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EWFA Acknowledgments

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MANY THANKS TO everyone, from entrepreneurs and university professors all the way down to anonymous hackers, who took time away from more gainful pursuits to contribute interviews. To my wonderful agent Chelsea Lindman, for her faith in the project. To my editor Stephanie Gorton, for her insight and discernment, and to everyone at Overlook. To the team at Urlesque, for giving me a platform to expose the darker bits of the web. To Kelly Noonan, for her constant encouragement, to Chris Menning, for lending me his encyclopedic knowledge of memes, and to Nick Douglas, who contributed not only a keen understanding of web culture, but five years of unflagging enthusiasm for my creative work. Finally, to my parents, Clay and Glenda, and Uncle Bob, who surrounded me with love and books and a healthy appreciation for the peculiar.

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