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WE ARE A LEGION. Semi-frequent /a/ meme pointing out that people who spend too much time on 4chan have internalized certain memes, and when given familiar stimulus (like flamebait) different Anonymous will respond with similar answers in rapid succession. Ironically, pointing out examples of "hivemind" has also been subjected to hivemind phenomenon. Came from the concept of individual insects having no personal thoughts and relying only on collective instinct; possible derivation of /v/ memes involving the Zerg from Starcraft. The meme has since spread to /co/ and /tg/ as well, in the later case having become popular because the Tyranids from Warhammer 40K actually DO have a hive-mind, as they were the creatures Zerg were originally based on.

often misinterpret what a Hivemind is; to be a Hivemind, several criteria have to be met.

  • Has to be in the same minute in 4chan's poster time stamp
  • Can't be a simple answer to a question (I.E. Yes or No)
  • Must contain at least 3 words
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