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Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. The most popular visual novel on /a/ after Fate/stay night and Tsukihime, whose true ending, the "Coco Path," contains many surprises. Upon completion of the game, many Anonymous comment that they "shat bricks during Coco's Path." It also features the "character" Blick Winkel who is known on /a/ as an Archer-type figure to Anonymous, and the one responsible for amnesiac characters and time paradoxes. Despite the slogan of "A vote for Blick is a vote for Anonymous," Blick Winkel still lost to Domon Kasshu in SaiGar. There exists a "timeline" of Ever17 that "explains" major events of multiple series, beginning with Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and ending with Utawarerumono. Also, a recent fad is to use "Tief Blau" (a fictional virus in the game) as a replacement for the customary "AIDS" (as in "GET TIEF BLAU AND DIE FAG"). Widely considered to have one of the best fanbases ever, with veterans often employing great restraint when explaining plot points to new players and showing exceptional courtesy by using spoiler tags, which are almost universally disregarded on /a/.

Naturally, I knows the hacker.

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Why is she in a washing machine?

SPIN ON Inside joke amongst players of the visual novel Ever17, to the amusement of both players and non-players. Usually begins with a post of Tsugumi Komachi in the last event CG of her route in the game, though sometimes with a an earlier picture of Sora Akanegasaki, always with the question "Why is she in a washing machine"? Though those familiar with the novel know Tsugumi is in a submarine, not a washing machine, though to outsiders it does indeed resemble a washing machine, which many find strangely amusing. Ever17 players often respond with the more accurate line, "You are in the washing machine" (or more likely, after a certain other meme took hold, "No Anonymous, you are the washing machine"), often to the confusion of Anonymous. There have been historical incidents of this meme breaking the tension of that scene, causing players to burst out laughing instead of crying like babies. As a result, many Ever17 players have tried to discourage and downplay the usage of the meme, though it appears from time to time and never fails to earn a few chuckles from established fans or arouse curiosity from would-be players.

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