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Gaiafag I

u /b/ losers are worthless u all no that gaians are better cause we are smarter than u we actually have smart posts and stuff we are senistive enough to talk bout our feelings

Gaiafag II

/b/tards are all just fucking idiots that sit behind their computers acting like they own the fucking world. But they only act like this BEHIND a desk, with a keyboard in their hands. They suck at life, they can't do anything they talk about here in real life, and worst of all, they think they're better than Gaia. WTF? This board is the worst thing to happen to the internet in its entire history, and most of the people on here are idiots. "A place for smart people to act stupid"? My ass, you all go here to do things you're afraid to do in public.

Gaiafag III

its amazing the types of people everywheres, and there eaisy to classify. the idiots in /b/ bash gaians for being different. why do they do this. because they think its cool. gaians dont care about what yall think, you know this, there for you bash them because they wont say anything about it. your all pussys, afraid of looking different. you all think your uber cool because you have pictures ZOMG the pictars, why not bash people who will retailate and not pick fights with people who could really care less about you /b/tards and ill tell the truith im all over 4chan and i gaia hell gaias open in another tab right now. thers nothing wrong with gaia..thoe now i seem to think you /b/tards are just big pussys

Gaiafag IV

/b/tards hate gaiafags because they hate everything. Especially themselves. Don't worry about it, the really people on here don't hate you guys. I think the avatars are pretty cool and unique. The only reason why I don't join gaia is because I love forced anon to death. Login names just suck. Anyways, to all the gaiatards out there trying to find a place in /b/: you have my blessing.

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