Dangerous Kitten

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"Dangerous Kitten" got its name from how it was originally spread--a rar embedded in a jpg, with the picture of a kitten in a hand, and the subtitle "It's dangerous to go alone, take this". It is a set of tools, many of which already on here, but there are some new tools that are not anywhere else on the w/i/ki.

Tool List (v3 update)

  • Windows (and Wine for Linux and Mac fags)
    • BWraep
    • BWRaeper.NET
    • Forum Proxy Leecher
    • LOIC
    • Longcat Flooder (distributed and standalone)
    • Ping Flood
    • rok/i/ts
    • SMAC
    • Sinflood
    • wgetraep
    • Some gay app to unlimit ip connectiosn
    • SMTP Server
    • All of the new DoS equipment
  • Linux/Unix/Mac
    • pygetraep
  • Web-Based
    • Download links to webservers: WAMP (windows) XAMPP (windows/linux/mac/solaris) and MAMP (mac)
    • AnonProxy*
    • FormFlood Form Flooder*
    • Mail flooder
    • Miniloader
    • Myspace phisher
    • Vampire Raep script
    • Raid Imagery
      • Hueg3.jpg
      • EbaumsWorld.com watermarks
      • Goatse
  • Moar new shit
    • /i/Kit + Hackerpackage included
    • General updates and a lot of shit added.
Items marked with a * are new or updated in the most recent version.


Version 3 Download (JPG RAR)

Version 2.2.5 Mirror 1(RAR)

Version 2.2.5 Mirror 2(ZIP)

Version 2.2.4 Mirror 1(RAR)

Version 2.2.4 Mirror 2(ZIP)


Bibliotheca Anonoma

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