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You're browsing /b/, enjoying your cats and barrel rolls and whatnot, and out of the blue someone pops up posting drawings of two (usually male) anthropomorphic foxes going at it. If this shit disgusts you mentally and makes you physically ill, you have not been lurking enough, and are not yet desensitized enough to be called Anonymous. If, however, this shit just pisses you off, you're going to need to know how to react. Freaking out and posting "OMG UR SO GHEY GTFO U FRFAGS" is not the way to go about this. Getting into a flame war is even worse. Remember, you're Anonymous, and they're just a furfag. They do not have the same level of intelligence, and have learned everything they know from lurking around Gaia and fchan.

The first strike

The opening retort is quite often the most important one, as it's usually the only thing the furfags see before they run crying back to fchan to complain about how they were fursecuted for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL YOU GUYS. If they don't run, their response will be to post more drawings of cats being fucked in the ass by horses, and that's no good.

You are Anonymous. You are among the most intelligent beings on the Internet, and you must use this. You have three weapons against furfags.

  1. Your intellect
  2. The legion
  3. Your /b/ folder

Utilize these three things, and you can not fail. Unless of course you fail, in which case you should GTFO my /b/.

The classic lines "GTFO MY /B/ FURFAG" and "YIFF IN HELL FURFAGS" are what you'll see most, but they rarely, if ever, do anything but pour gas on the flame war. If you want to use these lines, you must back them up with your /b/ folder. Got pictures of a pig having its head chopped off? An anthropomorphic fox being skewered by Anonymous? Guro? Post it. Accompany each post with the previously mentioned lines. One image and one line of text will do next to nothing. Unload every "YIFF IN HELL, FURFAG" picture you have. Eventually the thread will deteriorate into absolute chaos, and the furfags will run. Sage every post. With every sage you use, the thread moves one step closer to destruction. But say the furfags fight back? Being both furfags and guro enjoyers, they're fapping happily to that dead fox. What's the next step?

The fight

You need to get these furfags off your /b/. They are the cancer that is killing /b/, and must be removed by any means necessary. You are not alone in your fight; the legion of Anonymous is behind you. Remember: Invading /b/ is like pissing in an ocean of piss. Your only objective is to shut this thread down, and if you're posting on /b/, you'd better have lurked enough to know how. Use the above guide, if you must. But this is only one part of a large war against furfags.

Taking the Fight to Them

They're off your /b/, and their thread is a smoldering pile of crap in the corner. All done, right? No. /b/ is not the only place furfags reside, and in your travels on the Interbutt, you will most likely encounter them elsewhere as well. No forum, no imageboard, no online game is safe. Should you so much as acknowledge their existence, you will be accused of fursecution. Of course, by now, you shouldn't care what they think. However, if they follow you around shouting shit about you, you're going to want to shut them up. Sometimes you won't be able to post picture upon picture of anti-fur shit. In these cases, you must use your wit. Insult them. Break them. Back them into a corner and then piss on them. Above all else, hurt them. Destroy them emotionally and mentally, and if you have the chance, physically. (A quick note: physically destroying furfags, although fun and useful, is slightly illegal. No one cares about furfags, though, so I defy you to find a single jury on Earth that would convict you.)

Why hate?

We don't just hate these assholes without reason. They bring the rage upon themselves. Keep in mind, not every furry will run around spouting about how no one understands them and everyone just hates them because they're afraid of how they're different. Less than 1% of the furry population consists of people that may actually be useful to the Internet. These small few that keep quiet, leave everyone else alone, and act mature and smart do not deserve your hatred. If they leave you alone, you leave them alone. There are none of these acceptable furs on the following sites:

  • Any chan
  • Gaia
  • SheezyArt

You can go ahead and assume any furs you see on any of these sites are furfags that must be dealt with. Your average furfag will constantly complain, blame everyone else, and just generally be a total waste of sperm.

It's a cycle of hate. A furfag posts on /b/, Anonymous kicks their ass, they complain to their furfag friends, and more furfags run and try to piss in the ocean of piss. Considering Anonymous doesn't forgive, the cycle will only stop when the furfags choose to make it stop by growing some fucking balls and leaving the rest of the Internet alone.

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