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Antonizoon edited this page Aug 20, 2014 · 3 revisions,also known as Herpin Derp specializing in raid and cancer tools. It is a resource for many raidfags, allowing them to SMS, Email, and Spam Bombing without needing to download programs to their computer.

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This became the original domain of Herpin Derp, only having the SMS Bomber and Email Bomber at the time. It was very popular until it closed down because of their previous hosting company 1and1 banning the domain and host.

After this Ugleh (creator of raged and went with an offshore host now known as


The site is named after the phrase "Herpa Derp", seeing as if something could be Herpa it could be Herpin'd allowing a domain hack for the word and the directory /Derp/.

The "Raiding Hub" was started back in September 2009, and since had a couple hundred unique hits a day. In August of 2010 it was recorded there was an Estimated 3k unique views in just 2 weeks.

With the SMS Bomber, Email Bomber, and Temporary Email Service you'd expect a lot of mail being sent a day. Here is an image showing you how many emails are being sent an hour. File:Z6pwxs.png

With all this abuse, also gets raped threw its bandwidth, with over 2tb of bandwidth a month.


Ugleh the creator of is a programmer and lazy ass. --Ugleh 04:09, 25 August 2010 (CDT) For some private information, he is currently in College majoring Web Developer (Just for the degree), he is 20 years old, and he lives by himself in a rented apartment. His light bill is usually $45-51 a month (AWESOME1!!), and he doesn't care if people hold his dox, it just makes him feel more of a threat.

After reading this text message Ugleh decided to create a ban system and a lot of security for shit like that.

Someone asked Ugleh once, why do you name yourself Ugleh? A: No its not because I dont think I am Ugly, I call myself Ugleh because it looks catchy, its my business's Name, and I like the fact that everyone has the word "sexy" in their username, when the majority of those people are really ugly, so I assume I did the opposite and it stuck.


List of the tools Herpin Derp provides.

SMS Bomber

Herpin Derp's SMS Bomber was their first ever tool, which started off the site, originally meant to be just a private site for friends.

Email Bomber

Herpin's Second tool, based on the SMS Bombers design it allows people to Email Bomb or Email Spoof anyone they want.

IP Lookup

Lookup an IP's location, address, or gmap that can be found using the IP.

IP Getter

Great and funny tool to alternatively getting someones IP address.

Temporary Email

Temporary Emails that last 20 minutes, and you can regain the 20 minutes back is a spinoff of 10minutemail.

Post Data Spammer

allows people to Spam post data to sites that don't use captcha or login.

Herp Tools

Newest product allowing people to use hacking and professional tools like Bulk Email Validation and Password Generator.

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