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Dad Saw 4chan

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Dad saw my /b/

Hey /b/. Short story. Okay, a few weeks ago, I left my computer open to /b/. I admit myself, that I have not been using 4chan regularly for a very long time. I first started coming to the site sometime last winter. So anyway, when I left my computer open to /b/, and went into the kitchen for a sammich, I found my dad on my computer. He was looking at a picture of a PENIS with the "chargen mah laz0r" picture photochopped to the PENIS head, disapprovingly. He said, "what on earth are you looking at?", and then stared at me, the way guys look at each other when they wonder if one of them is gay. I said "oh, it's just some dumb website dad. I go there to look at anime pictures, sometimes people post dumb things". Okay. I thought that was the end of it. A week later, I came home from highschool early. My big brother picked me up because I had a dental appointment at 2:00. When I got home, and raced to my room to see what was going on in /b/, I found my dad on my computer again. Except this time his pants were lowed, and /b/ was on the screen. He was fapping. I felt my temperature rise, and my face turn red. Especially when I noticed what he was fapping to: It was loli. I haven't mentioned it to him since, and he hasn't said anything. Is my dad a pedophile? I'm raelly freaked out by this, I don't know what else to say. Should I tell my mother? Thanks for hearing me out.

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