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An imageboard is a discussion board with the option to attach a picture alongside your post.

Most imageboards these days disable the ability to start a thread with text only making it impossible to leave the first post in a thread imageless.

Table of Contents

Features of an imageboard

Age and Sage

A method for posting without bumping the thread.


A tripcode is a hashed password used on anonymous imageboards for a person to show identity. A simple tripcode can be broken fairly easily and so secure tripcodes can be used by faggots who think it matters.


A wordfilter is script that replaces a certain word with another word.

Types of Imageboards

Imageboard List

Outdated and not useful any longer.
Also known as 2channel. Not actually an imageboard, but a text-based message board that later spawned 2chan and thus is one of 4chan's inspirations.
Also known as Futaba Channel. The famous Japanese imageboard that 4chan (and by extention, all 4chan knockoffs) is derived from.
Imageboards with heavy emphasis on illegal drugs. There was also a joke "/cp/ - Child Porn" board, which upon clicking revealed itself to be nothing but the the text "YOU ARE A FILTHY PEDOPHILE" written in white font over a black background, and some background music ("test.mp3" in the source code). In reality there was a hidden child model board which regularly contained real child pornography.
A Futaba-style furry hentai board, created in response to 4chan's ban on furry "art". On June 23 between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning Fchan reportedly started posting derogatory things about 4chan, most notably Raptor Jesus. The /b/tards retaliated. It resulted in one of the most awesome board floods 4chan has ever seen. In reality it was a group of /b/tards themselves who had posted the furry pictures, claiming they were from Fchan in order to incite a war, and the rest of /b/ fell for it. No discussion or plan to flood /b/ was ever discussed on Fchan. Seen by /b/tard furries (a rare breed, but they exist) as crap, mainly because of their very long DNP (Do Not Post) list, which unfortunately includes most of the decent artists on earth (though "decent" and "furry artist" are pretty much mutually exclusive). This leaves Fchan as the imageboard equivalent of a nursery school's art wall from hell.
Also known as IdleChan. One of the first and longest-lasting 4chan imitators, it is best known for having a ludicrous number of boards (123 as of August 2007) dividing into often absurdly specific niche subjects. iiChan is apparently distributed among numerous servers that are operated by different people (rather than a single person in charge of everything as with moot on 4chan). This sometimes results in dead links between boards and an inconsistent "look" for the site, but has allowed it to usually have at least some of the boards up at any given time. As a result, iiChan has often been a refuge during 4chan's downtimes, which naturally results in the usually much lower-traffic site getting its bandwidth severely raped. In July 2007, iichan's domain registration expired and was snapped up by a squatter. This took nearly a month to resolve, though many of the sub-boards are not actually located on the domain and remained "active" (at the minimal levels of posting normal for iiChan) for the duration of the downtime.
  • not4chan (dead)
As the name implies, it's not 4chan. As a result of various issues (particularly related to donations and ads) generated by the /l/ (lolicon) and /ss/ (shota) boards, those boards were moved off-site to a server not directly affiliated with 4chan. Initially 4chan's list of boards still included them (at the new address), but soon even this link was severed. not4chan is currently down, and it's unclear whether this is due to lack of funding (which has caused previous downtimes) or the admins being V&.
The new and somewhat useful Overchan index.
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