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Earthquake in a Box is a bundle of applications and guides to help anons and netizens thrive on the darknet. It is distributed as a 7zip file encased in a png image.

Earthquake in a Box is licensed under the GPLv3. You may make any forks or modifications, as long as you credit the original authors.

Download it

You can get the binaries from here.

More info on source code here.

Linux/Mac users

Unfortunately, this bundle is only for Windows. However, we do offer another similar bundle for Mac, and software packages for Linux.


After downloading, you may notice that you have a PNG image. No worries, just rename it to .7z and extract it with WinRAR or 7zip. Then, go into the directory

You can extract it to a USB drive if needed. If you want to give it to a friend, just copy all the files to your friend's USB drives.


Read these before using anything on this bundle. You need them.


//For best results, these need to be installed to the host system. //


  • ''Firekips'' - Web Browser bundle for Tor, I2P, and Freenet based on the Tor Browser Bundle.
  • ''TCP-Z'' - If you have any Windows before Windows Vista SP2, you need this. It's essential for Slowloris, and it's strongly recommended for LOIC, BitTorrent, and other network intensive apps. TCP-Z raises an arcane connection limit (of 10) that slows down the fun. This limit never existed on Linux/Mac.


  • ''Truecrypt'' - The well-known encryption suite. Implements AES, Blowfish, and whatnot to make virtual encrypted drives.
  • ''KeePassX'' - Instead of having to remember one crappy password for all your accounts (which is extremely unsafe), just make random ones and store them in this encrypted container.
  • ''File2Image'' - Got the police monitoring your internetz for Glossary#copywrong? Use this to convert mp3s, rars, and CP into obfuscated PNG hex colors for posting on Glossary#4chan. Better yet, this program makes the files smaller, too.
  • ''OpenPuff'' - Is it not enough that your music is now an incomprehensible mess of colors? Want to store your Glossary#CP even more securely? This Steganography tool is what you need. With this, you can keep your incest stories encrypted discreetly inside music, video, or images.


//not available in the Basic Bundle//

  • ''LOIC'' - A tried and true weapon for DDoS attacks. Like French arquebusiers, they're only useful and safe in large numbers. Not to be used with Tor.
  • ''Slowloris'' - This program goes for quality over quantity. By sending small, carefully crafted packets, Slowloris can overload any big server program quite effectively. You can use this safely with Tor. You need to install a special multithreading mod to use it on Windows, though.

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