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DSFARGEG is a forced meme by the moderators of 4chan. On April 10th numerous threads were stickied in which many people were banned for posting in, along with the original poster. One of these was the random selection of letters DSFARGEG, accompanied by an image of a monster riding a motorbike. During the next few days similar events took place, every time with the post DSFARGEG being one of the topics stickied. Another recurring theme was that one unfortunate poster would receive a ridiculous amount of short term bans and/or warnings. For this time, posting DSFARGEG nearly always led to a sticky and/or a ban. This has often resulted in the front page of /b/ being almost completely full of stickies.

In reality, the monsters depicted on the dsfargeg.jpg picture are the characters from the Japanese children's show Ponkikki. The episode pictured is a parody of another Japanese TV program, Kamen Rider, a sort of "Power Rangers on Bikes"-like show.

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