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Do you have a good idea, but not a way to implement it? Have you seen a plan that makes you think, "we need to do this someday"? Save them here so that future generations can implement them, or find inspiration.


  • Gittorrent - Put the DVCS of Git and the P2P download system of Bittorrent, and we can make Git repositories truly distributed and independent from central servers. The possibilities of Gittorrent could forever change the way we develop projects and use software.
  • Fully Decentralized Wiki - A design specification for making a fully decentralized Git wiki, which would definitely help ours out.
  • TYLER - A wiki planned by Anonymous's Project Mayhem as a distributed successor to Wikileaks


  • Sandman Package Manager - A plan to implement the best features of Arch Linux's Pacman and AUR in all Linux operating systems, to make it easier to install and manage unpackaged source code.


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