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Insta Oldfag kit

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A zipped up file of various images of importance from 4chan.This collection can be downloaded at Torrents.

This project was announced on /g/ in 2011.

We've archived it to the Internet Archive.

Letter from the Author

The Insta-Oldfag Kit TM (version 1.0)*

____ _________ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
||a |||       |||m |||u |||t |||e ||
____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ 
||r |||e |||l |||e |||a |||s |||e ||

circa 2003-2011

All inquiries to:

*a project formerly known as the Anti-Newfag Kit (version 3.0 FINAL)

Hey "oldfags," I'm John. Do you enjoy your perceived superiority when you lie that you've been here for x number of years? Do you laugh at "newfags" who don't know how to do dumb shit like triforce or don't have the images or know-how to post here? Well... sure sucks for you, because now EVERYONE, newfag or oldfag, can easily download a well-curated, optimized and perfectly organized collection of 300 folders and 15,000 images that you would have spent upwards of four or five years obtaining... with absolutely no catch and at high speeds via torrent. Last time we trolled all the newfags, now we're trolling YOU! Sit back and watch as all your years of lurking are put to waste! inb4 rage, sage, buttdevastation

15,000 images, 300 folders, 2.33 GB


Contents of the Insta-Oldfag Kit:

400+ positive reactions including: bump, doitfaggot, f5, timetofap, firstiwastheniwas, hatersgonnahate, idhitit, laughing, moar, winrar, sealofapproval, ilol'd, greatsuccess, lolinternet, xapproves, fullofwin, and MOAR!

600+ negative reactions (because we all know it's more fun to be negative than positive): b&, costanza, doinitwrong, enjoyyouraids, facepalms, feelsbadman, newfags, opisafaggot, sage, thisthreadagain, titsorgtfo, yiffinhell, gtfo, yablewit, shutthefuckup, fail, why.jpg, no, implying, stop posting, thisthreadisdildos, barfing and MOAR!

600 neutral reactions including: 7proxies, barrelroll, bixnood, cametofuckbitches, copypastadetected, dealwithit, fgfds, hnng, icwhatudidthere, itsatrap, lolwut, looksshooped, meanwhilein, science, shitgotreal, stickitinpooper, torrentplz, umad, vtec, wat, wizards, LOADS of random faces and way way MOAR!

100+ thread-starting OP images, for endless reposts!


advice dog twinkie asian affirmative action student airrrrr animated gifs the anime test anon sister aybabtu bayeux tapestries bear grylls bel air bin laden bitches don't know about my boxxy (yup, even the cancer is in here too!) bunchie business cat card crusher chanology chocolate rain cockmongler over 10 sets of combos, including some epic ones! anti-combos a loaded copypasta-detection directory coupons courage wolf demotivationals derp drawing donald trump dubious newfag joseph ducreux rapping epic fail guy epic threads europe vs. usa x, x everywhere a huge exploitables collection for your shooping delight! eyes /fa/ specific images /fit/ specific images a flash memes collection foreveralone foul bachelor frog gaijin yonkoma gentlemen gets a LARGE collection of /g/ specific images (this is my most-visited board) giant robot hands 4chan gold account gordo granudo GORE! grafics cat the habbo raid happy negro hipster kitty i accidentally... i'm eighteen, do i have potential? over 300 general infographics! insanity wolf internet vs. 4chan interweb wife zoom-ins /k/ specific images killer date life stories lolcats/caturday longcat magic cards magnets memes gone wrong milhouse miscellaneous moot mudkips multi track drifting muslim immigrant my little pony (yes, you heard right) niggers nyan cat over 9000 paranoid parrot parents dead pedobear/chris hansen philosoraptor pikanew political images A TEXT AND IMAGES SECTION WITH PROTIPS FOR NEWFAGS: never be a newfag again! you raff you ruse rage comics ramirez, do everything! raptor jesus red leader religion images /sci/ specific images scumbag steve shoop da whoop socially awkward penguin spengbob 1960s spiderman stencils steve jobs tech impaired duck trollface HD WALLPAPERS straight from /wg/ you want, you lose what is love w.t. snacks xbox is hueg xzibit yaranaika yotsuba kawaii y u no guy

and last but not least...

5,000+ of the finest porn images including my favorites such as collections of over 50 of the best camwhores (no cracky, gtfo crackyfags), angie verona, DAT ASS, exhibitionists, facebooks, groups, sharpies, sherri, skinny chicks and over 1,750 teen self pics (no captain picard here, sorry)


All files are either .jpg .png .gif .txt or .swf (.swf files only in the flash memes folder). All extensions are lowercase and all non-order or non-description specific images have been renamed with random and unique 8-digit filenames. The reaction and op image folders have a ! symbol at the front of them so they are sorted at the front of a folder. All images have been optimized with batch commands in Adobe Photoshop CS5. Visipics was used at the standard setting to detect duplicates, with multiple runs. THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES IN THIS KIT!

There are no .exe, .js, .zip or .rar files in this kit. The kit is NOT archived and you will be able to see every item before downloading, and each item will appear on your drive as it is downloaded. This distribution is virus free... check for yourself! >>>/g/ recommends Commonsense 2011 Special Edition and MSE. Enjoy your aids!

  • Since this is a large open directory and not a single file, it is not practical to include a MD5 sum.


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