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Internet Folklife Archival Team

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Internet Folklife Archival Team (IFLAT)

The BA Internet Folklife team will be a collection of contributors putting up and organizing stories or

This proposed team is based on the Storycorps, a team of archivists working to interview Americans of all classes and record their stories into the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.


The internet has long presented an unprecedented way to communicate. With new communities springing up, and a strong culture of psuedo-anonymity, the users end up sharing stories, building cultures, and fostering memes that become popular within such cultures.

However, these bits of folk culture, unlike that of real-life societies, are usually left to be forgotten, rarely ever archived and usually lost to the sands of time. This team seeks to rectify this memory hole and keep these stories archived for generations to come.


You don't need to register or anything to become part of the team. Just start archiving.

  • If you see any bits of text that are interesting, in any way, put them up in the BA.
  • Don't have time to write up a whole wikipage? All you need to do is post a link to the source on Unarchived Text.


  • Copypasta - A general designation for short bits of text, written about anything in particular. The term comes from 4chan's tradition of copying and reposting highly interesting or memetic bundles of text.

  • Stories - Some internet users tell huge, interesting epics that go far beyond a few posts. These then become distinct from copypasta, and are classified as stories.

  • Memes - A project to collect and describe important memes from around the internet. Might want to check (and save) other wikis... With sources, that is.

  • Unarchived Text - Text that still needs to be archived.

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