archival institutes or link pages.

  • Cyberlife - Awesome cyberpunk archive that links back to this wiki. What treasures are found there?
  • United Chans Wikia - Tons of great history articles on 4chan.


These are stories or webpages that need to be converted and added to the Bibliotheca Anonoma.

  • Chanarchive - RIP Edgeworth E. Euler. He went MIA and thus, all data from Chanarchive died with him. I deeply regret failing to convince him to send the backup somewhere safe... After all he did to try and save it, it is lost forever...
    • At least a significant fraction has been saved by, so we can attempt to reconstruct it and at least catalogue what was lost.
  • iiichan Wiki - Humblefool (David Ashby)'s personal wiki, made in the style of Shii's wiki. Also deleted, but at least archives do exist.
  • Shii's Wiki (Done!) - Tons of interesting content was lost in Shii's wholesale deletion of a personal wiki that pretty much inspired the work of the Bibliotheca Anonoma.
  • The Oppressors and the Oppressed - Downloaded before chanarchive went down. This is an AMA from a British military contractor who fought for Gaddafi during the Arab Spring in Libya; a brutal look at how the winners of war write the history.


  • ArchiveTeam - 4chan - The Archive Team wiki (part of the Internet Archive) has a list of important targets to archive. Chanarchive is a big one that was lost. Twice.
  • Stanford Digital Repository - Henry Lowood (@Liebenwalde), Curator of History of Science & Technology, supports the archival of internet culture, happens to be constructing a 4chan section for the digital repository, and can provide archival space for much of our static data on Stanford servers.

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