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Greentext is a stream-of-consciousness poetic artform, unique to 4chan, that is designed to put the user in the speaker's point of view. It's as if a person created a core dump of their thoughts during a point in their lifetime, and that shift in viewpoint is almost akin to reading a text adventure from the 1980s.

It's a very easy and accessible literary form that makes it possible for storytellers to post their tale without going through typical narrative structure or long verbal imagery.

It is characterized by the use of > quote markers, which turns text green, the lack of capitalization or periods, a starting command stating "be me, some kind of anon with certain characteristics" and a first-person tense that puts the reader in the author's shoes.

Addition Guide

Because Markdown interprets > as a quote, just as it's normally used for, (and Markdown concatenates lines, which gets really annoying), special transformations are needed to post greentext here.

But don't worry, we've created a Greentext to Markdown converter.

  1. Open the Greentext to Markdown converter.
  2. Paste your greentext in the "Text" box.
  3. Copy the converted result from the "Substitution" box, and paste it in this wiki.
  • A Github account is necessary to edit the wiki.


Greentexts that will make you cry.

We are two of soul

Doctor is Credit to Team

Golden Cross Necklace


Embarrassing moments in an anon's everyday life. spaghetti everywhere

South American Nisekoi


/v/ x /s4s

if I see that fucking chick one more time

top cute

> /v/ continues to play through a boring video game on easy difficulty
> He's failing hard
> "Fuck this shit, I'm done," he mutters, throwing the controller on the ground.
> The doorbell rings.
> /v/ gets up and trudges to the door.
> "If it's Vivian, I swear..."
> /v/ opens the door and looks outside
> There's a little girl towing a wagon with a large box in it
> Oh, it's [s4s].
> "Fuck off," /v/ bluntly says.
> "Would you like to buy some Meme Scout cookies?" [s4s] offers. "They're only two keks a pop."
> /v/ digs into his pockets
> Nothing but spaghetti.
> "No, get lost," he says, slamming the door in [s4s]'s face.
> He turns around to change the video game and play something else.
> And trips over something
> "Fuck! Dammit!" /v/ shouts, holding his shin. He hobbles up and looks at what tripped him over.
> It's the wagon with the large box in it.
> /v/ was confused, he was sure he didn't pay for it. And he was sure [s4s] didn't leave it behind.
> "Whatever, free cookies for me," /v/ shrubs, opening the box.

> "Surprise!" shouts a jumping figure from inside the box.
> /v/ falls back and screams.
> "The fuck!?" he shouts.
> It's [s4s].
> "How the fuck did you get in?" /v/ fumes.
> "I was in the box the whole time, silly."
> "But weren't in..." /v/ stammers, before shaking his head. "Whatever, I don't want your cookies."
> "But I just heard you say-"
> "You misheard, kid."
> /v/ picks up [s4s] and leads her to the front door.
> He opens it and then pushes the girl out.
> "Now, make like a tree and fuck off."
> For the second time, he slams the door and looks through the peephole, making sure [s4s] was walking away.
> Once she was out of sight, he sighed. "Weird," he said.
> /v/ walked into the kitchen.
> Maybe the news would calm him down.
> He stood still as he saw the newspaper being held up.
> Someone was in his kitchen.
> "/pol/, get out," /v/ said.
> The figure didn't respond.
> "Whoever the fuck that is, OUT!"
> No response.
> /v/ stormed over and ripped the newspaper out of the figure's hands.
> /v/ paused, sweating hard.

> "Wow /v/, that was rude, I was reading that," [s4s] said.
> /v/'s jaw began to quiver.
> "I...but I...y-you..."
> "What's wrong?"
> Something snapped in /v/'s head.
> His eye began to twitch.
> There was foam escaping his mouth.
> And out of his mouth came a roar.
> Running out of the room, /v/ screamed curses while blaming skeletons and feminists and /x/.
> Kicking the door down, he sprinted down the street toward's /x/'s cabin in the woods.
> Once she was sure /v/ had gone, [s4s] hopped off the chair and walked outside.
> Rounding /v/'s house, she called out.
> "/i/, /c/, he's gone, come out!"
> Seconds later, both /i/ and /c/ sprinted around the corner, both disguised quite convincingly as [s4s].
> /c/ grabbed a hose and splashed some water into her hand, rubbing it through her hairstyle to remove the dye, returning her hair to its typical blonde tone.
> "I can't believe that worked!" /c/ giggled as /i/ washed her hair.
> "He got so scared!" [s4s] laughed. "What should we do to his place while he's out?"
> "Cover his walls in Post-It notes that say 'sticky'?" /i/ suggested.
> "Great idea!" [s4s] agreed. "We can't stay long, /cgl/ and /fa/ want your clothes back by eight."

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