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Epic Fail Guy

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Image:fatgirls2.jpg Image:EFG GET.png Epic Fail Guy is a stick figure character often roleplayed by various /b/tards and Fag#Drawfag. He is typically shown getting into a situations that seem epic, and promising, but he ends up almost always falling flat on his face.

Most Fag#Newfags only recognize EFG with his mask (the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta). Without his mask, he has two round circles for eyes, a bald, round head, and very distinctive curved eyebrows.

Epic Fail Guy is the creation of The Weaver, a contributor of 4chan OC since 2006. In addition to EFG he is also responsible for Boxdog, Chain-Chomp-chan, RubyQuest, DiveQuest, NanQuest (on /tg/), Player One (on /v/) and countless amounts of fanart. Oh, and porn - tons of porn.

TGWeaver's Tumblr

TGWeaver on TV Tropes

EFG as seen by Encyclopedia Dramatica

ED also has some of Weaver's other characters catalogued. Category:Memes & Terms

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