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The rarest way of identifying oneself on 4chan, emailfags are users who put their addresses in the email field rather than the typical sage or noko. The obvious disincentive to doing this is that emails are very easily spammed; thus, only dumb-as-fuck posters or those who use fake addresses become emailfags. Ironically, emailfags are more common on worksafe boards than /b/, the board that, at times, was Forced Anonymous. It was the most likely to spawn emailfags since the email field was basically the only way people could differentiate one another on /b/. It is believed /b/'s natural Hive Mind and massive size is what suppresses the presence of emailfags.

Unlike Namefags, emailfags are generally better regarded because their posts are semi-Anonymous; most posters never realize they're talking to an emailfag unless they're butthurt enough to double check what at first looks like a sage. Once discovered, though, emailfags are berated just like any other Namefag, with the added danger of their emails getting compromised.

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