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Densha Otoko TV Drama

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The Densha Otoko TV Drama takes the story from the book and fills in the blanks, turning it into one of the greatest TV shows ever made. It gives viewers a boatload of awesome jokes and the signature drama tearjerker. The drama also provides a rare insight into the difficulties in life that cause people to end up on the internet all day. Few other media has depicted so well the unmatched familial bond and support that users feel, even as they talk on an anonymous BBS.


These subtitles were designed to be used with the AVI video in this torrent.



These are the subtitle files for the Densha Otoko TV Drama.

They were made by the nice, hardworking guys at D-Addicts.

See Subtitles for usage instructions.

English Subs

All the subs can be downloaded from here.


  • greyhorse (ep. 1-8)
  • aviness (ep. 9-11, NG)
  • aviness & OTL (Another Finale)
  • densha-lover (ep. 9-11)
  • masakun (ep. 9-11, Deluxe)

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