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Jun Watarase

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Yes, that's a guy. The most popular trap on /a/. A character in the ero-game and non-ero anime Happiness!. Even girlier than Bridget, Jun looks, acts and sounds just like a waifish schoolgirl, and yet freely and cheerfully admits he's a boy (it's never a secret). Despite being a minor character in the game (you can't date or have sex with him in the original version), his popularity exploded on the internet, helped by his cute face, flirty personality and tendency to wear female lingerie convincingly. A considerable portion of /a/ is completely obsessed with him; any thread about him features dozens of guys unabashedly declaring their lust, and any thread attempting to discuss other aspects of Happiness! inevitably gets sidetracked into a "gay for Jun" thread. Interestingly, the shame and self-loathing from the posters that seems to be apparent in most "gay for a trap" threads is generally absent when Jun is the subject.

Jun has proved so popular in both the Japanese and American fan audience that a recent remake of the game, Happiness! Re-Lucks, you can date (and bed) Jun. For those not willing to completely abandon their heterosexuality, Jun's story path gives you the option to turn him into a girl with magic and have sex with him in either boy or girl form. After the conclusion of the Happiness! anime, a Jun-centric OVA titled Happiness! De-Lucks was released, which did feature Jun transforming into a girl but did not feature any actual sex. In terms of overall confusing men about their sexuality, Jun has a long way to go to catch up to Bridget, but he's made considerable inroads in a short period of time and stands a good chance to do so.

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