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FWG Affair

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On April 23 an Australian anon manages to get admin access and starts posting as moot. He posts the location of FWG, a french /int/ tripfag, ip's of mods and janitors and the password to the moderator IRC channel. Subsequently, 4chan was frozen for about 6 hours.

The Bibliotheca Anonoma is attempting to record exactly what happened in the FWG Affair, since many of the Imgur galleries and DarkCave archive threads were expunged.

The Context

FWG was a female attentionwhoring tripfag on /int/. The strayan guy that introduced her to /int/ got mad with her, because she stopped writing to him.
He than hacked 4chan to get her IP, and it turns out she was massively samefagging and then all her personal information was thrown out on the street.

The Hack

  • The hacker obtained admin access on 4chan and uses it to find all possible data on FWG, as well as ban her 18 times (effective permaban).
    • There is a possibility that the infamous Heartbleed OpenSSL exploit was used to accomplish this. Make sure you keep your servers up to date.
    • On the other hand, since 4chan was coded so poorly over the years, it was bound to happen. Moot significantly upped the security of the site as a result. You can also report exploits to the team for a cash reward.
  • The hacker also leaked IP addresses of FWG, revealing that she was samefagging on the French threads.
  • The hacker banned certain users that he had some kind of beef with.
  • The hacker took control of Moot's capcode, renamed it to "Moot loves dicks", and starts posting on 4chan with it for all leaks.
  • The hacker leaked new photos of /j/, a special discussion board on 4chan for janitors and moderators. Here is a pastebin, and it was added to Vryd's archive. Since the password to the IRC channel was a sticky on the board, anons rush into the IRC Channel.
  • The hacker posted an image of several janitors' IPs and identities, as well as their passwords. This included the /sp/ janitor. According to the leaks, the janitor goes by the name of "Cadfael".
    • The hacker publicly announced that he would attempt a second hack of 4chan, this time getting more information on the /sp/ janitor and deleting his account, but it never happened.

[![](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422729000925.jpg)](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422729000925.jpg) [![](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422729091283.jpg)](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422729091283.jpg)

Archived 4chan Threads

Many of these were expunged, and failed to capture them. We have the screenshots archived, though.

If you happened to create an archive of these threads, grab a Github account, edit this page, and paste the link in.

The Aftermath

In a show of force, the anon posted as Moot ## Admin, causing immediate shitstorms all over 4chan.

  • [IP Address Leaks](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/ZK2HGxZ.png)
  • [Ban User Dox](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/DDN8cHq.png)
  • [FWG IS A WHORE Thread](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/sroNBbH.png)
  • [FWG ARGUING WITH HERSELF](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/Pr4JP9S.png)
  • [Ban Australians](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/jjhABbI.png)
  • [All Hail Australians](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/2ADMLUG.jpg)
  • [TIP TOP LEL](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/TVdFvfD.png)
  • [Samefagging](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/CZ4tZZi.png)
  • [/j/ board](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/I896eBS.png)
  • [More Samefagging](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/9iWxJX2.png)
  • [Impersonator](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/0aazexm.png)

Moot was particularly angry, especially as a similar breach of security had destroyed his startup, Drawquest and This was just one of a trifecta of tumultuous crises that would strike the heart of 4chan, and may have factored in his later retirement.

Based Greece

[![](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422698372120.jpg)](History/4chan-Chronicle/2014/FWG Affair/1422698372120.jpg)

Moot's Livestream Reference

One of Moot's final recommendations for anons to take away from the events of 2014 is the following:

After all the leaks of the /j/ board, I am still appalled at how people miss the giant sticky on /j/ stating that janitors and moderators should "take it easy", and give people the benefit of the doubt before making bans or deletions.
People will come up with all the craziest conspiracies about how the 4chan team functions, (using what is effectively the opposite of Occam's Razor) and that's pretty funny, but also disheartening to me.
Look in the mirror, guys. The janitors and moderators are you.


Thanks to the anons who posted these sources, or we would not have been able to recover the posts.

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