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Epic Win For Anonymous

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Epic Win For Anonymous by Cole Stryker is the most ambitious history book about 4chan that anyone has ever dared to print. It's sales are fast growing, and it's even on the syllabus for Gabriella Coleman's NYU Studies course. Although it offers little more than what could be found on Encyclopedia Dramatica, Wikipedia, or our own 4chan History Timeline, Cole Stryker manages to show a fresh new perspective of it's ancestry mixed with his own experiences as a old internet nerd and modern meme carpetbagger.

As a major secondary source for the 4chan Chronicle, we've archived the entire book in this library. Sorry, Cole.

But if you like his writing, go buy the book. If you detest his (good-intentioned) attempt to monetize 4chan history, well, just read it here for free.


Interviews with Cole Stryker

Cole Stryker has been interviewed by various blogs and newspapers about this book, where he explains some of the reasons behind writing the book.

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