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Information Library

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The Information Library is a gigantic collection of informative images from 4chan created by an anon called InformantB900. It composes 2,206 images containing guides, strange facts, and cool tips, organized in 180 folders. Who knows what kind of knowledge lurks in this collection?

You can obtain the entire thing at the Internet Archive.

This Information Library isn't my work. It's OUR work as Anonymous. We made this, and this is for us to share. So continue to share as we continue to seek more information.
I made this because I want to give back the community something for all the laughs and fucked up shit I've seen on here as I grew up lurking, like the underageb& that I was. And I did it simply because I could.

- InformantB900

Transcription Project

We will attempt to convert as many images into wiki pages as possible, so they will take up less space and become easier to update.

The best way to convert images to text is with OCR programs. Run them through, edit any typos and format it with Markdown, and just post them here.

All pages should conform to the same directory structure as on the Information Library's downloads.


(Please transcribe some and post them here...)




Bibliotheca Anonoma

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Check the Workroom for content we're still reviewing.





Website Archives


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