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Hiimdaisy is an artist who created long, satirical, and entertaining comics that point out all the frustrations or plot holes in popular video games.

Many of Hiimdaisy's work was adapted into amazing comic dubs by the Comic Dubber community.

What Happened to Hiimdaisy?

Because Hiimdaisy deleted her all old comics on Photobucket and Livejournal, we are scraping together what little we can find. Why are artists so prone to let their masterpieces burn?

Hiimdaisy now produces a new comic called Cucumber Quest, and blogs on Tumblr under the username Gigi D. G.

Comic Archives

Comic Dubs

The crowning achievements of Hiimdaisy are enshrined in these incredible comic dubs.

Comic Dub Translations

Hiimdaisy's Comic Dubs have constantly been imported into other cultures in the global internet. They have translations for Traditional Chinese and Japanese. We have to somehow extract the subs...


Similar Artists

  • Shizima Daichi - Draws in a similar style to Hiimdaisy, specifically for her Devil Survivor II comic. A comic dub was created for it by ShadowPuppyVA.

Fanmade Tributes


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