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Horrible Monster

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###12829018 OP pic Let me tell you a story about a horrible monster. Like most horrible monsters, she was a small, pretty girl. I met her in elementary school, before she became a terrifying beast. I didn't actually become "friends" with her until high school, before that she was a fairly normal child , I believe. But around the start of high school, she started to change. Or rather, everyone else did. Boys started working out and idolizing rock stars, girls started wearing tight clothes and fucking everything that moved, but she stayed the same. She called herself Baby. While the other students started finding interest in the opposite sex, Baby still found interest in stuffed animals and fluffy skirts. Being a true robot, I had no friends when I started high school. Like a lot of you, the first lunch period of freshman year, I had no where to sit. There was one completely empty table behind the disabled kids, which I assume was empty because no one wanted to sit by the disabled kids. But I had no where else. I sat down at the table on the far side of the kid who was listening to head phones and rocking enthusiastically. I have nothing against disabled kids, he was just rocking into the chair behind him; Elmo Goes Over the Hill is a party song. Shortly after I sat down and accepted that I would die alone as all robots do, something fluffy and pink appeared in the corner of my eye. I looked up; it was a pretty girl. I said, "H-Hel-Helsdfbgbfdfd." She smiled at me vacantly and said, "May I sit with you?" Not realizing that she was just being polite, not that she hadn't heard me, I breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Sure."

###12829040 She sat, carefully straightening her skirts. She said nothing as she ate a tiny lunch. Again, being a true robot, I didn't know when to keep my mouth shut. I asked her, "What's you're name?" She smiled lightly and said, "Baby." I laughed and said, "Seriously?" She turned toward me, she had big dark eyes and chubby pink cheeks. She really did look like a baby. She said, "Yes," and went back to eating. I realized I had been rude. I said, "Sorry, I thought you were joking." She said nothing. "My name is Jake." She said, "That's fine." I didn't know what to say to that, she didn't sound sarcastic at all. So I said nothing. We sat together at lunch every day for the rest of the year. Saying nothing every single day.

There's nothing wrong with any of that though, not really.

###12829334 We weren't really friends, clearly, we just sat together for forty minutes per day. But I saw her through out the day too and sometimes action came to her. Early on in the year, some girls came up to her at lunch. They were your average whores, 14-year-olds wearing Ugg boots tucked into skinny jeans who had already taken three dicks in the ass a piece. Apparently, these whores had beef with Baby. A girl with a ridiculous poof of hair at the front of her head walked up next to baby and tipped her little Hello Kitty lunch box over. She said, "You look like the Barbie isle at Wal-Mart puked on you." Baby looked up at her with her empty smile and round eyes and said, "That's a terribly rude thing to do, you know." The poof-headed whore laughed, "Who fucking cares what you think? Fucking dyke. No one cares what happens to you. Why don't you go home? Why don't you kill yourself too?" I was quite shocked, never having seen girl-bullying before. The bullying I was used to was somebody bigger than you punches you in the arm, calls you a fag, and then walks away. Baby wasn't having none of that shit. She stood up, still smiling, pushed her chair in, and whispered into the girl's ear. The look on her face melted into fear. She backed up. She said, "You're a freak! Cunt! Fucking faggot! Kill yourself!" as she kept backing up and eventually ran away. The other girls stared. I, too, stared. Baby sat back down and cleaned up her lunch. The other girls left, presumably to find their friend. I asked Baby, "What did you say to her?" Baby said, "Nothing that wasn't true."

That was a little unusual...


12829334 I asked Baby, "What did you say to her?"

spoiler: pic related

so we can stop wasting time on this shit

###12829521 image

12829365 Nope, they're both girls. Sorry to disappoint.

Baby was the calmest person I had ever met. A few other instances of girl-bullying happened, but every time, baby gave them no fun reaction, so it stopped fairly quickly. But one day, something awful happened. As Baby and I were leaving the cafeteria, and Baby was going to the library to skip gym as usual, someone spilled soup on her. Now, even as a normal person, it sucks when someone spills food on you. But for Baby, someone spilling food on you is comparable to being burned with fireplace poker. She shrieked as though she'd just seen a baby carriage hit by a car. The boy who did it was grinning like a little faggot and his friend elbowed him and said, "Whoops." Baby. Wasn't having. None of that shit. She grabbed his face with her long, decorated fingernails and dug at his eyes. His friend left him and ran. Everyone around us ran too. The boy flailed and punched her as he tried to get away. I stood and watched because I'm fucking useless. The principal and school monitor came running in eventually, a lunch lady had run to the office and told them what was happening. They pulled her off of him, her little pink Mary Janes kicking. She screamed, "MYYYYY BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!" as they carried her away.

It was fucking crazy. The boy was mostly okay.


12829521 if this doesn't end in yandere sex between you and her, i'll be disappointed

###12829668 image


12829668 Meant to add

looks like that guy now has

special eyes


###12829769 Baby didn't show up at school for a month. I figured that she had been expelled or sent to the alternative school. But then, a month later, Baby came back, in a fluffy mint green dress and little mint green matching shoes, smiling her vacant smile like nothing had happened. At first i was hit with a rush of joy, she was back! MY lunch friend was back! But then I remembered, this girl violently assaulted a boy for pouring soup on her. I was still excited though. I asked, "Baby, how are you? Where have you been?" Baby's smile seemed to become less doll-like and more genuine. Maybe she thought it was nice that someone had missed her. She said, "I go to the hospital sometimes. They just need to make sure I'm alright." "Oh, did you get burned by it or something?" "No." "Oh, so like a mental hospital?" "...Yes, like that." "So you didn't get in trouble or anything?" "No. That boy was in the wrong. He did a horrible thing and he was punished for it. I did nothing wrong, why would I get into trouble?" Maybe because you clawed a guy's eye out? But I said, "Oh, I was just wondering." And that was the last we spoke of it.

Maybe girls really do get special treatment.



Is that all there is to this story?


12829808 To the story of her return, yes. But there are more stories coming.

I guess I should switch to greentext.

been eating lunch with Baby for almost the whole year summer is coming Baby actually talks to me "Would you like to come over to my house?" pretty girl asking me to come over? she did maul a baby but she's a girl and I might get to touch boob "Y-Yes." "Wonderful. I'd like to have you over tomorrow at noon, is that alright?" "Y-Yes." "Good." home on Saturday getting ready to go over mom doesn't want me to go she knows about the attack tell mom not to cockblock me dad agrees she gives up dad drives me to her house Baby greets me at the door "Hello, please come in. I hope you didn't have any trouble finding your way here." "N-No trouble." boob on my mind, boob on my mind I might touch a boob today walk through the living room her parents are there they say hello they both look me up and down I guess I don't look so good, or at least not like what they would expect her to bring home they look normal and so does the house I'm just a dumpy little fat man her dad says to leave the door open she says, "Yes, of course, Daddy." as she leads me upstairs. she quietly says, "Daddy is always afraid that I'll let some dirty nasty boy touch me and get me pregnant." o-oh



12830047 she opens the door to her room it's it's a baby's room, yes the floor is covered in a large, fluffy, pink rug the giant bed has a fluffy blanket on it stuffed animals fucking everywhere they're everywhere there is a human-size stuffed bear sitting at one of those short Japanese tables there are cups and a teapot sitting on the table she gestures me in I walk in she says to take off my shoes I do she tells me to sit I do next to the bear his unseeing eyes stare out into the fluff she sits with us she starts to pour us tea she offers me a cup I thank her I start to sip she says, "Careful." it tastes horrible and burn-y spit it back into the cup "It's whiskey." I hold my little cup and stare at her. she says, "You don't like it? I can get you something else." I tell her it's fine just because I don;t want to get my eyes gouged out we sit the bear and sip our whiskey she finally says, "So?" "I'm sorry?" "So, what do you think?" "Of what?" "My room. What do you think of my room?" "It's... nice." she smiled and nodded, pleased the bear sighed in relief "Would you like to come over again some time?" "Okay." "Wonderful. I'm quite fond of you. You don't put up a fight like other people. You're better than them, you know." "Th-Thanks, I like you too." we sat in silence for several more hours her mom brought us tea cakes at some point I went home hammered

More to come, I have to take a break for awhile, internet trouble.


I'm quite fond of you. You don't put up a fight like other people. You're better than them, you know.

this shit gave me shivers. have a bump lil nigga


12830217 it's whiskey

I lost it


12830217 This story is giving me nightmares keep going

###12830986 image

OP stops posting yfw it's because she found him

###12831117 image dON'T WorRY aNoNYmous. OP iS ALRight. HE and i WIll pOst more STories of oUr wAcky mIsAdVENTURes soOOn enOUgh.

###12831267 image It's OP, I'm back, I'm really sorry about the delay, I didn't expect to have to leave for that long.


12831267 Type faster before she gets you and puts you in her dungeon.

###12831429 image So freshman year ended, I only saw her once over summer break. She gave me apple juice instead of whiskey.

first day of sophomore year everyone getting into their groups for the year I keep my eye out for Baby all morning, I haven't seen or heard from her since early summer the bell rings for class to start oh no did she move or something? go to class very disappointed all the classes are half length today because it's the first day about ten minutes into my third class, Foods & Cooking Baby saunters in looks like pic related but in black and mint her face looks so sweet but so empty she turns to the teacher and says, "I'm very sorry I'm late, I hope I'm not interrupting." the teacher is clearly just as amused as the rest of us she says, "You're fine, go sit down." Baby walks down the isle spots me "Hello, Jake." there's no other chair at my table get out of my seat push it closer to her crouch she smiles for real smooths her skirts and sits down I look around everyone is starring fuck you guys, I'm sitting with a pretty girl, I don't care if she looks like a circus I am gonna touch that boob



12831429 she smells like coconut I'd never had a class with her before this will be a great year I'm gonna touch that boob and who knows what else bell rings oh oh no Baby stands up oh no no please Baby looks at me "Is something wrong?" I was thinking about the boob and smelling a girl my dick is diamonds "I-I'm okay, I dropped something, you go on." She stares. "No you didn't." what do I do why god why would you do this I was going to touch the boob and who knows what else she grins suddenly "Oh. I see. I hope you find it." she skips away tuck my dick into my waist band and drag my shame with me to my next class

The first time a girl mortified me. Good times.


12831552 Baby started talking to me more in sophomore year. Which is great in a way, because at least I have some wild memories.

Baby has her driver's permit having a permit means you can drive, but only if you have an adult in the car with you Baby's car had tinted windows, so Baby wasn't havin none of that shit turns out Baby loves driving she asks me one night if I want to go somewhere her room "The park I guess?" "I think that would be lovely. Be ready at five." I do as I am told for some reason, I just don't argue with Baby Baby pulls up at my house at five I had warning to her arrival because the house started shaking and a car alarm got set off by her music her (her dad's, I believe) car looks fancy it's all black and shiny and shit it bounces as the music inside blares the passenger door swings open powermetal blasts me in the face I cover my ears on reflex can't even keep my cool for a second in front of a girl she sees my discomfort and turns it off "Ah, sorry about that, I wasn't thinking." "It's okay." I get in "So do you still want to go to the park?" "Oh, wasn't that the plan?" "Sure, sure. That's fine. I just wondered if there was somewhere you'd rather go." I just sit there like a fucking idiot "The park it is!" She smiles that chubby-cheeked smile at me she's a surprisingly good driver for someone with presumably no experience

but then...

###12831953 I don't mind the guys posting the fake story, this is /r9k/, it should be expected. I am going to start tripping though for the sake of clarity.

12831749 we aren't taking any roads that I know would lead to the park I ask, "Where are we going ?" "I just want to show you something first." dear god, let it be the boob "O-Okay." "And that's what I like about you, Jake. You don't question. You don't argue. You just know that I know what's best. You're one of the good ones, Jake, don't let anyone tell you otherwise." okay, that's not right "Th-Thank you." we drive for a long time it's late fall, so it starts getting dark she hasn't really said anything else since I'm getting a little creeped out she pulls over we're in the middle of nowhere it's just woods she says, "We're here." we get out I notice she's wearing hiking boots instead of little pastel shoes her whole outfit is actually much more simple than usual no extra bows or anything hanging off of her I'm getting very creeped out she says, "Are you ready?" no no I am not "Yeah I guess." she turns and walks into the woods I follow her it's getting seriously dark now I keep follow sound of her feet crunching over leaves until the sound stops she turns on a flashlight we're standing in front of a house a shitty old house that nature took back she smiles "Now we're really here." this is some blaire witch bullshit I'm not making any move she holds her milky little hand out "Come with me." "I-I'm sorry, I don't want to go in there." "Are you afraid?" "Yes." "Are you afraid of me?" ... "No..." "Then you shouldn't be afraid of anything." what "Take my hand." I still hesitate for a second I take her hand



12831953 Oh shit when will the skeleton pop out?


12831953 she says, "We're here." Oh fuck nigga pls let it be a door that you have to open to get on the floor

###12831999 image

12831953 Its over. OP got brutally rape-murdered in an abandoned house in the woods by a mentally unstable yandere. Its his ghost posting.

OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12832053

Maybe I should actually put the trip on, in that case.

12831953 she shines the flashlight at the floor and leads me in I think it's an old farmhouse she leads me in almost a circle through the house to two staircases side by side one goes up, one goes down "Which one do you want to follow?" whichever one leads the fuck out of here "Whichever one you want." she lets go of my hand and step in front of me she just stares at me for a while, not smiling "I'm glad I found you." she turns away and starts to disappear down the stairs I follow



12832053 She is going to sacrifice you to eldricht gods


12832175 believing that's op

I didn't know r9k consisted of retards...


12832198 12832161 Just go back to shitposting about sucking her dick, no need to be [spoiler]rude[/spoiler]

OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12832313

12832053 the basement really shows how ancient this house is the stairs are made of stone they're slippery with what feels like mud the flashlight hits the walls occasionally, from what I can tell, they're mostly just dirt please don't let me die having a god damn farm house fall on me in the woods actually, please don't let me die here at all, this has gotten way out of my control we get to the bottom it smells wet and coppery the floor is just dirt this is a Saw movie, isn't it she says, "I'm going to show you something. You won't tell anyone." "Okay." she shines the light at the far wall it's full of tools saws, hammers, things I don't recognize, saws, sharp things, saws this is literally a Saw movie now, I was just being a pussy before I stare in horror for a very long time I finally look at her she's staring at me her eyes are wide she's breathing hard "Well? What do you think?" "I-I..." "Tell me what you think about what you're seeing right now." "I-I'm scared." she keeps staring and huffing for a while she finally stops and regains her normal blank face she walks over to me slowly I back away "Stop. Don't run from me." I try to stop she wraps her arm around my waist she turns the flashlight off please god no no I don't deserve this I never even touched the boob she says, "I am so very fond of you. I don't want you to be afraid of me." asdgfsgasdfv "You never question me. You don't argue or disagree. You do everything I ask of you. You must really trust me." I just wanted to touch the boob you crazy bitch "You're better than all of the others. You deserve more. I want you to be mine. Would you like that?" well, if the other option is get murder in a cabin in the woods "Y-Yes." "Wonderful." she turned the flashlight back on she led me upstairs and back through the woods and to the car that thankfully hadn't been stolen or towed we said nothing on the entire drive back to my house

And so it really begins.


12832313 I bet it turns out she's secretly a wood worker who steals tools.


12832313 from what we know so far, there is literally no interpretation of this that could lead to the belief that she wasn't going to kill you if you said no

don't stick your dick in crazy


12832313 retards actually believing this is op

Ayy lmao

###12832353 image

12832313 I just wanted to touch the boob you crazy bitch

12832363 image

12832313 OP, you fucking imbecile. You had prime opportunity to rape the ever loving burando off of this lolita whore and you pussied out.


12832347 Fuck it I don't care if it's him or not, because it's the only post of any length we've actually seen and that's good enough for me. Thinking this story ever really happened.


12832347 I honestly don't care as long as I can enjoy the story.

Stuff like this is how I got through writing classes in hgihschool and college. I just rewrote greentexts off of /r9k/ since I'm too much of an autist to write about myself or make something up since I'm shit and it would be bad.


12832378 12832372 You guys didn't like my baby dick story? That was way more creative and entertaining than "op," implying it's actually op shit.


12832378 Oh shit nigga I remember when I realize you could make up stories in high school.

I was a huge writefag in school too but never left the house. Once I realized I could write about whatever I wanted people stopped thinking I was going to go all Supreme Gentleman on them and I had a blast in my last two years of school.

Used to piss off a new English teacher at our school by reading the entire chapter without stopping to let anyone else have a turn Put several allusions to my cock that the new teacher we had the next year never picked up on because she was from New Zealand Ah, good times.

12832393 You don't even sound like you speak English, and the only thing I hate more than a foreigner is a closeted queer. inb4 I'm just fantasizing about dicks IRONICALLY


12832393 It writes like op, it takes forever like op, if it isn't op, it may as well be.



"Are you afraid of me?" ... "No..." "Then you shouldn't be afraid of anything." That's almost sweet. But mostly terrifying.

###12832618 Well OP is kill here's the end of the story:

Baby asks me to get in her car again we drive out to the woods "I'm very fond of you, and I would like to have your penis." fuckyesnigga.jpg "O-okay let me put the c-condom on..." Baby wasn't having none of that shit bust in her, make a fucking meta-baby inside her womb she castrates me so I can't have any more sex the one vice she allows me is talking to a bunch of virgins once a day who also know what it is to know they will never have a girl touch their penis.

I have to go now, she's coming upstairs to smack my nads around again.

OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12832692

Well, I'd give you my word that I'm OP, but I know that doesn't mean shit here.

12832363 Hahahahahaha, no. No no no. No I did not.


12832313 lunch the following Monday Baby asks if I'll come over to her house that afternoon, although now we both know I don't really have a choice I agree I quickly say that I'll have my dad drive me, so she doesn't have the opportunity to take me back to whatever the fuck that shit was she says that's fine that afternoon mom says she doesn't want me to stay out as late as I did last time yeah me neither, mom dad drives me over and congratulates me on having a girlfriend he says he was worried I might be a fancy lad since I went so long without interest in girls dad can you not he pulls somethign out of his wallet and gives it to me he says, "Don't say anything, it's just in case. I don't want you to ruin your life getting a girl pregnant so young." dad maybe you should be worried about serial killers or cat stranglers, turns out there's way worse shit teenage girls can do than get pregnant "Th-Thanks" get out go to her door door pops open before I knock "Hello, please come in." why bother being so polite all the time, a polite kidnapper is still a kidnapper upstairs she closes the door behind us "Don't your parents make you keep the door open?" "It's fine, they won't say anything." why, did you cut their tongues out "Okay." we sit at the little table the bear from before now has matching giant friend nothing much has changed in here except the addition of many stuffed animals and a new computer "Are you feeling alright?" "Y-Yeah..." she stares "You're upset about it, aren't you?" "Yeah..." "Tell me why." "Because... you're apparently killing people out in a shed somewhere, I thou-" "No. No. I have never killed anyone in my entire life. Don't say that. Don't think that. I do not kill people." "Okay..." "Believe me."



12832692 She seems like a nice girl I don't why you were so scared


12832692 Just stop imposter, your posts equate to nails screeching on chalk board


12832692 god dammit just fuck already



Aw, you hurt her feelings. You asshole.

###12832872 how the fuck do you even take 6 hours to write up a story

###cunt destroyer 12832887

12832872 Newfag


12832867 namefag virgin going by cunt destroyer not a newfag

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###12832914 why in the ever loving fuck are you guys still here?

###dick smasher No.12832917

12832889 Fucking newfag

###Ass Rammer 12832924 Quoted By: >>12832936


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###OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12832925

12832692 "How am I supposed to believe you when you took me out there and showed me all of that?" she looked angry. her little pink lips pouted "You always believe me. You trust me. You don't argue." I want to respond, but... she gets up and comes over to me, pushing white bear out of the way brown bear gasps she stands above me with her petticoats brushing my chin as I look up at her "You have to trust me. Okay? You're mine now. You don't need to be afraid." she holds my face with one hand "Trust me. Put your faith in me." fuck it, we all die someday anyway "Okay." she kept holding my face for a long time then she tipped me back on the floor she sat down on me "Those things are... unpleasant. To look at." wuh she slid her hand up my shirt no, not my moobs you don't want to touch the moob "I feel so silly. They call it "making love," you know. What do you think that means?" I am silent I think my boner says everything I need to "Could it be that that's what makes you feel love? Do you think?" "y-ye..." she quietly rubs my chest for awhile "I think if I could feel love, I would feel it for you. I want to try." wow what the fuck I mean okay, but like wow "R-Really?" "Don't worry, my parents aren't home, I lied." well you sure put up a good argument "Okay" bear turned away in disgust Baby stood she took off her socks she unlaced her dress she took off her blouse and petticoats and undershirt and bloomers she was so much smaller without all those layers of clothes delicate, even I ripped my shirt and pants off in a about two seconds she backed over to the bed and sat down I'd never seen her act awkward before I tried not to seem extremely nervous and gross that's not easy to do as a dumpy little fat virgin how do I get the bra off I am gonna touch that boob, god damn it, I've earned it it has snaps in the front oh good, she was prepared I guess pop it open release the breasts


###12832926 image


I just found the thread, it was most definitely bait

Still, good /x/-esque story


12832925 "Those things are... unpleasant. To look at." wuh she slid her hand up my shirt no, not my moobs Fuckin' losing it OP. You waited like 20 minutes fuck off and finish it up.

###12832953 image

12832925 yes finially he gets to touch the boob

###12833058 Come the fuck on OP it's 5:40am and you're all that's keeping me awake

###OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12833119

12832925 they're beautiful little milky white hand-fulls with little pink nipples my dick is on fire how to grab boob without being an idiot about it... grab them like I'm picking out oranges at a grocery store I can hear bear laugh at my inexperience she's actually a good sport about it and just grins a little she takes her bra the rest of the way off and lays down I sort of sit on my feet in between her legs touch the boob again that is a nice boob totally worth it she's eye-balling the d through my boxers wait, what did she say about "those things"? keep touchin that boob, we'll deal with that when we get there she says, "I don't really want to see it. If you could just... get it in there, that would be good." "...Like now?" "Not right now." "Okay. Just let me know." boob, ass, hips, waist, soft skin, legs so much good in the world what was I worried about again? she says, "Okay." huh? "I'm ready now." oh right, that "O-Okay..." ... "So, do you want me to just...?" "Yeah, just get it in there. I don't wanna look at it." "Okay..." I take off her panties oh god, please last long enough to get it in there it's just a little pink mound with a little pink crease in the middle so modest spread it it's all hot and wet inside no worries, no fear, this is a happy place I position myself as un-awkwardly as I can above her trying to get my dick in every time I think I'm about to get it, she flinches and it slides out "A-Are you nervous? We can stop..." no we can't, you can't stop this dick, not now "No, it's fine. I'm sorry, I'll try harder." thank god line it up one more time start to push it she flinches, but it stays in slides in a little further she makes a pained sound suddenly it slides all the way in she yelps and digs her nails into my shoulders my dick I want to give her a minute, but if I don't start now, I'm just gonna cum all over the place start thrusting awkwardly




12833102 living in canada living in the caribbean living in south america lel


12833119 inb4 cotton eye joe :^)


12833119 muh nofap gains

###12833144 image


###12833153 image


###OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12833220

12833119 she keeps making little whiny noises trying as hard as I can not to cum my dick burns she wraps her arms and legs around me "I'm ready." "bwuh" "You can finish now." oh thank god cum with the force of an atomic bomb I am properly subdued you can kill me now I touched the boob she rolls me off of her she lays there for a second then she snuggles up to me with her head on my chest fall asleep when I wake up probably an hour or so later she's dressed again "Hey. I need to take you home. My parents are coming back soon." "Okay." get dressed bear shakes his head in disgust she takes me home when we roll into the driveway, the door are still locked she sits there for a bit then she says, "I love you." she looks over at me like she's curious "I love you too." she sighs and nods "Alright. Well I will see you tomorrow." she unlocks the door I get out watch her drive away go back in my house go to my room without saying anything to my parents get in bed stare at the ceiling suddenly realize I didn't use a condom bwuh

The end. She didn't get pregnant, luckily, but it was a horrible realization at the time. Oh, and also,

[spoiler]We're moving in together in two weeks.[/spoiler]

Good night, /r9k/.


12833220 bwuh DAMN IT BOBBY


12833220 All that foreshadowing for nothing. I guess she kept tools in an abandoned house for fun

###12833250 image good shit OP


12833249 yeah what's up with the plot hole

###OP !!JxolZxw8/sx 12833296

12833249 12833255 I actually still wonder if what she does with that shit. I don't have proof of anything, though. But there's no way she keeps that shit out there for no reason. Also she accidentally killed two girls on two separate occasions, both of which were during fights, and both of which she served time for in juvy. Those stories just weren't really interesting enough to include. Also I know she's doing something horrible out there in the woods. I'm kind of hoping that if I turn up missing after we move in, the police will search my internet history, fin this, and know what's up.

For real though, good night.


tfw waiting 4 hours for this shit got excited for final part laugh like fuckingfaggot retard reading old greentext while waiting op to comeback dat cute ending cant stop smile tfw realize I got no gf tfw no gf

Should I commit suicide?

##Fanfiction It wouldn't be a 4chan story without a hijack or two.


12830217 get home parents know I'm hammered tell me I'm never seeing that girl again get grounded baby texts me the next day asking if I want to come over think hard long, finally reply yes wait till about 1230 and sneak out show up at babies house she seems strangely excited and happier than usual her patents are asleep so we quietly go up to her room she tells me she had a secret that she wants to reveal I nervously ask yes.., she says turn around I do I turn back and she has her pants down she's a raging hard cock she says what do you think? I contemplate everything from suinning her dick to punching her in the face... I'm getting back to it right now, thank you for being patient with me.


12831335 suinning oh baby yeah I love a good cock suinning


12831335 Wow I got rused pretty hard m8 :^)


12831335 I tell her "um im not gay" try slowly moving towards the door she freaks out and tackles me her dick is rubbing against my chin she yells suck my cock! I don't know what to do, she has me pinned down I start sucking her cock I start coughing and choking her parents wake up and find us her dad starts smacking both our shit kicks me out

To be continued


12831429 This is an imposter

I am the real op

12831335 12831398


12831451 Fuck off faggot, you have already been exposed, kindly return to the dark corner from whence you came, you are just embarrassing yourself at this point.


12831458 Dude I'm really op, baby has a cock and she made me suck it, I'm op!


12831398 I contemplate telling the whole school that baby has a dick don't know how I couldn't see it before remember that baby is my only friend even tho she made me suck her dick the next week I'm sitting alone at my table baby walks up blushing and asks if she can sit down she asks if I'm mad or angry and pleads not to tell anyone I agree the next couple weeks go by and we continue eating lunch one day she shyly asks if I liked sucking her dick I quietly say...yes €she says meet me in the bathroom in 10 minutes looking back I had no idea what I was getting into


12831632 euro symbol typo You can't explain that one away, you're definitely not OP, OP is an amerifat.


12831647 It was a typo, sorry

think about going to the bathroom, at the worst I could possibly lose my virginity finish my pizza slice and apple immediately head to the bathroom enter the bathroom and it's empty have to take a shit do I enter a stall see babies pink flats tapping underneathe my stall baby..,is that you? I ask she says yes silly she tells me to come into her stall I go into her stall and her dick is our and she is grinning drop to your knees and suck, she says I immediately comply and start sucking her dick

To be continued.,.


12831685 Amerifat keyboards don't have the euro symbol, you stupid limey. Go fuck around in another thread, you blew your cover in this one already.


12831685 Sucking girly dick is pretty cash, son Oh fuck yeah make me gag on your gonads girl guy Suddenly notice Baby isn't forcing my head forward into her erection anymore. Pop my mouth off her dick and look up to see what's up She's bleeding from her eyes At that moment a person starts frantically knocking on the door of the stall Tell him to fuck off Look back at Baby too see what she's doing She's turning blue Start freaking out Suddenly the person outside the stall grabs my legs from under the divider and in one swift motion drags me out It's fucking Adrien Brody

To be continued...


12831692 I'm using a god tier iPhone, do yes there is this symbol €€€€€€

Anyways going to continue

I'm sucking babies dick never sucked a dick before but by the look of babies face I'm not doing to bad suddenly I hear the door to the bathroom open and someone walk over to the urinal I start going crazy on babies dock trying to make her moan she starts moaning I heard the guy pissing say wtf? I start deep throating babies dock whole fondling her balls she says, I can't take it anymore! I stop sucking her dick and she blows her load on my face



12831755 The jism burns my skin like holy water I curse her in the language of hell for her stunt She begins to glow angelically No! I have to get away Wings rip my shirt open and I blast a hole in the ceiling with my hell fire breath Dude in the bathroom filming on his iphone Baby begins to float serenely, cock out, softly dripping semen on the tile



12831755 the guy pissing walks over to our stall and kicks open the door he sees babies dick and um all over my face he looks completely shocked I recognize this guy as he's in a class with me and baby thinking fast I push him into the wall his head slams into the cement and gets knocked out I start smashing his head into the concrete floor blood starts point from his head pretty sure he's dead so I lead baby by the hand out of the bathroom


12831796 12831792 The fake-plot thickens.


12831796 Baby suddenly howls in pain, her head caving in before my eyes One of her eyes is hanging out limply Much in the same manner her penis is What the fuck! I-I'm an empath, she whispers Her legs collapse from under her Continue....


12831796 I did this for you baby I said while kissing her long and deep she says thanks the next period I get called out of class to the office I'm Obviously nervous but I start walking towards the front office I see several cops there do I start to run they see me and start chasing they corner me in the dead end outside my classroom I see baby looking at me from my classroom door tell them baby, tell them I'm innocent, I yelled! she shook her head the police then tazed me



12831836 Suddenly the state senator walks up Stop hasslin' the boy, he works for me I had been a junior aide in the state legislator as part of an program in the school I had provided him hours of oral delight Here he was to save me! Baby looks shocked And cold, it was a windy day and her dick was shriveling up rapidly.



12831836 get tazed until I'm unconscious, which took at least 3 charges wake up in a room with bars start freaking out I shouldn't be here up yelled! no one listened come court day baby testified that I killed the guy in the bathroom spend next 15 years in jail got out two years ago finally have enough confidence to post my story

Still don't know how to get back at baby


12831836 Then I woke up in a prison Fucking niggers everywhere One of them shoves his gorilla dick in front of my face "It ain't gonna suck it self white boi" I push him off and his nigger instincts flare up, he starts going wild and trying to punch me All of the sudden my dad shows up, who also happens to be the police chief He's yelling it at me asking me why would I push a nigger with fully knowing the pain that would come I tell him about how I got in one little fight ,and my momma got scared And she sent me to live with my auntie and uncle in Bel-air

##Fanfiction 2: Electric Boogaloo


12831953 she leads me inside the inside of the house is old and the interior is rotted see shadows moving but don't see any figures ok I wander away from baby and walk into the kitchen a shadow shoots across the room and all of a sudden I see a little girl crouching on too of the fridge she's wearing glasses but they're broken mama...she mutter



12832014 Suddenly everything goes dark I feel an uneasy fear in the pit of my stomach Suddenly I feel the sensation like I've been yanked back with a fishing rod I'm in front of my computer Wha..? Realize I had another hallucinatory episode and this whole time I was shitposting on 4chan Reach for my shotgun




Im not mama little girl little girl tears her clothes off in a rage yelling "WHERES MAMA WHERES MAMA" babe comes in and comforts the insane naked kid gives the kid whiskey she quietens down Babe leads me into the family room lets watch something jake theres a tree inside the tv but ok Baby i sit next to her, she smells like booze and cigarettes ima get me some boob oga booga where da white women at? she takes her panties off i take my pants off just as penetration occurs, the naked kid runs in and donkey punches my nutsack oh the pain



12832014 d-do you need help I say? she screeches and jumps on my head she starts scratching at my eyes and I throw her against a wall where the fuck are you baby? what the fuck is this place? all of a sudden the girl gets up and starts laughing manically insects and spiders start surrounding me



12832037 Grab my lube Lube up the barrel of the shotgun Pull down my pants Pull down my long underwear Unlock my chastity belt



12832139 At this moment I am reminded of the immortal words of Rock Hudson I'm notorious for giving a bad interview. I'm an actor and I can't help but feel I'm boring when I'm on as myself. Crying, I snap a selfie, and post in on r9k along with the rest of my shitposts Pull the trigger Continue...

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