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Gaming Out Loud

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Gaming Out Loud was a 2006 video game podcast made by a group of friends, who drew up hilarious sketch comedy acts, made outrageous prank calls, and discussing current events of video gaming at the time period.

Gaming Out Loud was popularized on Digg for their Westwood College Parody, and as such became an integral part of it's culture.

Episode List

All Episodes (except episode X, unfortunately) can be downloaded at the Bibliotheca Anonoma Google Drive shared folder.

Episode #001 - November 12, 2006

Our premiere episode! This is the one that started it all… and if there’s no other episodes after this, it was also the one that ended it all. Mad props to Liontamer and for the amazing Chrono Trigger remix used as our theme song. Check out for the best Internet radio station featuring remixed video game music.

  • Skits: Wacky Waluigi Adventure, Westwood College
  • Pranks: Bully, Wii Preorder
  • Discussion: Toys R Us Wii/PS3 Campers, Racism

The ridiculous Westwood College commercial that they are referencing is found on YouTube.

Episode #002 - November 26, 2006

Episode 2 arrives and is quickly hailed as our best episode yet. This time it comes with 66% less silly giggling and 2,000% more funny.

  • Skits: Waluigi’s Racist Rant, Touching your Wii
  • Pranks: Old Man Clayton Tries to Trade in SNES games, Gay Perry Needs a New Rumble Controller
  • Discussion: user-feedback, flying Wiimotes of death, and “Mad World” a cappella

Episode #003 - December 10, 2006

We get into the holiday spirit at Gaming Out Loud headquarters and bring you a holiday episode so packed with seasonal joy, you’ll vomit into your own lap.

  • Skits: Sergio’s Brainfart, Bible Game II
  • Pranks: Grandmother’s Present Puts Kid in Hospital, Old Man Clayton Goes Kwanzaa Shopping
  • Discussion: Gaming Out Loud Gift Buying Guide

Episode #004 - December 26, 2006

We fought, we bickered, and we emotionally scarred each other. Why? For this. This shitty podcast. We have skits and on-air arguments plus the latest episode of John Wright: Ace Detective. What more can you ask for? Oh, yea, a bigger penis size, I guess.

  • Skits: Mario Chats with Satoru Iwata, John Wright: Ace Detective, Deaf Tech Support Guy
  • Pranks: None, we stunk this week.
  • Discussion: Holiday Commentary, BK Sneak King Causes Hate

Episode #005 - January 09, 2007

The episode that consumed our lives. We went into overdrive and made everything bigger, longer, and better, from the prank calls to the skits. It nearly killed us, but so does AIDS for some people and we’re still ticking.

  • Skits: The Many Uses of a Dead Xbox 360, John Wright: Ace Detective
  • Pranks: Alec invites himself over to the house of a game store manager.
  • Discussion: BK Sneak King Giveaway Winners

Episode X - July 5, 2007

Note: Episode X has not been recovered in any shape or form.

Okay, time to be frank. Episode 6 isn’t coming out this week. We sat down, recorded stuff, put it together, and realized it sucked. Sucked bad. We then sat down again, on July 3rd, to try it again and were failing miserably yet again. Again. All three of us kinda just looked at each other and thought, “wtf do we do now?”

I then had the brilliant idea to listen to our old episodes. Maybe a trip down memory lane will re-invigorate us. Guess what? It did. Six months removed from listening to these sketches, we realized we were pretty fucking funny. This is what we need to get back to and damnit, we’re going to do it come Hell or high water.

So we’re starting over, again, for a third time. We want to create an episode that is up to par with episodes 2-4. We have to bring back the funny and we will. Our first step was putting out a brief mini-episode of us apologizing, doing a little funny, and promising to get to work. So listen to do that, masturbate, and return in about a week.


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