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okay, im just fucking fed up now. every time i turn around, the superior race is degrading itself for niggers, kikes, spics, and chinks. i havent told any of you morons this before, but i believe in the aryan nation. i believe in what hitler wanted: worldwide eugenics. the eradication of the unworthy among us. and if you're a nigger, a jew, a dirty fucking mexican/latino/latinamerican/whatever, or a fucking slit-eyed gook then ive got one thing to say to you: youre worthless trash. whites are the race of kings, of science, philosophy, and the pinnacle of all that humanity has achieved. you, on the other hand, are nothing. youre scum, shitstains on the earth, the retarded younger brother that the white race has to take care of. but im sick of this shit, and im not going to take it anymore. me and the KKK cell im part of is going to start a campaign to take back the right to vote from niggers, jews, spics, gooks, and women. the WHITE, MALE colonists fought the english king to make our country what it is today. if you arent white then youre worthless, less than dogshit on the side of the road.

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