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"Let's just play some games already." - Vivian James

This is a community-editable report on the shitstorm unleashed by the Zoe Quinn scandal. The scandal had severe implications on the video game journalism industry, and even revealed a troubling insight into the power of forum moderators as gatekeepers of information.

After incidents rampant censorship on blogs, Reddit and other forums broke the news, major online communities launched united campaigns to protest the scandal, in a unique new way; attempting to bring public opinion on their side of the fence. And once extremist reactionaries were called to battle to oppose them, the war began.

The Revolution

The GamerGate protests began as a justified movement backed by a diverse group of individuals (many of which were women), as well as other major names in the gaming and online community. They came together through Twitter hashtags, Reddit, and of course, 4chan threads. The reactionaries worked in opposition in the same way. It's important to note that none of the sides in this conflict are coordinated or united in any fashion; each individual acts out of their own accord, with their own goals in mind. That was a recipe for disaster.

At first, 4chan tried something new to beat their opponents at their own game; nonviolent protest, such as backing The Young Fine Capitalists (a group attempting to bring more women into game development; which Zoe Quinn tried to stop), and working with other forums to make public campaigns that revealed the truth of the matter.

However, on 4chan, anons already nervous of censorship went berzerk when 4chan mods attempted to corral them into a single thread (a process which unfortunately involves deleting threads); it didn't help that The Fappening happened around the same time. The result was Moot's reiteration of old "Martial Law" policies from 2006, in an attempt to maintain order.

In addition, The Young Fine Capitalists came under attack from hackers, other feminists who saw them as a "traitor to their cause", and shitstorms ensued. The protesters could no longer hold their fire under severe setbacks; many decided that it was time to strike.

All Quiet on the 4chan Front

After these and other incidents broke their nerve, extremists from both side of the conflict launched destructive and wholly immoral attacks against each other and innocent individuals.

Even after the gaming industry announced increased journalistic integrity guidelines (fulfilling the original goal of the protest), it did not heal the wounds created through conflict; the war was no longer about journalism, it was about vengeance.

The two sides are now marred in a grievous battle of attrition that divides the gaming community and ruins the lives of bystanders. The bad blood stirred up will remain a divisive topic for years to come. It doesn't help that sensationalism, which embellishes the atrocities of one side, is rampant in the media.

No one has their hands clean here. And as the war drags on, it's slated to be as controversial as the Israel-Palestine conflict, with nary a moral leg to stand on.

As the situation goes on, we are going to need a solid, well sourced report of all that has happened; it’s truly an unprecedented event in internet history.

The report should help anyone in the future understand why there was a reform in video game journalism, or how this longstanding conflict started; depending on how this all ends.

Quick and Dirty Sources

These sources have taken a neutral view on the madness, so read all about it and discover all angles of the increasingly destructive conflict.


What we need daily help on:

  • Add more sources for every sentence to reference.
  • Add the latest newsworthy events to the Timeline below.
  • Keep a record of all threads relating to the incident, from /v/, /pol/, etc. (see 4chan Threads section below)
    • Even if the thread is past bump limit and is on page 10, record it. We can at least check the (foolz?) archives.
  • Create a readable General Report describing the incident, and all that has happened (this will be the basis of the article at the BASC 4chan Chronicle).
  • Important shit right here (import information you see)
  • Find a place for most/all links in OP posts from 4chan threads


  • General Report - (under construction) General description of the entire scandal and it's aftermath.
  • Timeline of Events - Timeline of events, just like a news blog.


  • Culprits - The people behind the scandal.
  • Quinnspiracy Censorship - A few moderators on major internet forums have reacted to the scandal by deleting threads about the topic. It's not as far-fetched as it sounds, since there are a wealth of plausible, well sourced reasoning behind such actions. However, it really goes to show just how much moderators influence the flow of information on the internet.
  • Community Reaction to the Quinnspiracy - What internet communities have done in response.


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