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Long before it was practical to build and use sites like Youtube, Flash movies were king. They were (relatively) easy to make, smaller in size yet sharper looking than other formats of the time thanks to vectors, and were powerful in what they could display.i


The Youtube of the flash movie sites, it was a controversial place for controversial things from it's inception, and was really the only place where people could just dump their flash movies. A lot of it sucked, but few were pretty good.

  • Shoo, Fly! - Slick comedy gold and a wonder of animation.
  • Madness - A once influential creation, Krinkel's dark and dystopian shitfest of silent film massacre has wowed tons of people for nearly a decade.
  • There she is!!! - Here's a flash series with a funny and cute love story influenced by Korean soap operas; A strange anomaly in this sort of place. Still good, though.
  • NiN10doh! - The greatest collaborative project in Newgrounds history, where all the best animators worked together on a collection of parodies about Nintendo game franchises. It's a bit dirty, but laughable nonetheless.
  • S00pAh NiN10doh! - After another year, the animators decided to come together once more to make another awesome compilation of Nintendo parodies. This one won't disappoint.


While much smaller than any of the others, 4chan's own flash board has a bunch of cool animations detailing memes, history, and a signature weirdness common to it's culture.

  • RAGE - A depiction of the events of 4chan's Civil War era: also known as /b/day.
  • 4chan_City.swf - Showcased by moot at Otakon 2006. It's pretty cool.
  • ScientoLOLjyuuichi - Actually, this was from Newgrounds, but it details pretty well what Scientology is about.

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