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40 cals, sk's wit no kickback, bitch ya get ya shit sacked right where the nicks at. and i dont think ya click's just supposed to forget that, i got the gauge for the day you want some getback. walk and sprayin all you niggas sayin get back, duck down nigga naw, what now nigga..

all my niggas get togetha to gather loot, bodyguard for what dog, i'd rather shoot. i go to war, old timbs, battered boots, hand grenade, goggle and a parachute...

and based on the bank, im doin much better than a lot of these niggas, im tired of these niggas. yawnin when i see em, make me stretch and pull a burner. i'm cockin back and passin, they catch em in they sternum..

and bitch, that bread come everyday im paid, i wish a nigga come invade, get sprayed. i stomp a nigga out like i got ten legs, then they fish a nigga up out the lake in ten days. behave, no ho im on that rage yo, cashmoney youngmoney ho that money age old...

anotha victim of a murderer, now ya family runnin askin people have they heard of ya. all over, puttin up posters, like you got an album about to drop. but aint nothin bout to drop but that casket, label me a bastid, even tho i know my pops...

any rapper wanna get me, tell ya label contact me. half a hundred for a feature, wanna battle ill beat ya. im a beast, im a creature, im tha son of miss setha, ma dukes ma geta she tha reason she tha reason...

bang this shit, nigga pump my shit. you gotta bang that whip and go and dump that bitch, you gotta claim that strip and go and flood that bitch. you gotta aim that shit and straight bust that shit..

birdman jr and j.r., pidgeons know who they are, bitches gotta pay off, snitches know to say yall. if chickens on the radar, im at it, cuz i get it on my day off, aint nothin like gettin weight off..

blowin money on tha liquor, we at the strip joint blowin money on tha bitches. we standin on tha bar throwin money like a picture, but nigga i aint slippin, got a fully loaded trigga and that can cause a heatwave..

burial, im kerosene, gasoline, its asinine to fuck wit me. come and see, thats like runnin into a fuckin tree, climb up muthafucka i leave ya hung for weeks..

call me pac-man, ya ghost is blue. i got my red river rubies and my ocean blue jewelry, usually im a hooligan for tha money, yea im eatin but i gotta tapeworm in my tummy. make harm and i bomb you in public, hit you wit tha straight arm, no warnin, nothin...

chea, im talkin bout ridin out tonight, only way i die first gotta kill me in this verse. weezy f, middle finga to life, so let this seem critical, in the hood im typical. yea im feelin good and spiritual, killin hoods wit tha shit up out my kitchen im pitchin it, whats really good..

check the time it's around that hour, lil niggas stay around that powder. they aint super or luigi or mario, aint found that power, plus they couldnt spit fire if they found that flower...

ching-ching i is, bling my rims, i sing they spin. but my 2 9m's, they my ying yang twins. cuz they skeet skeet skeet, from the window to the wall, from the ceiling to the floor, what a feelin when you ball..

circle the block im like fuck it im bussin, im cussin, im like fuck em, ill buck em, ill blick em, ill bluck em. buck em till its empty, get at me, spit at me and make this a shootout nigga. i hit you, you miss me, i love it, you missin, thats whats really good..

come at the family get trashed up, i shoot up ya v12 even if you wit ya female. you was talkin shit nigga what's up, fuckin up the spreewells on ya new interior detail. and the nigga standin too tall to fall, come at us i hope ya can crawl, bloody up the place wall to wall, sacrifice my body screamin kamikaze i can take all of yall..

come equipped wit them sizzlas for the blizzard, here's a six sigga for you and ya lil niggas. elz, imma get em, they bitches, they just bitches, just bought a new glock, 3 shots 1 trigga..

cross street, dont need to be said, code red, already got beef with the feds. put three in ya head, leave the street full of lead, fuck knee-deep you be 6 feet wit the dead..

cut niggas head like barbers, fruity ass niggas is starburst, throw em in tha ceiling fans. lil wayne weezy baby muthafuckin triggaman, yea yea throw em in tha ceiling fans. lil wayne weezy baby muthafuckin triggaman...

cuz uptown it aint nothin sweet, its just guns and grief, tons of beef and lil niggas run the streets. pop and move for lots of loot, even sell a cop a deuce on top of roofs, but yo be careful cuz the glock is loose...

detective deceptive, receptive of fouls. hectic heckler & koch, helicopters on the set of my sails. naw, i aint gon be embedded in jail, talkin to a cellmate in the bed in the jail..

digital ten, shit get critical friend, i got 800 invisible men. that mean it can be the bank man, person at the gas station fillin up ya tank fam, lady at the frank stand. rat poison ya relish, right in the center babe. bitch is a renegade, she'll piss in ya lemonade...

dont wanna piece of the cake, i want the pie and all. i dont believe em when they say they supplyin the raw. you dont move white, you lyin dog. thats a neverending story without the white flying dog..

everybody out at the roc the mic tour, im back at the kitchen rockin the white raw. coppin ya pint four, lockin ya nice doors, i pop up and light four with chickens that like gore. they click if they like war, fixin to fight for me, look at my ice for sure ya sight's sore..

for they sake imma ball every year, imma pause every tear, tattoo it on my face. niggas know that i got that black music on my waist, make me put it to yo ear and get that b-b-b-bass...

from bundles to bricks they like damn he couldn't, bundles wit tha dips they like damn he wouldn't. well who would then? and if we aint cakin, we damn good actors like cube goodin...

fuck that nigga, pussy ass nigga, straight murda that boy and every pussy thats wit him. sit him in a trunk, tell em lets have fun, no noise, silencer on the end of the gun. my boys get the paper just as quick as it come, and if you standin in the way then mama missin a son...

fuck wit me wrong, i fuck wit ya home, like a letter to tha wife say ya husband is gone. like muslim im calm, but like muslim ill bomb, and beat tha track up like a hundred arms. im funky like underarms, the engineer's recordin a thunderstorm...

fuckin wit tha boy, baby thats a gamble. if he won in vegas, leave em on the crap table. i'm willin and i'm able to come run up in ya stable, like nobody make a sound, where the paper, where the paper. gotta get it, gotta have it, once i got it ima spend it, then its back to doin any damn thing just to get it..

gun on me faithfully, nina how i adore ya, how i hold ya from the side when i control ya, i wont miss. dont slip, then i get closer and i cant miss, stand over em like a pianist with no pitch..

harlem a rough route, get snuffed out in a tough bout, the streets is full of smoke from guns and people gettin puffed out. i stay somethin like a sculpture livin out my fuckin culture, my crews a buncha vultures wit tha 38s in holsters...

harlem im appalled, we fell off but back on, nigga time to ball. 145th and lennox, 3 piece suit, bean pies, final call, gun up in ya spinal cord...

holla at ya boy, its weezy baby they label me a problem and i probably am so i dont knock em, i pop up in that broccoli lamb on choppas, wit an old school bitch, she got on doorknockers..

i am more than compelled and honored to expel this hell that's inside of my shell for fuckas who want it. violence, yea that bullshit right up my alley, chasin you right up the alley wit a gun fixin to kill you cuz i feel you was the one fuckin wit my family..

i been on wallstreet, beat street, greg street. that's dallas, atlanta, i style wit them hammers, i wild wit ya nana, doggystyle on tha hamper. you get ripped apart, thats hit wit darts, you kids aint smart. pop pop pop, i lit the dark, im the wizard dog come get some heart..

i bleed wit them dudes, im part of tha crew, dont move cuz you right in tha route of the gunmouth. when it talk, you know what come out, baritone. nigga nigga young wayne from el capital..

i blew up before i grew up, got introduced to the game now im at they heads like crewcuts. suit up and lace ya boots up, its wartime, its weezy baby no cryin, no lyin..

i can show you how to lift a fifth, or twist a bitch, but im tryna sell more pies than mrs. smith. not adam sandler but call me big daddy, cuz when im warmin up caine it's big daddy...

i did drivebys, now i take you on top of a high rise, see if you can skydive. i bring it to you at ya local gymnasium, how bout tha palladium, fuck it yankees staduim..

i dont care ill put the flame in the fire, christian, atheist you pray to elijah. dont play okay, just pray i dont snipe ya, cuz wit the sk, doggy im okay. my AK was my AKA before my ABC's had me A-OK..

i follow john gotti, joe pesci, armed robbery. hardbody, body ma, doggy fuck up ya body parts. call us the shotti mob, yall call up the squalie squad. party hard, get it on wit squalie in the party, pop..

i got my eyes on the sparrow, though my path is narrow, my angels is shadows i saddle up and get to fuckin battle, automatics up like nigga fuck whoever...

i hear thugs claim they gon rob the mobb when they see us, tell you what black here's the issue. it's a package deal, you rob me, you take these missiles along wit that. i aint ya average cat, fuck rap, im tryna make cream and thats that..

i think its time i made a song for niggas who dont know me, i graduated out the streets, ima real o.g. i been trappin, shootin pistols since i stood 4'3, so all you niggas actin bad you gon have to show me...

i walked in this buildin wit all these bangas, and all these niggas look like targets to me. whats a drought to you may be a bargain to me, cuz i just may be sittin on a carton of keys..

if a nigga try and jack then we comin back like hip hop, got tha bullets comin out tha pump runnin thru ya stomach, back like a runningback. i aint got tha emmitt smith bitch i got this dorsett, ar-33 shootin like a cowboy..

if i blam it'll kill, never ran never will, the only thing that bleed on me is these jeans on my timbs. hat low, there's not a weak link in my squad. LL, in too deep, im thinkin im god. as far as rappers, im thinkin they frauds, call em all rubik's cubes cuz i really used to think they was hard..

ill put you niggas in the closet, in the shirt space. you niggas yellow like sesame street bird's place. worst case scenario: burial, two tone carrera like mascara, ugggh...

illuminate, my team'll glow like radiation, with no time for patience or complication. let's get it done right, my click airtight. trapped in a neverending gunfight, so niggas lose stripes and lose life...

im a cat wit nine lives but everyday i risk em, pop shot the glock at the cop and missed em, now he's all up in tha system. upstate, payin tha crime, slayin tha time, my moms is down here prayin for mine, cuz im like steiner livin life one day at a time..

im fuckin wit them birds, without feedin em seeds, thats greed you dont know bout it. full clip how i go bout it, full body, hardbody im like god got em..

im mad vexed, gimme ya address and ill deliver, stand and watch ya shiver as the bullets travel thru ya liver. this nigga bloodshed is mad rough, battlin me is like jumpin inside tha river while ya handcuffed...

im not a biter, im a writer for myself and others. i say a big verse, im only biggin up my brotha. biggin up my borough, im big enough to do it, im that thorough, plus i know my own flow is foolish. so the rings and things you sing about, bring em out. its hard to yell when tha barrel's in ya mouth..

im on the corner from sun up to sundown, competition gettin hectic, im headed to outta town. what i was sellin for 20, niggas sellin for 10, so im bout to take to drastic measurements for my ends..

im quick to hurt a fool cuz money got that murda pull, dont leave my house without the gun mask and surgicals. dont tell me how i act or sound, i pack a mack and pound and strap em down and clap them clowns, i never seen a cap and gown..

im the senator, clean up just like the janitor, wrap the grams in saran wrap, i stay within the parameters..

im waitin, im sittin, im patient, im loadin, im clickin, im spittin, im spittin, im spittin, im spittin till it's clickin and clickin i aint trippin im givin em to tha river, callin em shark dinner. they human tuna, weezy baby, lex luger, freddy krueger, do ya..

ima BK brawler, marcy projects hallway loiterer, pure coke copper, get ya order up. bring em to baltimore in tha ford explorer, but its gonna cost you more if i gotta get em to florida..

i'ma relent infuriated that you hated, and pap pap can't fade it. we stay heavily sedated, comin now back up my buck get shaken. deeply dreamin bout this demon my daddy told me was comin, trapped in the form of a bad omen, it's wicked it was written..

in the collision, i seen their ambition. but they dont know them days i was stooped up and pitchin, or all them hot summers i was cooped up in the kitchen. when it came to grams, it was 90 i fried. 350 on the stove and it's 90 outside..

in the game, put up or shut up, ill hit ya head up, blicka bang. byrdgang and the birdman j., lil wayne, it'll hang otha words to tha stake, feel my pain. fireman, i spark in tha rain, i walk thru tha flames, all for tha change...

i's tha nigga wit tha mask on that will gat dudes for jewels, aint gotta say it, that dude the truth. make me put that tool to use, and these niggas'll be in tha game shakin like mahmoud abdul-rauf..

its more than shrimps, its whores and pimps. the difference in our crimes, yours attempts. attempt burglary, attempt theft you just begun. im grand theft auto, racketeering, larceny, conspiracy, murder one..

jackers never had a chance, set em in the ambulance, they hopped out the van, i started shootin like a camerman. top down, hit the switch and let it drop down, passin by ya on the ground, they can hear me underground..

keep talkin, tha flame leap off tha hip and keep sparkin, pap pap sleep softly. nap nap, napasck three 40s like fuck anotha nigga, nigga just dont be tha target. young new orleans nigga, nigga just dont be retarded, we done lost everything and you lookin like a bargain...

killa, i pinch that button, i grip that snub to hit that thug, lay up in a pitch black tug. you lookin at rich black thugs to get that love, i wont stop till i get back Blood..

little inside joke for you cocksuckas, my block sucka? popcorn and hot butta, like it's the movie theater, but it's the uzi area, whoodi whoo call dudes in blue, produce hysteria. and me i aint no coattail bitch, i get the motel 6, with them wholesale bricks..

me and my soldiers know the rules to use, case we get locked by the dudes in blue, keep ya mouth locked screwed and glued. or shots from the ruger duke will circle round ya body like a hula hoop..

millimeters, red dot find a spot, head shot body drop, two fingers im out. gunslinger, hollygrove, fireman, kinda hot, tie ya ass up and leave ya body in the loadin dock...

money money money get a dollar and a dick, weezy baby that crack muthafucka get a fix. got money out the ass, no homo but im rich, bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds in my wrist..

my gat makes more noise than roman candles, i stay in murda scandals and dust tha fingerprints off burner handles. and i left jehovah slain, i dont cry over pain cuz i puff fat dimes of novacaine. murda astrologists, mad cases of manslaughter, raped this man's daughter put tha shit on camcorder..

my homie told me dude finish ya breakfast. so thats what i'ma do, take you back to the dude with the lexus, fast forward the jewels and the necklace. let me tell you dudes what i do to protect this, shoot at you actors like movie directors..

my nine'll seem like its a time machine, b.c. date you, jackin you more then ripper, my fifth's an organ shifter, the human organism lifter, you'll be hearin organs and be leavin orphans if ya let these 4s hit ya where tha lord split ya..

never prejudge, it be the humble that squeeze slugs, it be the ones standin still that'll peel guns. spill blood for my dunns thuggin for me, man you dont wanna get involved fuckin wit p. i spent more nights illin, less nights chillin, the more shots it hold the better they feel it, what be tha dealins...

nigga we bustin and bustin till tha banga bust, naw we dont run for tha olympics but tha flame wit us. i got that tussin, that scummy and that angeldust, so pick ya high i will supply and correct change is wassup...

nigga we dont like yall, hell yea we will fight yall, we aint on no tyson shit, we aint tryna bite yall. knuckin if you buckin, prolly bust it at ya cousin, we youngins that bout somethin, yall niggas aint bout nothin..

niggas be runnin and duckin the bullets, they try to escape me but only get sprayed. gotta get away when the popo's chase me, so me ready with me gauge, bang bang put em in they coffin, buck pump dumpin dead bodies..

niggas like fuck is he stupid, cops wanna cuff me, do it. you wanna be a hero snuff me, do it, rush me, do it. shit, like i aint been thru the scars and bruises, like i aint been thru the bars, seen the sergeant troopers..

nina serafina my girl so then i baby her, wave at her and you crazy fugazis im too brazy, 3 brazys deep, we got 380's and p-89s, 9's, m10's, m1's and 12 gauges, shell cases, money put up for jail cases, bail make it..

now a nigga got bakin to bay, harlem shake naw im in harlem shakin the weight. shakin the bake, shakin the jakes, kill you, shoot the funeral up and harlem shake at ya wake..

now come and fall to me hollow points now, pow, pullin they body underground, put em in the grave they lay away down..

old coke they raise up and snort, blaze up ya fort, jay, puff, shyne, cases was caught. midnight pick fights, they love a victim. watch 'em fore they watch you...killa..

one day you here, and the next day you gone, cuz some nigga set you up on the phone. shit i play it how it go, im in a league of my own. you aint gotta front me shit nigga, im buyin my own..

playa hatin me, all that bullshit is just makin me more the betta to concentrate on gettin chedda. if shorty set you up you better dead her...

please get em my schedule, let em know that im open, pick a day when im free and put beef. c'mon, let me know that im hopin they trippin, we can get it in motion, you get to know fishes. leavin you in tha ocean, pistols drippin, wit all these banana clips and we aint slippin..

put me in the dirt and watch me bloom, put me in the jungle bet im comin back wit all tha food. put me in the streets bet im comin back wit money, yea bitch nigga run it, bitch nigga run it, yea bitch nigga run it...

quick tip, quit sippin that patron, that shit will get you flipped like a baton, in two arms. who calm, im calm, you calm? tick tick, make a nigga drop the bomb. read it, im from hollygrove vietnam, military status: captain, don...

realize im attached to tha mob, sell the crack in the park, blow the sacks in the saab. the chrome give you skin burn, in ya dome like ringworms, and niggas comin home, they my interns..

reporters shootin photos and killa shootin tha glock, im loco, drinkin vodka dolo, sellin yayo in acapulco. so all tha fame without the fortune god damn you wrong, killa cam cam'ron survivor of tha amazon...

runnin off the scene, hammer in my jeans, dead bodies behind me the cops will never find me. arm and hammer clean, on my way to the honeycomb, hustle all night tell my bitch im never comin home..

seen paid in full, now im up in blockbuster. and im paid in full, still on the block, busta. 94 rock rucker, 01 rob rucker, shogun, show guns, blow one, you not gutta..

shots thru the drivers side, that mean the driver died, car crash kill the passenger, double homocide. we in all black like amistad, they call our crew old school cuz we walk around wit 99s..

sit back, toss dice in the nick trap. serve thick crack in white t's and fitted caps. these aint raps this my life, you just spit raps. i been a hustla all my life, gimme 6 stacks..

slide out the ferrari, i come to wet up the party and baby i can shoot like robert horry or corey maggette. ready for the impossible, im colossal fool, and yall niggas just molecules. dont know how to build a house but i got a box of tools, im talkin bout that pop pop pap pap bang bang blacka boom...

smokin drankin im like a fish, and ill prolly shit on ya bitch, prolly piss on her lips and she prolly give you a kiss. nasty, hollygrove classic, party wit a nigga and rob tha same bastid. ask em, we dont give a fuck about a casket, nigga this tha murda cappy, niggas is murda happy...

son these dudes is broke, dont know the feelin of bread. they in debt, tampon niggas, still in the red. and the fans keep askin if ya man stop beefin, i call em mr. fantastic, tell em stop reachin..

soon you see that lifes just another movie, and the main character dies at the end usually. theres nothin that havent been done that you can do to me, i been hit i been shot, nigga shoot at me..

straight mo thug nigga, return from the clair, test this hustla, better not dare. we thug on the block and distributin yayo, lil layzie be there daily collectin me bankrolls..

street mergers i legislated, the nerve i never hated, murders premeditated, absurd i hesitated. observe, cock and spray, hit you from a block away, drinkin sake on a suzuki we in osaka bay..

they call me mr. carter, i kiss tha daughter of the dead's forehead, i killed the father. spilled the heart of a mildew hater, i will put them body on chill like glaciers, gracias. im craziest, its obvious, goin against me is atheist..

this money be temptin me to jump out tha mpv, empty three clips of hollowtips wit no sympathy. since fourteen, i sold morphine for more green, kept dope in tha nautica coat, under tha drawstring..

to my niggas that aint ho's, if they have to they can steal a nigga, touch a nigga, check a nigga, cut a nigga, pull a trigga, bust a nigga, die muthafuckin nigga..

walk wit heat cuz talk is cheap, so dunn stay silent. revolvers, automatics, guns stay silent. when it comes to beef it becomes a talent, remember me, odb, i'm the one from violence, killa..

we 8 digits, you play frigid, killa dont cook he blaze biscuits, around us straight midgets. jewels we keep frozen, yall keep dozin, a wolf in sheeps clothin, streets buzzin, v-dozen..

we bring tha bus in, we bustin like this thang for us, you niggas is sleeveless man yall cant hang wit us. i got a bitch who speaks spanglish, she keeps her bangles danglin and tha cocaine is right up in her anus..

we the midwest gun cartel, nigga. yea, we'll just clap up ya brain, snatch up ya chain, see dog rap is my aim. but i'm a hustla, in my heart trapped is the game, attached to my frame, tapped to my brain, the fact still remains..

weezy f kinda nice wit tha glock, but im betta then that wit tha rock, tryna land me a spot at tha roc, and my city got word of that, niggas want me to hook em up with rocks..

weezy fuckin baby, get him a leash, young money dipset ya better believe. that gun got me walkin like i got irregular knees, i be all over the bread like sesame seeds. automatic wit the money like reggie for 3, big birds no sesame street..

weezy's real, them other niggas folklore. im connected, i got more hoods than coat stores. im successful, i got more shit than you can hope for, and i got thru that water like a boat oar..

well im a hollygrove nigga, got that 17 in me, pussy ass niggas bring that 17 out me. if ever he doubt me, he'd do better by leap leapin off a mountain, turnin the gun around and skeet skeetin it in ya mouth, and southman outstanding flow, ready for the drama like knot's landing ho..

whatever it takes, however it gots to go down, four mics on stage, a muthafuckin four pound. speakers leakin out sound and niggas leakin on the ground, i could truly care less the god gon get his regardless, blow for blow lets find out who went hardest. this rap artist used to be a stickup artist..

when the slugs burst, g. rap be aimin at ya mug first, niggas is blood thirst, we'll see who get plugged worst. we dug earth to place you, put the nickel-platers to your facial, bullets aint racial kid they only hate you...

whether its 16 bars or 16 bricks, move em one at a time, i'll take 16 trips. im in the kitchen with the white, choppas by the backdoor. mind on my money, but i swear that shit stacked dough..

yall dont let a bitch trap me, cuz then she swimmin wit villains. broke both rules, killt women and children. for niggas up in sing-sing, in the bing, sing. send em shine so they sing songs like bling bling..

yall niggas dreamed it, i seen it, body warm, heart anemic. coke, a nigga steamed it, fiends i leaned em, beamer leaned it. guns, really beam it, rarely miss, what's really good? bikes, wheelie and cream it. ima genius, poppadoppalous, never leavin..

yall niggas play around, guns i wave around, nigga better stay down, lay down, weigh pounds, put em on a greyhound right up to k-town. the boy get nasty, till law enforcement blast me. sawed off and im happy, raw with the crack b, put it right off of plaski..

yall sucka ass niggas keep playin wit me, fuck around see me wit an AK in tha streets. start bustin, makin muthafuckas lay in the streets, all cause of what a nigga say on a beat. look, ima g thats sayin the least, from trappin to sprayin the heat to wearin a ki. shit, all the attention you was payin to me, shoulda been mindin ya business and keepin it pimpin..

yea im heavy mayne, so you should reconsider, i hit ya one time, fuck up ya equilibrium. i got rhythm, yea i got soul yall, i travel all around tha world like a postcard..

yea, and tell em bout hollygrove, tell em bout my last show, tell em bout my last ho. you know, just born to mack, call me dione sanders bring the corner back. im in my prime, niggas fallin back, that's right im comin baby hard as crack..

yea, yea, it's my year so...okay, okay, okay, yall cant fuck wit me, no way. jose or hector cumacho, teck blow and watch yo chest close to tacos..muthafucka im tha best, i told yall before, i showed yall before..

yo the heavy metal king hold big shit with spare clips, you see a clipse when the mac spit, ya top got split. layin dead wit open eyes, close his eyelids, turn off his lights switch to darkness..

yo there's a war goin on outside no man is safe from, it dont matter if you 3 feet or 8'1, you get 8 from the 9m, straight blown, wig split, melon cracked, all that on day one..

yo when the gats reveal you cats get peeled and thats tha deal, fuck the bitch ass who switch fast, niggas that lack the real...

yo, yo, yo where im from they let the cartridge blast, everybody smart in math, loansharks wit cash runnin from the narcs and task. streets arts and craft? cmon, i start to laugh, cuz i almost caught a case wit rich parker's ass..

you aint tha best, what memo got sent? if you got dogs, what kennel they in? so if you wanna get fresh like a mentos mint, then it'll tempt those men wit clips longer than leno's chin..

you gon make me bring tha chevy to a real slow creep, my niggas hangin out the window mouth full of gold teeth. when the guns start poppin wonder when its gon cease, choppa hit you in tha side and create a slow leak..

young maine for president, i prolly paint the white house black if it was my residence. bush back in office, some niggas feel thats irrelevant, cuz they still peddlin this medicine but anyway, anyday, i can swerve out quick and make my semi spray, send some of my men ya way, just to blow ya men away. stephan marbury type, bullets they like to penetrate, young money we outta school but we got chemistry..

young run thru you niggas, like a glitch in a computer nigga. im the shit, im a sewer nigga. this is jay everyday, no days off, ferris bueller nigga...

young, hova the god nigga, blasphemy. im at the trump international, ask for me. i aint never scared, im everywhere you aint never there. nigga why would i ever care, pound for pound im the best to ever come round here..

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